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E-commerce Marketing tools to help boost e-commerce sales on your marketplace

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In the ever-changing and fast-paced world of e-commerce, where new trends are introduced second, online retailers make sure to implement all possible efforts in their marketing strategies to increase online sales. E-commerce marketing tools for startups can be a great companion in your journey to boost e-commerce sales. And in this blog, we will be telling you how the right instruments of e-commerce can elevate the growth of your business. 

E-commerce marketing software and tools are specially built to simplify different business processes like inventory management, payment gateways, or customer interaction.  

Well, we understand that it may not be possible for each company to hire professionals, especially for those who are starting fresh with low budgets. But don’t worry because e-commerce marketing software and tools of e-commerce are here to make the e-commerce journey easy for you and we have listed down the best e-commerce marketing tools for startups that can help them in dealing with different aspects of an e-commerce marketplace without crashing their budgets.  E-commerce marketing software can fill up the void in your marketing campaigns by helping you in managing and executing it properly, and on the other hand, instruments of e-commerce can help you in enhancing your business strategies.

Let’s get started with the list of top e-commerce marketing tools now!

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What are e-commerce marketing tools? 

The e-commerce industry, clearly, is an ever-changing and ever-expanding industry that comes with major success, promising benefits, and high competition. E-commerce marketing tools help your e-commerce business in surviving the rigorous and competitive e-commerce market where a new advancement is introduced every second. No matter if you run a small business, a start-up, or a big brand, e-commerce marketing tools are an integral part of your e-commerce journey since they help your business grow the right way. 

According to a report by McKinseythe global e-commerce market is expected to cross the mark of $4 trillion in revenue. And that is why it is the need of the hour for you to decide the right instruments of e-commerce for your business so that you can leverage the growing market and boost e-commerce sales of your business.

There is a wide range of instruments of e-commerce and e-commerce marketing software available and that may make you overwhelmed. But, we have got your back covered with the help of this blog. We’ve listed down the top e-commerce marketing tools that can help you boost e-commerce sales!

Top e-commerce marketing tools to boost e-commerce sales

Social Advertising Tools of E-commerce:

  • Facebook Ads

Facebook ads reach

Source: Agorapulse 

When we talk about top ecommerce marketing tools, undoubtedly, Facebook Ads tops the chart. If you use Facebook (obviously, you do), you must be already aware of what we are going to talk about. Facebook Ads are something that has already been introduced to all of us. Every time you scroll through your feed, you usually find ads that are somehow related to products that you were looking for or services you were interested in. 

boost e-commerce sales via FB ads

Source: Wordstream

Now, how does that happen? Well, based on the browsing and search history of the users and user data, Facebook intends to show ads matching their past purchases and preferences. Isn’t it great? Well, speaking from the perspective of a Facebook user, I believe scrolling Facebook has never been so useful until now. I usually find the brands that provide the products I was looking forward to buying and I’m sure this happens with you all as well and that’s the magic that tools of e-commerce do for your online business.

Here are some great perks of using instruments of e-commerce for startups:

boost e-commerce sales via FB ads

Source: Wordstream

  1. With the help of Facebook Ads, you can simply increase your reach and brand awareness among a huge base of audience.
  2. Running a Facebook ad campaign can lead to an average boost of 96% in page clicks.
  3. Facebook Ads brings you the audience that is actually interested to buy your products and services. And that is the reason why we think a platform with a wide audience of 2.5 billion users worldwide can help the most to boost the e-commerce sales of your online business.
  4. Those online businesses who advertise on Facebook by running ad campaigns tend to witness a massive increase of 77% in the number of Facebook page fans.

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  • Ads Espresso

Think of an e-commerce marketing tool that lets you manage and create campaigns through different platforms via a single dashboard with all the useful insights. Well, that’s Ads Espresso for you, the perfect e-commerce search marketing tool to enhance your social advertising and increase online sales.

Not just this, with the help of Ads Espresso, you can also provide a preview of your campaigns to your clients, which will give them an idea of how the campaign will work in the future. So, don’t forget to add Ads Espresso to your bucket list of tools of e-commerce and head to Ads Espresso to know more about this vibrant e-commerce marketing tool.

