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Boost your online business with Walmart’s Pro Seller Badge

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Quick Review: Running a successful online business is tricky, especially when we talk about a platform as competitive as Walmart. Selling on Walmart successfully comes with its own set of challenges- you need to have exceptional service, a great track record, and now- the Pro Seller Badge. In this blog, you’ll find about Walmart’s Pro Seller Badge. How is the Pro Seller  Badge Awarded? How is the Pro Seller Badge beneficial for your Walmart store? And How can you get the Pro Seller Badge?

Read on to find out how you can increase your visibility on Walmart and establish yourself as a trustworthy brand.

What is Walmart’s Pro Seller Badge?

Millions of buyers place their trust in Walmart’s name and its promise of quality with affordability. Walmart prides itself on its great service, and the Pro Seller Badge is its newest initiative for the same. Simply put, Walmart’s Pro Sellers Badge is a symbol of your quality. It is a badge of recognition for the top-performing sellers, a mark of excellence.

Since millions of sellers- big or small, sell successfully on Walmart, it leads to a rise in competition—making it troublesome for buyers to differentiate more trustworthy and reliable brands from those that aren’t.

Walmart’s Pro Seller Badge helps with that. The badge will appear next to the seller’s name on Walmart’s search results, additional sellers page, item page, in the cart, and add to cart confirmation pages. Walmart has designed this badge to help buyers gain customers’ trust and increase conversions for the businesses that provide quality services.

 The Pro Seller Badge will directly let the customer know that they’re buying from a reliable brand.

Think from a customer’s POV. Wouldn’t you prefer to buy from a Walmart verified and reliable brand? Of course, you would!

Who gets the Pro Sellers badge? How is it awarded?

Walmart’s Pro-Sellers Badge is awarded to all sellers who qualify the following criteria:

  1. The Listing Quality Score should be at least 50% for 60% or more of your trending items.
  2. The Cancellation Defect Rate should be 1% or less. Your items should offer 100% free online and in-store returns.
  3. The Delivery Defect Rate should be less than 10%. Sellers should be amenable to Walmart’s marketplace policies and other guidelines.

Walmart Pro Seller Badge

Note– You don’t need to fill out any applications. If you fulfill all the above-mentioned requirements, you can easily win Walmart’s Pro Sellers Badge.

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What is Walmart’s “Listing Quality Score”?

The listing quality score is a combined measure of your product score, product’s content and discoverability, ratings, reviews, and post-purchase quality—the better score, the best visibility, and thus the better sales. A better listing score will ultimately incite more trust in your listing and your store.

How can you improve your Listing quality Score?

The listing quality score is directly associated with product SEO and improving visibility. To improve your listing quality score, you need to choose the right product category and apply the best possible keywords. If you want to improve your listing quality score with the help of experts, reach out to our experts, who’ll help improve your listing visibility. 

What is Walmart’s “Delivery Defect Rate”?

The Delivery Defect Rate refers to the rate of orders a seller fails to deliver before the expected delivery date. Ideally, your delivery defect rate should be less than 10% to get the badge. To maintain a reasonable delivery defect rate, you need to choose a suitable carrier service that delivers the order before the expected delivery date.

Note– Another thing that can help you achieve the Pro-seller badge is maintaining a great Seller Scorecard.

How to maintain a great Seller Score Card?

On-time Shipments– To get a positive score, it’s essential to complete the shipping before the delivery date. All sellers should comply to provide the shipping details (URL and tracking number) to Walmart to notify the buyer accordingly.

Valid Tracking Rate– Sellers need to provide orders with delivery scans, accurate tracking information so that customers can track their shipments.

Cancellation Defect Rate- The percentage of orders you cancel after receiving the order from Walmart. Avoid initiating cancellations once you accept orders from Walmart to reduce defect rates.

Note– The seller’s performance data is refreshed on the 5th and 20th of every month. You can check your score on Seller Center on

What are the benefits of Walmart’s Pro Seller Badge, and how can CedCommerce help you with it?

Increase in conversion rate– Walmart’s pro sellers badge is designed to be eye-catching, it invokes buyer trust and increases your visibility in the search results, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Gains Customers Trust– The pro seller Badge showcases you as a consistent, trustworthy brand. It ensures the customer that you’ll provide a great shopping experience with easy returns and on-time delivery.

Since you’re almost getting Walmart’s nod of approval with the Pro-Seller Badge, your sales are boosted, and the brand gets optimal exposure.


How can we help you?

As an eCommerce solution provider, CedCommerce helps you boost your listing game and lower the chances of defects. The integration app’s salient features allow you to maintain a healthy seller scoreboard and aids in the process of you qualifying for the pro sellers badge.

  1. Product Listing: This feature of the app allows you to import products from your store to Walmart and helps you list your products on the marketplace in a few clicks.
  2. Inventory Synchronisation: The app syncs your store with Walmart Seller Center and updates all inventory and stock-related information.
  3. Bulk Product Upload: This feature helps you upload your products in bulk without going through the arduous process of listing products individually or mapping their categories with that of Walmart.
  4. Auto Acknowledgement: Another advantage of using our integration solution is that you never miss out on any orders as the app fetches and auto acknowledges all Walmart orders for you.


To Sum Up

Walmart’s Pro Seller Badge is a sure-shot way to establish yourself as a standout seller in the marketplace. It lets you be more visible, more reliable, and of course, relevant. With Walmart’s Pro Seller Badge, you can curate a better reach towards your customers and gain their trust. Being an established brand, you can get more customers visiting you, in turn bringing more conversions.

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