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Crank up the performance of your Store this Halloween season with OnBuy

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October begins and with it numerous festivals too. Autumn has started, and old leaves are shredding, and new are coming. But, the mass is excited for Halloween. Shops, online stores, markets have already settled up and are ready with new costumes, designs, Halloween themed decors etc. Just start buying or visiting markets you will feel the spooky spirit of this season.

Although this year people are indoors, no worries everyone is ready and excited about their coming festival. The government has issued guidelines for the celebrations, staying home and safe is still in your hands.

Covid has affected the whole world, and still going on, so it is better to stay home and safely enjoy your festivals. Now, whenever celebrations come in mind, it comes along with shopping and why not, festivals are an excuse for your wholehearted shopping. So for your shopping worries here we are with one of the best marketplace OnBuy. Either for sellers or buyers, this festive season, OnBuy can become a wizard for you. Focusing on sellers, OnBuy has significant sales during festive seasons, and definitely, Halloween is one of the golden opportunity for the sellers.Being an official channel integration partner with OnBuy, CedCommerce is always ready to assist you in your selling process.

Why can Halloween turn the tables in your favour?

So sellers, get ready.

You need to understand what your buyers are looking for this Halloween season. If you look at Halloween from a marketing perspective, it can be a magic holiday for you. As Halloween is known for coming with diverse culture, marketers see it as a great opportunity to boost sales. Sellers looks for maximum chances to increase their sales and to enhance their marketing campaigns. Costumes and decorations are the base for Halloween, as people want the scariest one. According to Statista, if we check for previous year Halloween festival and markets, we can find the source of inspiration for Halloween.statista Marketers, this is the best time to surprise your customers with the best deals possible.

One of CedCommerce’s client selling lenses received 1k orders in just 18 days.Isn’t it a right deal.So,sellers OnBuy is a great marketplace to start with.selling on OnBuy this Halloween

Not only in Europe but globally, Halloween is considered as the second most commercial holiday, creating one of the best shopping seasons.

According to Salesforce,- 63% of searches are coming from mobile devices, up from 56% last year.

So it is evident that Halloween can give you the best deals for your online store.

How you can boost your Halloween sale

Boosting your sales this Halloween can be done in many ways. Possibly, do some research around your market and region and realize what your buyers are looking for.

Build a mobile app for your store

If there are so many searches from mobile devices, you can build a mobile app for your store, CedCommerce gives you Shopify as an app to ease your store’s shopping experience

According to research, Halloween costumes for kids are the most searched items during Halloween Online sales.”

Let’s understand what more you can do to boost your sales this Halloween.

Work On your app and stores visuals

As you are going to sell for Halloween, give your app or store scary little look, so that the mass can get attracted, in simpler words do something eye-catching. It can be anything a threatening appearance, scary theme, crazy costumes and a lot of other kinds of stuff. The buyers would love this idea, as Halloween is all about appearance.

Push Notifications for Customers

You have to tell your customers somehow that your store is ready for Halloween. So, push notifications can work, send your customers short notifications time to time about your deals, sales and what new you are offering to them in festive seasons. Let them realize that your store has the best costumes, decors available.

Countdown Timers

These timers really work as they create an awareness between the consumers regarding any particular offer, they think that they may not get the deal again, so most of the time they purchase. Make your timers Halloween inspired, do something creative so that customers can be engaged on your store. And ultimately, promotion works in your favour. So do promotions.

Social Media

Social media is always considered as a great platform for promotions. Almost everyone uses social media no matter what platforms, you can promote your store on social media. Let the consumers be aware of your online store and what you are offering to them.By following these tips,definitely you can make a difference in your upcoming sales.

Now you need a marketplace to integrate your store with that, as of Covid-19, mass is not interested in coming out of the house, they want to do it from home. So I suggest you should go for OnBuy, trust me OnBuy is one of the leading marketplaces and has proved itself in less time.OnBuy never competes with the sellers, thus enabling your store to sell with freedom. To know more about how to sell on OnBuy, click here

How will CedCommerce assist you?

We at CedCommerce, assist you to ease your selling process. In simpler words, if we say, we help you to automate your store. Hence we find the solutions for your all eCommerce solutions. We help you to integrate your store with possible marketplaces and frameworks like Magento 1, Magento 2, Prestashop, OpenCart, Shopify, WooCommerce .So, dear sellers get ready to start selling on OnBuy this festive season?CedCommerce solutions with OnBuy

Why OnBuy and CedCommerce for this spooky spirited sale.

OnBuy was established in November 2016 and now is one of the most prominent and fastest-growing marketplaces. OnBuy has successfully proved itself as the bridge between thousand of customers and millions of sellers. An ideal platform for sellers to scale their business. OnBuy is a PayPal-protected marketplace with a scope to expand on a global scale in the future.OnBuy is an official channel integration partner of CedCommerce.

Since 2010, CedCommerce is the leading eCommerce solution provider in the world, providing tools & solutions to optimize online selling. They are connecting eCommerce sellers to every big & small marketplace in the world with multichannel listing integrations. CedCommerce aim in providing dedicated expert solutions for every eCommerce platform you might be exercising.CedCommerce also enables multichannel selling by allowing merchants to connect their business with top marketplaces in the world with excellent listing tools.

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