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7 Best Tools for The Rise Of Email Marketing!

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Do you have any idea about Email marketing? Or Email Marketing tools? We guess you are new to this era and in that case, just get some basics first! Amidst the all-encompassing digital marketing ecosystem, the team-up of the unconventional marketing strategies and automation has done the trick. All up in arms against the traditional marketing methods, the unanimity around the globe has resulted in creating a biosphere of the non-stereotypical marketing methods. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the mobility or the traction that these distinguished strategies have, has brought cultural literacy in the orbit of marketing.

Yes, when we talk about these not so rudimentary tactics for pursuing marketing, we mean the involvement of the enterprising marketing miniatures. Those that have evolved the word “digital marketing” in a much instrumental manner. The rhythm, tone, and voice of these new marketing methods have brought a revolution in the marketing hemisphere. Today, the word digital marketing in itself circumscribes the tactics that reiterate a wider reach, to deliver the right message, and connect with the right audience to create an open platform to serve forever.

They bring in the precision along with the accuracy to give forth the right message deliverability for shaping fruitful conversions. When we talk about accuracy and precision at the same time, we are in closer proximity to the term “Email Marketing”. Let’s discuss a bit more about this stuff!

The Rise of Email Marketing!

The pace of innovation and the establishment of resources have been phenomenal! With the intrusion of advanced marketing methodologies such as social media marketing, content marketing, paid advertising, and SEO of course, the brands have reached much above and beyond excellence to scale their presence online. Ranging from Brand awareness to its establishment, the marketing strategies have now reached a status that makes businesses venture into such ever-challenging and competitive automation manifestos.

For the sake of an example, let’s take social media marketing, Facebook has over a billion active accounts in the current scenario or youtube for that matter has surpassed the 2 billion mark presently! You could just imagine the mammoth reach, these social media networks have! The volume of global users says it all. But when it comes to pursuing your marketing tactics by your business goals, Email marketing finds itself a companion of social media marketing.

Say for instance, if your brand’s goal is reach and engagement, social media marketing finds itself in the platter. But when your brand is solely focused at driving sales, Email marketing finds its place there. Though the other platforms such as organic and paid forms of marketing are also a part of this journey.

This brings us to say that…

Email marketing serves a strategy that uses the power of Email as a tool to deliver commercial messages in an interactive manner so as to engage with the audience, build further relations, generate leads and thereby produce sales in return. The leads generated from the email marketing channel are high in quality as compared to any other. But wait a sec… when talking of the perfect strategy, your intent should meet your goals.

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According to the projections made, by the end of 2019, an expected number of emails sent was approximately 2.9 billion worldwide that accounts for more than one-third of the global population. In regard to flashbacks, if we precede by two years or so, email sends per day worldwide were about 269 billion in number. This was the count for the mails that were sent and received each day in 2017, and that figure is expected to grow to almost 320 billion daily emails in 2021, according to Statista.

This ensures that you gather an email list that is owned by you and holds permanency. This also means that if you opt for social media as a channel of marketing, it will take your impressions through the roof undoubtedly, but is prone to deletions, suspensions, and deactivations(resulting in you losing your prospect base), And in email marketing, we can get this benefit, that we’ll hold a place in somebody’s inbox once with their consent. This comes as a benefit when we know that consent and approval matters a lot and should come out naturally from the receiver’s end. Without approval to be heard back, we just cannot re-approach under normal circumstances.

Building customer relationships, email marketing helps you to avoid cold sales and marketing through personalized and targeted content, serving the right communication channel, email marketing proves less costly than the other traditional marketing channels to reach more devices on your part. Communication through messaging is the key to success, if you can communicate better, you can build longer. This is what is the motto of email marketing.

With this motto intact, Marketers are trying their level best to use email marketing and marketing automation to the best of its ability. Therefore, their last resort happens to be the Email Marketing tools, before they go deeper to unlock the other features and specifications to give a third dimension to their Email Marketing Campaigns! Email marketing tools are tools that marketers use to create, send, test, optimize, automate and report on their email campaigns.

