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Be safe and stylish by wearing masks from Cloth Face Mask

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Great ideas are born in a time of desperation. One such great idea that Minke Buikema thought was making and selling beautiful, fancy face masks. This idea prompted her to create an e-commerce website where she could sell her hand-made masks. With the help of Cedcommerce, her online business Cloth Face Masks became a great eCommerce success story. Her motive was to make wearing masks cool and acceptable for the fashion-savvy population.

Masks are a weapon crucial in fighting the deadly Coronavirus that trapped the world. It was a massive challenge for the administrative authorities to make everyone wear masks in their daily life. 

Keeping all those factors in perspective, an alternative for medical masks is a positive approach towards a solution. Indeed, it is the need of the hour in times of pandemic. There was no doubt that the product had to be sold through an eCommerce website. 

In this post, we will take you through the details of the PWA development for Cloth Face Masks.

What is Cloth Face Masks and how does it work?

The artist Minke Buikema took the initiative of Cloth Face Masks to serve fashionable masks for protection against COVID-19 amid the vulnerabilities of a pandemic. The target audience of the Cloth Face Masks includes the fashion-savvy generation. But frankly speaking, it is relevant to everyone who wants to buy a stylish and fashionable mask. 

People often see fashion as a tool of self-expression, and being an artist, Minke Buikema can easily relate with those people. But there was a section of people who hesitated to wear the masks as it disabled them to meet the fashion or style code. So she came up with a solution for those people and made them feel comfortable about wearing masks. The masks were designed by the artist Minke herself, to enhance the stylish element without losing the charm of their fashion sense. 

Minke Buikema created Cloth Face Masks to provide masks as versatile, expressive, and casual apparel along with safety from the virus. It aims to provide a comfortable, safe, and faster way of ordering trendy designer masks made up of soft clothes that could go hand-in-hand with young fashionistas.

Leaving home to buy a mask from an offline shop exposes us to the lethal Coronavirus. It is better to order it from an e-commerce website while sitting safely at home. Minke Buikema’s Cloth-Face Mask online store comes handy in this respect.

Challenges faced in developing Cloth Face Masks

It is interesting to note that the Cenia theme by CedCommerce was still in its development phase when Ms. Buikema approached us for this project. Our team of developers dedicated itself to the same in a continuous effort. The aim was to develop an efficient and effective PWA theme based on Magento PWA Studio. 

It is our immense passion for development that got us the project even during the development phase. Getting the project of Cloth Face Masks was a blessing in disguise, and there are no two ways around it.

The project needed us to deliver a solution without wasting much time and reduce some of its limitations.

We began to work on the PWA development for Cloth Face Masks, starting with setting up the primary requirements. Here are the required attributes which Cloth Face Masks shared in the initial phase. Our team kept these four focal points during the development phase;

  1. Engaging mobile audiences
  2. Superfast speed
  3. Ability to add more features as per the need of Magento eCommerce platform
  4. Fast turnaround time

Cloth Face masks wanted three elements as a must-have for their PWA-

  • User-Friendly experience for the customers.
  • Allow push notifications.
  • Lighting fast speed.

To provide a combination of the features desired by Cloth Face Masks, we used a very tactical and simple design. It was our primary concern to keep a very compact and free-flowing conversion funnel apart from managing the quick page transitions and synchronized service worker to align the overall operation without leaving any bug in website development. 

CedCommerce thrives upon such challenges and makes it an uncompromising aim to serve a perfect solution.

Features Cloth Face Mask used in its website

Account Login 

The website enables customers to search for products and scroll through the various options from the very first stage. It does create an account but ensures to do it with a concise and no-nonsense approach. It is not at all wise to make people go through a lengthy form for it. Therefore we have created a specific minimalist page to avoid any fuss or glitches.

great success story

Exploring the products with ease

It is an essential requirement for a website to show sophistication when it comes to product visibility and discoverability. A customer who knows what he is looking for should find the desired product without wasting unnecessary time. 

explore products

Product segmentation upfront

To keep things clear as soon as the visitor lands, we provided a category-based segmentation of products, sorted out into three age segments based on the differences – Adults, teenagers, and children. It makes things very clear and leads to more fruitful engagement that eventually attracts more target visitors.

Cloth Face Mask became a great success story

Seamless purchase experience

When it comes to the process of making a purchase, it is essential to keep things straight and uncomplicated. We ensured to keep the entire process in a flow that goes like a breeze of fresh air and allows people to finish with a transaction in no time.

purchase experience

No-nonsense check-outs

For this, we kept the minimum required details, which are enough for completing a business transaction and product delivery. After filling up the details asked in the form, that includes email ID, address, and requirements of the payment gateway, it immediately allows the checkout as soon as the payment transaction completes. That’s it.

checkout page

Using push notifications

This feature inspired Ms. Buikema to use our solution in the first place. She wanted a responsive website that is able to notify the users promptly. Cenia PWA theme ensures a subtle feature of push notificationsthanks to its headless front-end and back-end operation.

