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Business Benefits of PWA theme for Magento websites

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Progressive Web App is a game-changing solution for websites. There are incredible benefits of PWA for any online business. Even top of the line eCommerce website platform view PWA as an omnipotent solution in near future and Magento is no different in that regard. So the PWA theme for Magento websites is going to become even more important. There should be no shred of doubt about it for any aspiring business.

From the analysis of the website trends around the world, it is not difficult to tell Mobile is the most dominant digital technology. When you consider the growing outreach of mobile internet today, PWA websites come as a pragmatic solution that serves the better interest of the business. Using the benefits of PWA, any online business can develop the most efficient way to connect with potential consumers.

It would be befitting to say progressive web app is one key that unlocks the gate of every online traffic channel. PWA feels more or less the same as mobile apps in practical usage. Amazingly, your user just surfs a website on his browser for accessing this web application.

Progressive web apps can empower any small business to its full potential. PWA glides through the mobile with ease and yet the website won’t lose any charm on the computers.

Progressive Web Apps – Resurgence of mobile commerce

Progressive web apps bring some exciting options for eCommerce. It is indeed a necessity of sorts to evolve a disambiguate solution that serves online business at every front. This ensures you will never miss any potential consumers on the online platform.

Unfortunately, websites are failing to deliver mobile conversions as they get over computers. It is also noticeable that bounce rates are pathetically high on mobiles.

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PWA theme for Magento gives you a complete web solution. It covers the mobile commerce experience while retaining the essentials of computer-oriented websites. So eCommerce websites can engage the audience across the board by enhancing ubiquitous and responsive features. eCommerce PWA effectively competes with the visual appeal of a native mobile app.

The benefits of using PWA theme for Magento

Mobile users are frustrated about downloading mobile apps. Most online businesses impose their mobile app downloads as a compulsion to avail offers and other free services.

While big brands can afford to invest the needful time and efforts on such free-handed promotions, but not the small and small-medium enterprises.

Progressive web apps are breaking the barriers of confinement which earlier suffocated the eCommerce platforms.

Have more queries on PWA? Here are the answers to some of your queries.

The benefits of PWA make any eCommerce website more effective. This enabled intuitive and interactive features of the website on mobile making it more appealing for every user irrespective of the medium they chose to do so.

PWA works as the bridge for small scale businesses. Now you can also target mobile users and engage them successfully by using the benefits of the PWA solution.

Responsive and dynamic web experience

The dynamic user interface of the Magento PWA theme is the critical concept of Progressive web apps. This ability alone makes the PWA theme for Magento an extremely valuable asset to online business. It helps to nurture a healthy interaction with the visitors and ensures many of those visitors convert into your customers.

Responsive design helps to retain visitors from mobile devices whom your business is unable to hold on to with average website platforms. The dynamic user interface of the Magento PWA theme is a massive advantage for any eCommerce website.

Cross-platform consistency of customer journey

User interactions must be devised in a way that embarks users on a journey. The whole web experience is actually a process that needs to create a path for this journey. Eventually, all these paths should be designed effortlessly to end up into conversions.

Often, this customer journey is disrupted if the user reaches out a business from a different channel rather than those used in prior interactions.

Interactive app-like user interface

The mobile app like website interface is the most exciting aspect of Progressive web apps. This feature of PWA alone has caught the interest of many eCommerce websites and why not! PWA ensures interactive engagement with the visitors of mobile and computer devices at the same time.

In spite of some differences between PWA and native apps, the user experience is pretty much similar. On a positive note, PWA manages to beat native apps as far as speed is concerned. This is unarguably beneficial for any eCommerce website.

Test your website speed with this tool by Google – Test My Site.

More conversions at less price

It takes a hefty investment to develop & maintain a native mobile app. This makes native apps a risky prospect for small businesses. The progressive web app does it all within the budget limit of a small business.

PWA enhances web layout and creates a better opportunity to nurture your target audience towards sales. PWA can boost visitor conversions and increase the business growth of small scale enterprises.

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Access in poor internet speeds & save progress offline

The progressive website does not require a steady fast internet to work fluently. It is one of the unique benefits of PWA. There are certain functions that can be operated without internet connectivity.

Few tasks can be saved by the website using cache memory if the internet is not available. This information later gets updated whenever the internet becomes accessible. Slow internet is also not a problem for Progressive Web Apps.

No downloads or updates

A huge benefit of PWA websites is that users do not need to download mobile apps. Mobile users generally dislike downloading the new mobile app just for buying one or two products.

There are a plethora of mobile apps in the market and devices have limited storage. This increases your eCommerce outreach and levels up the chances of capturing the new online visitors without hassles.

Content Personalization

Personalization is often missing on mobile-optimized websites. It is a very small but influential factor to follow your interested users. When you can continue the interaction with a visitor, data of previous engagement can play a vital in preserving the user interest across every platform.

Personalization helps by enhancing user engagement and adds precious data about the user. Your website can utilize personal preferences to curate the content based on the user’s interest. One more aspect that needs to be sought is page speed. It must be ensured that you touch the essential benchmark of the speed for websites, specifically on mobile devices.

Enhances outreach and easy to search

Being SEO friendly solution, which means progressive web apps are way easier to find for users. In fact, the Google crawler identifies PWA very easily on search engines. This ensures your online business has an advantage over the competitors, no matter where your visitors come from.

The users also find it very comfortable to search through the products for finding the product they are looking for. PWA does make it convenient for mobile users to engage with a business on their terms which enhances the chances of conversion.

Pushes re-engagement

There are a bunch of handy features of PWA but one that stands out distinctively is ‘the ability to send push notifications’. Push notifications are truly effective tools for creating user interest in mobiles.

These push notifications can draw user’s attention and most likely be successful in retrieving interested users if used smartly.

Places app icon on the home screen

Another good feature of PWA is its ability to create an app icon on the home screen. With the help of this ability, you can create direct access to engage your interested visitors. PWA uses content and data in a very intelligent way.

The architecture based on headless eCommerce makes sure that it can be installed without taking any storage space on the device.

No compromises with safety & security

PWA is safe. In fact, it is safer than most website platforms out there. Even if you compare PWA with the native apps, it isn’t falling short in any way. Though PWA is interactive like an app but by its heart, it is essentially a website having its own URL.

Thereby it can leverage the much secure HTTPS for service workers. This makes PWA safe from security threats which is one of the most important for any online business.

To Conclude – Build PWA for eCommerce

Progressive web apps are doing a tremendous job for eCommerce websites. Be assured that if you build PWA theme for Magento, it is going to be one of the best investments you can do on your business today. There are many amazing features of PWA which you can cite as special.

This is why eCommerce experts often helm it as the successor of apps for business. You will find some of the best eCommerce brands build Progressive web apps and reap rewards such as BookMyShowAliexpressOLAJumla etc.

Technology continues to grow and it will evolve to become even better with time. As a business, you must see any new technology like an opportunity of climbing the ladders of success.

To take advantage of Progressive web apps, you have to move today than tomorrow. Start your PWA experience with Cenia Pro PWA for Magento Websites by CedCommerce.

With time, every new technology eventually loses its edge as it becomes obvious for all. The more time you take, the lesser advantage PWA holds for your business.

So it is wiser not to waste more time. Try the Demo of Cenia PWA and take your online business ahead of the curve.

Watch the webinar to experience Cenia PWA and learn how to install the Cenia PWA theme for Magento websites.

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