Let’s Know The Tools of Email Marketing!

To Grow your Email list, thereby giving a unique value proposition to your email marketing campaigns, the tools find the best place to fit in. To make your message through the mail more personalized and timely, automation to segment your prospects according to their preferences is done. This lets you send highly personalized content from crafting the perfect subject to highly resonating images, making emails a perfect channel for you to drive conversions. With this, let’s look at some of the best tools to offer…

1) Mailchimp:

Mailchimp is a comprehensive and an all in one marketing platform that helps you manage and build a relationship with your clients, customers, and other interested parties through periodic talk or chat exchanges. The approach is to shift the marketing focus on healthy contact management practices, for an exquisite working of beautifully designed campaigns, and powerful data analysis.


By allowing free users connection establishment for their eCommerce stores, the users are connected to send marketing automation emails and ads based on their website and customer purchase data, MailChimp is helping customers to invest their time and energy into sophisticated email marketing campaigns management along with Emails sending to the user’s lists that can be repurposed. This is done through a process where the mails can be sent using reusable email designs called templates.


SendPulse is a multichannel marketing automation platform that is much more than just an email! It is a comprehensive one-stop solution that facilitates all delivery channels on one platform. Subjected to email services, the web push, the SMS, the transactional emails, and the chatbots, SendPulse brings in the automation in the marketing messaging, direct messaging to the customers, the transactional emails for the projects, and whatnot!


With added features such as highly relevant personalized and adaptive nature, the emails created in the editor look equally reciprocating for different devices, screens and resolutions. It offers you a wide variety of email templates, for any event or promotional purpose. Chains of emails can be triggered and much more with the Automation 360 feature, SendPulse offers the maximum traction with SMS messages, triggered by user actions, variables or events. Not to forget that features and specifications such as A/B testing, segmentation, resend to unopened, user access level, integration, are also taken care of by these platforms.


It’s a complete sales and marketing toolbox! With such an out of the box solution, businesses are ready to fly sky high. SendinBlue helps you be everywhere where your customers are. With the email marketing at its core, you can get your word of mouth deliverability, sophisticated level of personalisation and tone through the concise messaging. Gets you through with a more direct and directed form of SMS messaging, and chat facilitation with your customers, when they browse your site.


Not only SendinBlue stands tall when it comes to giving life to your customer journey. The CRM for strengthening relationships and keeping a track on your customers, a highly targeted marketing automation, a well-defined and a thoroughly designed deliverability and engagement of your transactional email messages, and whatnot
Retargeting is one of the illustrative features of this platform to offer your website visitors a second chance to revisit and become your customers, this is done through the ads.


AWeber is an all-inclusive email marketing and the marketing automation platform. It provides the effectivity through the creative, beautiful and engaging Sign-Up forms, the email templates and loads more. It ensures the most compact and confident deliverability to your mail, emphasizing on the fact that the mails are getting dropped right in the inbox of the subscriber.

Source: Aweber

Provides you with the ease of creating an automated email campaign, with the precision of the drag and drop editor. At last, AWeber delivers powerfully-simple email marketing software to drive a better user experience for small businesses in particular. With a greatly impacted email marketing experience on the customers, AWeber values extensive collaboration, the flexibility to exchange opportunities and maintain the entrepreneurial co-existence.

5) GetResponse

GetResponse believes in successfully growing your audience, promoting services and selling products efficiently with automation in the marketing arena. When it comes to email marketing, marketing automation and the email marketing campaign management, they offer quick and cost-effective ways to work collaboratively with multiple clients in a go.

Source: GetResponse

GetResponse stands out as an all-encompassing marketing software when it is to suit your business marketing goals. With their excellence to provide a platform integrated marketing platform, GetResponse, feature themselves as a comprehensive solution to create content, boost sales, increasing traffic to the website and launching effective marketing campaigns with advanced Analytical solutions.

6)Benchmark Email

They believe in creating an email marketing strategy that is simply powerful! They assist with powerful tools to steer the email marketing campaigns towards tremendous returns. They believe that for a streamlined growth, fussing with a complicated platform isn’t necessarily result-oriented, you just need clever solutions to build from the basics. This includes strengthening relationships for accelerating your business goals and objectives and raising the bar.