  • Alchemy

Alchemy is considered as one of the most preferred tools of e-commerce for social advertising or we can say more of a partner that backs up your e-commerce marketing strategy through elevating your Facebook advertising. It helps marketers in building audiences by making use of data sources and their deployment on Facebook. The reason why Alchemy is popular as one of the top e-commerce marketing tools is because of it’s expert guidance on investment, ability to increase conversions by finding apt targets, and improvisation of Facebook ads. In case you aren’t aware, we must tell you that Alchemy is the official API partner of Facebook Ads and that’s why it stands out among other e-commerce marketing tools by providing your business with the right support.

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Email Marketing Tools of E-commerce:

  • MailChimp

Did you know that 9 out of 10 e-commerce marketers make use of email marketing in their e-commerce marketing strategy?

Because for every single dollar that you spent on email marketing, the expected ROI is $42. 

It’s an undeniable fact that the main goal of every e-commerce business is to transform prospects into customers and this is where email marketing can help you put to improve the online sales of your business. Since the number of active email users is expected to cross the mark of 4.3 billion by the end of 2023, you must focus on your email marketing campaign now with the help of some great e-commerce marketing tools.

email marketing stats

Source: Oberlo

For a constant contact email campaign, the average click-through rate is 7% which implies that there are high chances of getting users to your website via email marketing. Most of the time, e-commerce businesses hire email marketing professionals to manage their email marketing campaigns, but there are some exemplary tools of e-commerce that can do exactly the same for your business. 

MailChimp is one of the top e-commerce marketing tools that makes email marketing simplified and affordable. With the help of MailChimp, one can simply create email campaigns and send email updates on a regular basis to their subscribers. Sending discount offers and abandoned cart emails can prove to be a beneficial factor in the success of your business and can even improve online sales. For small businesses, MailChimp can provide the right tools, guidance and can play the role of an all in one marketing platform.

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  • Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a top-rated e-commerce marketing tool that is mainly built to help online businesses with their email marketing campaign. Be it building up your brand, scaling it, or moving your business online, Klaviyo has it all sorted for your business by helping you grow the contact list, build valuable relationships via email and SMS marketing, advanced automation, predictive tools, and many other outstanding features that can increase your outreach. 

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With Klaviyo, you can simply build strong customer relationships based on the customer’s data and can integrate with leading e-commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc.

SEO Tools of E-commerce:

  • Ahrefs

“More than 65% of online web experiences start with a search engine”, and that’s why as an online business, your very first priority must be on enhancing your website’s SEO. Since, 53.3% of the total traffic on websites comes from organic searches, the importance of SEO for your online business is unmatchable.

SEO stats for e-commerce marketing strategy

Ahrefs, one of the most highly ranked e-commerce marketing tools is an all in one SEO toolkit that helps e-commerce businesses with various SEO practices. In case you’re a newbie in the e-commerce industry, we suggest you go forward with Ahrefs for all your SEO needs. With Ahrefs, you don’t need to be an SEO pro to make your website rank higher, because that is the job of Ahrefs itself, which is the reason why it is popular as one of the best e-commerce marketing tools for startups.

  1. From the optimization of your website to tracking your daily ranking progress, Ahrefs does it all for you with the help of it’s highly progressive tools like Site Explorer, Rank Tracker, Site Audit, or Keywords Explorer.
  2. Ahrefs comes with a set of powerful yet simplified tools, that can easily be used even by those who don’t have an SEO background.
  3. The free learning material opens a door of knowledge for all the newbies and we think it is the one great learning platform and the best e-commerce marketing tools for startups.

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  • SEMRush

If SEO is the king, then Keyword, for sure is the Queen. When it comes to SEO, one can never neglect Keywords, because using the right keywords can drastically increase your ranking on search engine pages, customer interaction, and can boost e-commerce sales. Apparently, SEMRush is the best e-commerce marketing tool for keyword research and competitor analysis. In order to top the charts and stay ahead of your competitors, acknowledging their pain points and those where they excel is essentially important. SEMRush, one of the most used all-in-one SEO tools for e-commerce does it all for you, be it tracking the ads performance, content performance, or organic keywords. 

