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benefits of marketing automation for ecommerce businesses

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Are you ready to take the marketing of your eCommerce business to the next level? Well then, marketing automation is the solution for you. Marketing automation for eCommerce business will help you in myriad ways. Let’s find out.

When it comes to marketing your eCommerce business, the process can prove to be time taking and complex. In addition to losing time, you might still end up with not so satisfactory results. This is where you need marketing automation for eCommerce.

Businesses today are largely opting for marketing automation. Reason being its capability to help eCommerce business to grow. Marketing automation for eCommerce is not just restricted to usage by big business. It is now being deployed by both small and medium enterprises (SME’s), Owing to the large availability of a large number of economical and powerful solutions.

Now with variety comes the need to identify what suits one’s requirements. The variety of marketing tools available can make it even trickier for you to make a choice. But, the decision won’t be difficult to make if you know well what your business needs are.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a tool that automates the marketing processes that are otherwise done manually. These are softwares that take care of business marketing needs. Marketing automation tools also help serve your sales objectives by driving sales and improving customer engagement. Following are the areas where a good marketing automation tool can help your business:

  • Helps in driving sales
  • Streamlines marketing processes
  • Creates automatic email campaigns
  • Simplifies lead generation process
  • Helps in nurturing customers and retaining them

Marketing automation in eCommerce businesses is becoming increasingly popular going by the Ultimate Marketing Automation usage statistic: An average of 51% of companies are currently using Marketing automation. A little over half of the B2B companies (58%) plan to opt for it in the near future.

Why marketing automation?

Well, before you plan to take a call let’s see how can marketing automation for your business be beneficial.

1-Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is as much an important part of the sales cycle as is acquiring them in the first place. A new lead may not want to purchase products from your online marketplace immediately. It might require a certain level of nurturing to be able to make the purchase decision. In the absence of a marketing automation tool, your sales staff has to be present at all times to understand the needs of your potential customer. Here’s where you’ll need a marketing automation tool for your eCommerce business. 80% of users that opted for marketing automation saw an increase in the number of leads whereas a good 77% saw improved conversions. The marketing tool will work towards creating personalised email campaigns for targeting customers to drive responses.

Lead Nurturing


2-Personalised experiences

Almost all businesses want to build personalised experiences for their customers for better engagement. Presenting your branding content to customers in their unique style is not an easy thing to accomplish. Marketing automation for eCommerce helps you do that with a lot of ease. Personalisation helps with building better customer relationships and improves sales figures. All for the simple reason that personalised content establishes better connect and stands out from the usual run of the mill correspondence. Marketing automation tools for eCommerce help create personalised emails targeted to cover all sale touchpoints. Additionally buyer’s behaviour can be analysed to send across product recommendations which are tailor made basis the customers’ choice history.

3-Monitor sales across channels


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