With Benchmark’s assistance, you could efficiently use your valuable marketing assets by spending less time on setups and customizations, along with having access to a robust email marketing tool to reach your goals effectively faster.
More efficiently leverage your most valuable marketing assets for growing your audience, by just sticking to what the Benchmark mailing platform provides you with including…

  • Start a free plan
  • Benchmark grow audience
  • Benchmark Email Spend less time
  • Spend less time on setup and customization.
  • Start your automation
  • Invest in stronger relationships with your contacts.

7) Sender

One more adds to the queue of the best email marketing software for growing your business exponentially! Sender empowers to quickly, easily and effectively keep in touch with the customers and their responses. It brings in high efficiency in making the most of email marketing automation. It means that creating automated emails with their visual editor workflow is easier than ever.


Source: Software Advice

It serves to be the perfect email tool for eCommerce. The Drip Campaigns, the Abandoned Cart Emails, the Welcome Emails, the Mails For Greeting, etc, along with the other membership renewal reminders, to make them re-approach you. You could also stay connected with your subscribers who haven’t yet bought anything, this could give them a chance to have beneficial exchanges with you. Also, the welcome aboard emails allows you to confirm a new employee’s position and date of start.

GDPR Compliant

  • All our servers and legal entities are based in the EU. We respect your privacy and EU laws. We’re fully GDPR compliant both technically and legally.
  • High Deliverability
  • Great email deliverability and dedicated IPs for our frequent senders
  • Web-push notifications
  • Completely free. For everybody. The perfect tool for sending instant announcements to all your subscribers.
  • Subscription forms
  • Subscription forms to grow your audience.
  • Mobile responsive templates
  • Superb looking on both mobile and desktop screens.
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited users for each account.
  • No long-term commitments
  • Export any data you need, simply stop paying us anytime you want.
  • Grow your audience
  • SENDER includes a lot of features to help you grow a healthy and active subscriber list.


Compose stunning newsletters in a heartbeat
Our easy to understand drag & drop editor allows you to add and edit newsletter content with zero HTML knowledge.

Leave email delivery to us
We have created an advanced email delivery infrastructure to make sure that your newsletters will reach their subscribers.

Analyze and boost your email campaign results
SENDER provides you with advanced email analytics features which allow you to accurately measure and improve your email campaigns.

Push notifications
Push notifications are the little square-shaped messages that appear on the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Some ProTips could be taken from the above-mentioned platforms!

The above-mentioned platforms certainly take you one step ahead of your competitors when it comes to the world of email marketing and marketing automation. Though the platforms have some in-built features that are mentioned above. Not to forget that out of these platforms some have limited features but some have an extensively vast list of them.

Though for our reader’s convenience, we have clubbed it all together so you have everything at one place, and of course, these features illustrate from expert’s corner inclusive of…

  • Autoresponders
  • Automated emails
  • Segment-specific sends
  • Perfectly-timed emails
  • Automated blog digests
  • Smart Designer
  • AI-powered email template designer that automatically creates amazing-looking branded emails in just seconds.
  • Landing Pages
  • Drag & Drop Email Creation
  • Free Template Library
  • Automate tagging
  • Personalize communications
  • Save time
  • Pre-built reports
  • Best-practice designed dashboards and reports deliver simple, meaningful insight into email and campaign performance.
  • Data that matters
  • Mobile reports
  • Optimize your efforts
  • Easy Subscriber Management
  • Manage the people on your lists and categorize them so it’s fast & easy for you to send emails to those who will respond to offers.
  • Quick Segmentation & Targeting
  • Sign Up Forms
  • Concierge Migration Services

What is a Beginner’s thought process!

And the list just never falls short! But one thing is there that always falls short of your expectations and that is your learning. Yes, all those opting the email marketing technique might not be the profs, there might still be the beginners in numbers. And for those, there’s just one thing, “to learn and learn more”.