With more than 3 million users worldwide, SEMRush is the best e-commerce marketing tool for start-ups to create and conduct their marketing and PPC campaigns effectively.

You can also check our e-commerce marketing software solution which is specially designed for the SEO requirements of your website! 

check SEO solutions

  • Google Ads

I’m sure you must have heard of Google Ads even if you don’t belong to the e-commerce domain. Well, more than 70% of the global search market share is occupied by Google and that makes Google, the largest online display advertising network. 

With its unbeatable and dynamic global outreach, Google Adwords is one of the finest search engine tools for e-commerce or your business.

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With Google Adwords, you can efficiently position your e-commerce business on the top of the search results via running a paid ad campaign. Undoubtedly, it is the most efficient way to optimize your visibility and enhance your global reach. If you want to boost e-commerce sales of your online business, Google Adwords can be your support in bringing the leads your business deserves.

Analytics Tools of E-commerce:

  • Google Analytics

One of the most widely used tools of e-commerce that guides you through the funnel of e-commerce. Well, we are talking about Google Analyticsan evergreen and multipurpose instrument of e-commerce which lets businesses create effective marketing strategies and campaigns through valuable insights and performance reports. Google Analytics lets you get insights about the average sessions on your platform, the number of unique visitors under a certain timeline, their location, etc. You can also set a goal tracker to keep an eye on your conversions.

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tools of e-commerce

No matter if you’re a big brand or a small startup, using Google Analytics will help you understand your customers in the most comprehensive way possible and that is the key to a successful e-commerce experience.

  • Google URL Builder

Google URL Builder can be the right companion for your online platform as it is one of the most useful e-commerce marketing tools for measuring campaign results and it even lets you create your own URLs.

Creating a campaign won’t be of any use if it’s not working the way you expected it to. Then, how can you make your marketing campaigns reach specific goals?

Well, we guess, simply by analyzing their effectiveness from time to time, so that you can be aware of where things are going wrong in your campaign and likewise improve it. So, if you want to enhance the efficiency of assessing the results of your campaign within Google Analytics, there can be no better instrument of e-commerce than Google URL builder. With the help of Google URL builder, you can add campaign parameters to the URLs and measure the performance of your campaigns.

CRM Tools of E-commerce:

  • HubSpot

More than 90% of companies who have around 10-11 employees make use of a CRM system while 50% of companies saw improvement in their sales after using a mobile CRM system. What could be the reason? Let us tell you.

e-commerce marketing tools

You might not be aware of it, but a powerful CRM system like HubSpot can help you boost eCommerce sales of your platform by enabling your sales representatives to close more deals and elevate the lead conversion rate. Not just this, the HubSpot CRM system comes with multiple features that make it possible to track the entire communication process between your reps and prospects.

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  1. With the help of Hubspot CRM e-commerce marketing software, you can simply enhance customer relationships by boosting communication, identifying the right sales opportunities, managing marketing campaigns, and many other tasks in one central place.
  2. HubSpot CRM e-commerce marketing software is a power-packed and the best e-commerce marketing tool for startups with its powerful features like Sales Email Automation, Social Media Tools, Pipeline Management Tools, Email Tracking Software, Ads Software, etc.
  3. If you want to improve the online sales of your e-commerce business and increase your brand awareness, you need to use HubSpot CRM for sure. Hit on the button mentioned below to check out the e-commerce solutions offered by CedCommerce.

CRM Tools of E-commerce

  • User.com

User.com isn’t just one of those ordinary tools of e-commerce but more of a one-stop destination for all your marketing needs. It is a highly advanced sales and marketing automation instrument of e-commerce that mainly helps businesses in enhancing their engagement, boosting their brand awareness, and elevating the conversations with your prospects and customers via a single data source.

  1. User.com is the best e-commerce marketing tool for startups and small businesses since it comes with robust and easy to use tools for all the sales, marketing, customer support needs of the business.
  2. With the help of the smooth omnichannel experience delivered by User.com, you can win over your customers and likewise improve the online sales of your business.

