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5 Reasons why PWA websites are important for mobile-first eCommerce

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Mobile is changing human behaviour and lifestyle a lot. As a business, you can not undermine the rise of mobile-first eCommerce and its future. Many researchers and experts reiterate the fact that mobile will continue to dominate the internet for the next decade or so. Mobile-first eCommerce is already changing the way people approach online shopping. But there are some great solutions to help business. PWA websites are one them which are actually proving their potential in this mobile-driven world.

Google Developers first introduced the concept of PWA websites or progressive web apps. As any new technology PWA websites started slowly but they are gathering momentum with time. Thanks to the incredible results which have been consistently proven by successful PWA transitions.

Did you know? 

The mobile web brings 87% of the first time visitors to eCommerce websites?

Surprised by the reach of the mobile web? Don’t be. Let me tell you why. 

Let’s start with a question. What do you do if you are searching for the right product before purchase? 

If your first instinct will be picking up your phone and searching about the same on Google, then you are one of the 76% others who gave the same response during a survey conducted by IPSOS for its Mobile Research 2019.

And if one does a search on mobile, it is obvious that first-time visitors are more probable to come from mobile browsers. 

Why are PWA websites significant for mobile-first eCommerce?

So what can an eCommerce business do to adapt for the era of mobile-first eCommerce? To be honest, PWA websites are developed with some vital features that are intended to resolve these problems. Here are 5 of those features which make PWA websites an ideal solution to conquer the mobile-first eCommerce.

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Omnichannel and responsive adaptability with the device

Access to the internet is way more divergent and eCommerce websites need to adapt to all of them. An eCommerce business can’t sustain with a single channel engagement strategy. In the times of mobile-first commerce, search products on mobile but not visit the web pages shown in the results. Unfortunately, a majority of eCommerce websites are not prepared for mobile browsers. In the mobile-first world, eCommerce websites need to create a website that is equally effective, compact, and responsively designed to perform on mobiles as well as computers. So it should be an essential consideration for eCommerce websites. 

Faster is better and less is more

Nobody wants to be slow. The days of slow and steady tortoise winning the race are over now. To run a business, you have to be fast. On the contrary, in order to stay fast, you need to be fit. So it will be essential to ensure that your size is apt to work quickly without any unwarranted hindrances. Always follow the rule for eCommerce, Fast is better and Less is more. eCommerce websites need to adapt to the age of the mobile internet.

PWA websites can be installed like an app

People use mobile too often but are websites good enough to use this as an opportunity? Well, any average mobile website has apps and if a website can manage to present itself as an app, problems will get partially resolved. So look for a website that can be installed on the user device just like an app.

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PWA websites do have the ability to place shortcut icons on the home screen. This gives users instant access to the pages directly from the home screen of the device.

Poor internet connectivity – not an issue anymore

While the internet is reaching 5G speeds, it is still important to understand that a majority of mobile users use 2G and 3G connections too. Websites designed for computers consume more data and therefore require fast internet to ensure swift user experience. Internet speeds can fluctuate a lot therefore makes these websites frustratingly slow and inconvenient for mobile audiences.

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So any business in the era of mobile-first eCommerce needs to develop a website which is less dependent on the internet. PWA websites can be used even by those users who are facing issues of connectivity or returns without any internet connection. After just one visit to your website, it can now work offline. The web browser stores cache which is used from the second visit of that user.

Take leverage of device capabilities

Mobile features can truly help eCommerce websites and help them make more impact. You can see a lot of tools in mobiles which manoeuvre visitors effortlessly. PWA can now access the device camera, calendar, battery status, Bluetooth, after being granted with the users’ permission.

Whether you take the ability to store cache or access to background operations, everything can be of great help in engaging the users. For instance, PWA websites which are installed on a device can send push notifications and re-engage interested visitors from time to time. Similarly, there are numerous other small features in the devices that go a long way in the conversion of online visitors.


Entering into the mobile-first generation, PWA websites can truly provide a perfect solution for online business. The intent to build a PWA website is to serve a website which feels and performs just like a mobile app. This improves user engagement of PWA websites and provides a fairly convenient and highly satisfying performance on mobiles as well as computer users. 

This is eventually the high time for businesses to realize the dominant force Mobile is going to become in near future. So better adapt a future-proof strategy by shifting to PWA websites and enter the era of mobile-first eCommerce with a lead over other competitors.

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