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Amazon Prime Day 2021: The Plan to Surpass Customer Expectations and The Competitors

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Are you ready for the record-breaking event by Amazon, aka Amazon Prime Day? The date for another record shattering 48 hours of sales is June 21-22, 2021. Like every year, this year will outperform last year. Therefore, generating ample opportunities for amazon sellers.

Amazon prime day sales growth over years

Over the years, Amazon prime day sales figures suggests it has emerged out to be an eminent event for Amazon sellers. Your products have a huge customer base of currently 200 million solid and loyal prime members across 19 countries.

These many buyers are eagerly waiting for the best deal. Therefore, there is a high chance you can convince and convert them to generate better ROI.

Did you know, Amazon promised to credit $10 to customer accounts upon buying products from small businesses worth $10. It means another reason to fuel buyers shopping spree on the big day.

Offer Hard to Deny Deals

On Amazon Prime day, buyers are on the run to procure top products within their budget. You have plenty of options like buy one get one, gift vouchers, X% discount, loyalty points, free trial, and more.

But, slashing the price with an X% discount will fetch you maximum conversion. Above all, this method gives maximum value for money, so it becomes a deal too attractive to resist.

Pricing is a decisive factor. Hence it will be a big challenge. You need to smartly plan about which product prices will help you take the benefit of the momentum. Participating in Facebook, Reddit and other social media communities will fetch accurate insights.

Focus on groups where users from the age group of your target audience are active. The content generated by them is equivalent to gold nuggets. Leverage it to craft new deals and modify existing ones before your competitors.

Product Listing Optimization

  • Keep your main image on a clean white background. The product must occupy at least 85% of the image area.
  • Adding high-ranking keywords in your listing ensures a high rank for products. Hence you reach customers before competitors.
  • Using all caps is a big no.
  • With celebrities using your product in an image means a killer first impression.
  • Choose the correct category. In case of confusion, refer to competitors but placing under the wrong category means a big self-blunder.
  • Monitor competitors listing for similar products. It will help you find the gap that can be filled to improve your listing.
  • Ensure product pages are mobile optimized. The images and other relevant details must be  displayed and not let customers struggle to find product information.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping is your best friend and will always be during Amazon prime day. It serves a dual purpose. Firstly, solving a major hurdle of shipping fees discourages customers from purchase and increases your likelihood of winning the buy box.

How Much Are Shoppers Willing to Pay During Amazon Prime Day 2021

Last year the 75% of buyers purchased items worth $250, which was a generous rise compared to Amazon prime day 2019. If the pandemic year saw a significant increase in spending habits, 2021 will be even better, with minimum average spending estimated to be $300.

50% of Amazon shoppers prefer to buy at least two products, and 30% are eager to purchase upto four or more. Another interesting fact is that 79% of buyers spend at least as much as last year.

What Will Shopper Be Looking To Buy During Amazon Prime Day 2021

The categories like Electronics, Health & Household, Home & Kitchen, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry, Beauty & Cosmetics have witnessed constant demand. These items have made to list of top 5 most sold categories on every Prime day,

Product wise, gift items were and will be most sought after and highly searched in the marketplace.

Amazon shoppers have shown some serious interest in products that belong to Arts & Crafts, Toys, Tool & Home improvement, and Handmade due to demand surge between 75% -175%.

The fascination for tech gadgets is on an unprecedented rise. It has been confirmed during last year’s Amazon prime sale. Ten tech gadgets made it to the list of top 10 best-selling products on Amazon prime day.

Tech gadgets’ high demand is a strong indication that most millennials are eyeing Amazon prime day as a fantastic opportunity to make the most of it as a buyer.

Therefore, your primary focus must be on millennials.

How To Woo Millennials during Amazon Prime Day 2021

Millennials will flock to your store on Amazon prime day more than any other group of customers. The following are decisive factors that help them decide.

millennials preference

Data credit – Retail TouchPoints

Therefore, taking the below actions will help you win trust. As a result, you convince quickly and convince more buyers for product purchase.

  • Address all negative reviews and get them to respond with proper explanation.
  • Price the products after analyzing competitors’ prices.
  • Too low price hampers brand value while excessively high means customer loses interest.
  • Pick an appropriate brand name that resonates with the target audience. The relatable it sounds, the easier it becomes to trust.  

How Will I Handle So Many Orders on Amazon Prime Day?

A very genuine concern that can’t be ignored at all. Bigger the target better should be your preparation. The old school (manual) approach of handling hundreds or even thousands of orders on the big day will bring excessive stress on your store. Manual mode is prone to errors, eventually leading to delayed orders. 

As a result, customer will prefer to shop on competitors store or may be even forget you. Not to mention, angry customers will add detailed negative reviews. 

Nevertheless, automating the crucial selling operations will multiply your store capacity to process and ship orders on time with high accuracy.  It will save your store from bursting at the seams and buyers will bookmark the store as favorite.

Automation puts your store on sort of auto-pilot mode. Big sales means traffic is on the peak. But, right solution end your worries from order receiving till shipping and everything in between. Hence, you sell more and sell to more people. 

Prepare Your Store for Challenges (Opportunities) during Amazon Prime Day 2021

Product Description (Optimize to Persuade)

  • The purpose of a good description is to convey to the shopper that he has found the correct product.
  • Keeping it free of jargon and with a clear message.
  • Avoid the word ‘but’ and use ‘and.’
  • Use bullet points to make content easily scannable.
  • Don’t miss on including and updating all relevant information.