Well, then with learning in perspective, there might be queries in abundance and those unsolved mysteries need to be answered as soon as possible!

Stage 1:

When Preparing your Emal Address for the Mail Outreach…

  • How to make the choice of your email provider?
  • How to set up rather create a perfect email profile for yourself?
  • How to avoid emails ending up spam?

Stage 2:

Seeking your target prospects and their emails…

  • What are the steps to create an ideal customer profile?
  • How to search for more and more email addresses?
  • What are the steps to upload your email list?
  • What are the steps to clean your email list?

Stage 3:

Creating emails for the maximum responses!

  • What to do to get the maximum replies to your emails?
  • How to ensure the maximum email deliverability?
  • What are the deliberate steps to avoid spam filters for attaining maximum attention to the emails?
  • How to personalise the text in your emails to the next level?
  • What to do to get the images personalised for your emails?
  • How to A/B test your emails?
  • How does the presence of the dynamic landing pages help in maximizing conversions?
  • How to frame a follow-up mail, even after a no response?
  • How many emails to be sent in a day?
  • How to best schedule a particular mail?

Stage 4:

At last, understanding the metrics is really important!

  • What is Open Rate?
  • What is Click-through Rate?
  • What is Bounce Rate?
  • What is the Unsubscribe Rate?
  • What is the Complaint Rate?
  • What is the Conversion Rate?
  • What is Share/Forward Rate?
  • What comes as the ROI?

When learning the ropes in Email marketing rather framing an email marketing strategy, the following mentioned above have to be kept in a regular check on. This is very necessary for the beginner’s level, though there is still a long-hunt and hustle for reaching your goals. To help you along now are the other specifications that let you sail smooth and they need to be well grabbed in!

Know some additional features, specifications and assets of your Email marketing campaigns!

Email marketing proves an evergreen channel as it serves multiple benefits! But when learning ropes to build a long list of prospects, you just cannot drop a ball! This means that you should take charge of the features and specifications associated with Email Marketing. Before stepping in to decide the type and the format of the email marketing content such as Poll, a GIF, the Puzzles and the Quizzes, etc, understand whether the mail is an Engagement mail or a Transactional one!

You have a list of incessant options including the Standalone Emails, the Lead Nurturing Emails, the Milestone Emails, the Plain text Emails or whatever it is, the intent behind creating one should be well understood. Its very important to note that while using email marketing to promote your business, you need to recognize the efficiency and the accuracy of the platform. The scenario of bulk mails, the automatic segmentation, the triggered mails, the testing and the speed are to be held accountable for choosing the right email marketing strategy.

As a part and parcel of your email marketing campaign, or an integrated email marketing strategy, there are a few elements that are the footsteps for reaching out to a massive audience, to boost sales and earn revenue in the fastest possible time. These are…


To define the name of the campaign, entering the details such as the name of the subject etc.


Test through browsers email clients!

Check for the immediate deliverability or at the scheduled time!


Analysing the activity of the recipient of the mail in an overviewing manner…

Report the results

Based upon the metrics including the email client usage bounce summary and stuff…

These would be the pillars for guiding the basic level strategy for an email marketing campaign. On the contrary, it would turn contemptuous if the rapport of the features and specifications with the above information is left aloof!

Defining the Checkpoints through the above mentioned Dynamics Brings a Successful ending!!

To conclude with a successful journey with your email marketing campaigns, the objective of the campaign, the key performance indicators, the contact list management and other important factors, are the illustrative goals sought by you. The tools help you a lot in doing so and achieve the following…

  • Campaign Objectives
  • The consideration of the Key Performance Indicators!
  • Emphasis on the Professionally designed mails!
  • Focus more on the Professionally designed Landing pages!
  • A Proper Contact List Management!
  • List segmentation and well-drafted mails!
  • Website integration!
  • CRM integration!
  • Full metrics reporting and the list is just endless…

Based on how ideal your email marketing campaigns are, the campaign level objectives, the features and specifications are sequenced! While framing the email marketing strategy for a particular campaign, make sure you do not drop a ball for the perfect decision making at the end.

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