Extensions Added

Cenia PWA theme for Magento 2 PWA gives you a load of choices thanks to the add-ons and extensions developed by our team. These extensions provide multiple payment options, flexible product discovery, a dedicated vendor dashboard, order tracking facilities, and optimized product pages.

What worked for Cloth Face Masks?

It is the refreshingly artistic approach to make masks that deserves a lot of credit for its success. Coupled with the impeccable execution of PWA themes by CedCommerce, the website is doing wonders in the case of Cloth Face Masks. This is a solution that not many people could see even though ‘not wearing a mask’ was a real problem that needed to be taken care of.

Speed and mobile-friendliness is a perfect combination for any eCommerce website. More often than not, it is likely to be successful in grabbing the visitor’s interest.

How CedCommerce helped in developing Cloth Face Masks?

We insisted her to try our headless PWA solutionCenia theme based on Magento PWA studio, and other necessary add-ons for creating an eCommerce website from scratch. To our delight, Miss Minke Buikema entrusted CedCommerce to develop a website of her choice with all those desired features.

However, the online store was working on the ECWID platform, but it lacked the sharpness and interactive abilities required to attract the new generation to its eCommerce store. Therefore, it took the initiative to scale and improve the overall performance, page speed, and user experience.  The intention behind this transition was expressed clearly in front of our team at CedCommerce. Knowing what is expected by the client is undoubtedly helpful in creating an ideal solution, and we were confident to deliver a solution by which Cloth Face Masks became a great eCommerce success story.

Why did they use the Headless PWA theme for Cloth Face Masks?

There was a straightforward approach to create a website that could engage mobile-based audiences and perform with a very smooth fluency. The page speed was a huge factor too.

From the requirements shared with CedCommerce, we were pretty sure that the headless Magento PWA theme would be a perfect match to meet these requirements. It offers a superfast page speed, a visually engaging frontend, and a well-tuned service worker to back the operations.

How did they find us?

For the purpose of producing and supplying raw material, the company was in communication with some Chinese companies. Those companies were already using the Headless PWA solution from Vue Storefront and after deep research, Cloth Face Masks finally entrusted CedCommerce to get the work done.

What made us exceptional?

Our fast response and friendly approach towards development were one of the significant points which Cloth Face Masks considered vital in their solution provider. CedCommerce does things with the passion and dedication second to none. With our customer care team working round the clock, we never do any delay with the answer to any query our visitors asked. This team spirit is a crucial factor in sealing this deal. As a result, Cloth Face Mask became a great eCommerce success story.

With no competition in sight and a fantastic product that has high demand, it was a great idea to start the business. Add to the comfortability and fashionable approach towards masks, this venture was destined to become a great success story of online shopping. Not to forget the fact that the need for wearing masks is being promoted very aggressively by various health organizations across the world. So demand was obviously at an all-time height.

As the whole world was in lockdown, it was but obvious to create an online infrastructure for a start. The creative designs and the use of very premium and comfortable fabric makes the mask an immediate winner for Mrs. Minke Buikema. She is herself a well-tuned fashion designer and keenly follows the new trends of clothing and apparel. That is why Cloth Face Masks became a great eCommerce success story

“CedCommerce is the contributor to the technology which could support such a wonderful startup in achieving its goals. It duly addressed a lot of aspects in this PWA solution which any ordinary website. It is our entitlement to serve businesses with a solution that works for them, and we are pleased to say we contributed with an efficient solution for Cloth Face Masks.”

 Mudit Shukla, Senior Manager, CedCommerce

Why did they choose CedCommerce?

Three factors impressed the team of Cloth Face Mask-

  • Skills
  • Availability
  • Affordable pricing 

How can CedCommerce help you too?

CedCommerce offers the necessary technical web solutions to budding entrepreneurs. These solutions support the aspiring eCommerce startups in building a robust online business that is as flawless as their dreams. 

If you want to create an eCommerce business like Cloth Face Masks, you should waste no time in reaching out to us. CedCommerce has a very skilled team of developers that leaves no stone unturned to serve you with a solution you always aspired for. There has rarely been a brighter time to set up an online venture than it is today.

Not just setting up the website, CedCommerce also provides a versatile range of features through its smart and intuitively developed extensions for Magento 2 PWA theme. These extensions offer a multitude of features that help create a robust eCommerce infrastructure.

CedCommerce Cenia Theme for Magento 2 PWA Studio utilizes the robust technology of Magento PWA StudioReactJS & GraphQL. ECommerce is entering the era of mobile-first internet, and PWA is going to be a revolutionary solution to upgrade your Magento website. 

Please don’t waste time. Now is the time to get a future-proof platform for an eCommerce solution. Embrace the change, adopt Magento PWA for eCommerce. Read this important guide on creating an e-commerce website and start your business now. 

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