The Pro Tip: It is recommended not to advertise products like price error, less in stock, or missing information.

Customers tend to add products they like in the cart several days ahead of the big day. Therefore, it is recommended to display offers at least a week before the prime day sale.

Don’t be Shy On Inventory

Sufficient inventory that is fully managed results in less time you have to spend to figure out how much you have of it. Thus making the order process a smooth affair. High quality packaging will avoid damage during transit.

Analytics will help you forecast top performing products during last year’s shopping events. The recent festive season sale top performing products have a fair chance to become the favorites again.

With festive themed packaging, you have another chance to delight customers and build an impression that you care for customers. The spark of trust resulted from this will remind customers of you.

Create Attractive Packaging

Customers are more interested in getting products in a bunch than finding each one and adding it to the cart. Bundle products that are likely to complement each other. Hence, you are turning products into an attractive deals. This way you can save the time of customers.

Make shopping effortless and customers won’t mind buying more out of ease and convenience.

How Can I Increase Visibility of Newly Launched Products During Festive Season

First, assume your new product has got the X factor to get buyers’ eyeballs hooked on it. Now, add all the relevant keywords in the product listing, with the most relevant ones at the starting.

It will boost the chance for products to appear on search terms for related products and also if there’s a spelling error. As a result, more visitors arrive on the product page translates to improved rankings. Knowing in-depth about Amazon SEO will help your store stand ahead of the rest.

Spread The Words Like Wildfire

You have to talk a lot about the biggest deals you are offering and how they will change customers’ lifestyle. Try creating FOMO in your content to push customers a step closer to purchase.

Another rock-solid technique is crafting personalized email to grab the attention of potential customers.

  • Use different content for users with a different buyer persona. One for all ain’t work in personalization.
  • Highlight what ignites your prospect interest. A good approach will be to scour through their social media profiles(comments, likes, posts). Now pay close attention to what piques their interest. This data will help you craft email content that customers will eagerly want to open.
  • Visual representation in the form of exciting infographics means high chance prospects will be engaged.
  • Human feel in the form of video talking about prospect problems and solutions will make your message interactive and easy to understand.

Top Performing Categories Will Be

No doubt electronics gadgets will get maximum eyeballs hooked on them. Considering pandemic induced shopping behavior home gym equipment, kitchen appliances, and work from home products will witness high demand.

Amazon’s keen interest in gaming stuff recently hints at exciting discount offers on a prime day. Amazon trends report suggests fitness products top the list of high demand products in 2021.

Under the sections New Release and Movers & Shakers. This section will reveal the latest released products that are top selling in the respective categories.

How to Find the Top Demand Products

Just like you, thousands of other sellers are eagerly searching for what will be in demand. But, you can stay ahead upon focusing on the below parameters

  • Be updated with how your target audience’s buying behavior is taking a shift and in which direction. Read industry specific news and follow google alerts on the same.
  • Suppliers will help you identify fast moving items from the rest. Above all, they have been shipping products for a variety of sellers under different niches.
  • Hence, they are equipped with the correct data to speak on market behavior and its impact on demand.
  • Have good terms with your suppliers and a few top suppliers from other corners of the world. This will make it easy for you to discuss upcoming trends. No wonder new trends easily catch up with customers of the same age group customers in other places as well.

Amazon Sponsored Ads Optimization

The Sponsored products ads display products with lightning deals. Costumes are crazy for such offers on Amazon prime day. Hence, these ads are capable of attracting potential shoppers with a high intention for product buying. Proper optimization will ensure your ads customers’ eyeballs are glued to your ads. Therefore, considering the below pointers will help you deliver the right and complete information.

  • The product must have positive reviews.
  • The title is to be easy to read.
  • Use A+ content to make the product stand out.
  • Add negative products and brands to sponsored product campaigns. As a result, it will avoid products appearing to irrelevant buyers. Because these buyers don’t want your products.
  • The placement bid adjustments approach allows you to stay competitive by adding bid adjustments upto 900%.
  • Set the daily budget three times higher than the regular daily budget.
  • Do the A/B testing by launching upto at least four or more ads for a product. Gauge the performance of the first few minutes. It will help you defenestrate the poor performance and continue with the best ones.

Social Media for User Generated Content

Plan a social media campaign for buyers to post product pic while using them. It will fetch you plenty of images that can be leveraged as user generated content.

As a result, it becomes super easy to convince more people with pics of customers already using it. Using official prime day hashtags like #prime day2021 will help you reach the right audience right before the right time.

Conclusion – Big Opportunity and Bigger Gains

Don’t let your products get lost beneath the endless products on Amazon. As an aspirational seller, you can’t perform ordinarily on the big day of the year. Hence, prepare your store to maximize the opportunities to convince deal obsessed shoppers on Amazon prime day.

Because if you don’t leverage the competitors will not miss the prime day opportunity to sell more and sell to more customers. Get the gears turning and be a step ahead. Embrace the above rock-solid strategies and see yourself becoming one of the successful sellers on Amazon.

To your advantage, you will be pitching products to a huge audience eager to buy loads of items. Hence, it becomes easy to convince them to buy more.

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