Design Tools:

  • Canva

Now that we are talking about the e-commerce marketing tools, we thought of taking into consideration the public relations and marketing aspect of your e-commerce business, and the very first tool that popped up in our mind was Canva. With a wide variety of progressive and refined features, Canva is a multi-purpose and user-friendly graphic design platform that fulfills all the requirements for visual content and social media graphic content of your e-commerce business.

  1. The Canva app comes with a huge range of templates for the users and it lets you create compelling and engaging visual content, social media graphics, presentations, and posters with the help of its efficient features and dynamic functionality.
  2. Canvas is one of those tools of e-commerce that offers hundreds of fonts and filters from which you can choose. The intuitive drag and drop interface of Canva helps you in creating the exact look and feel that you want. Be it an Instagram post or a presentation, you can create everything with Canva.

Content Marketing Tools:

  • Grammarly

Content marketing in the past years has come so far and now stands as an impactful strategy that can either make or break an e-commerce business. As per a report, more than 90% of B2B marketers make use of content marketing as a marketing approach.

Since content is the king, no brand would ever want to neglect their content marketing strategy. 42% of e-commerce marketers say that content marketing is highly effective in increasing their engagement. And that is why we believe that using the right content marketing tools can boost the value of your content and engagement. And Grammarly is one of the perfect tools of e-commerce for all your content needs.

In the world of content marketing, Grammarly is an absolute game-changer. Grammar is one of those e-commerce marketing tools that you really can not afford to miss. Grammarly is an online platform whose prime role is to detect any sort of grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in your content pieces. Not just this, Grammarly provides you the right suggestions for your content. With Grammarly’s Google Chrome extension, you can get your content checked up on the go. 

Well, we think Grammarly is a basic necessity for all the content geeks and since the content is a major aspect that influences and improves the online sales of a business, you must get this e-commerce marketing tool in your bucket.

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  • Google Docs

We can’t deny that Google Docs is one of the must-have tools of e-commerce since it is the leader of content management and collaboration and none of us can deny that. Google docs is a word processor where you can easily do all the writing, editing, and organization of documents. Google docs let you share documents with multiple people at the same time where they can also edit, post comments, or give suggestions for the document. Google docs are one necessary e-commerce marketing tool that helps your organization in handily collaborating with writers and their content.

Tools of E-commerce Built For Magento 2 Stores

Here at CedCommerce, we closely interact with different business owners to understand their needs and demands in order to create a better world of e-commerce. We want e-commerce to be easily accessible to all. And that is the reason why we built this e-commerce marketplace software and solutions. 

If you own a Magento 2 store, then we have the advanced and multi-featured toolkit for your store. Our Magento 2 extensions are one of the most efficient and modified e-commerce marketing tools. From launching an affiliate program for your Magento 2 store to enabling a wallet system on your Magento 2 store, our e-commerce marketing software does it all for you. The exemplary features of the Magento 2 extensions offered by CedCommerce include:

Customer Reward Management: An ever-important instrument of e-commerce

Customer reward management extension lets you facilitate the reward system into your online store once the customer successfully makes an order. The key features of this instrument of e-commerce includes: 

  • Enables you to establish a healthy customer-seller relationship 
  • The admin gets the control on changing or adding a rule
  • Keeps the customer informed about his wallet balance after a successful purchase 

Affiliate Extension: Extend your business with this instrument of e-commerce

Affiliate extension enables you to launch an affiliate program for your online store. With the help of Affiliate Extension, affiliate members can easily avail the commission based on each sale. This instrument of e-commerce comes with the following key features:

  • Allows you to easily define withdrawal limits 
  • Let’s you create numerous affiliate banner links which you can also share via email & social channels
  • Both the admin and affiliate can get access to the withdrawal details.
  • Admin decides the commission or discount levels of the orders.

Magento 2 PWA: An instrument of e-commerce that your Magento Store must-need

Magento 2 PWA: It is one of the most efficient tools of e-commerce for your online store since it creates an enhanced app-like experience by including the latest and advanced web features for the users. Let’s have a look at what the Magento 2 PWA extension brings for you: 

  • It let’s customers add the app shortcuts to their home screen so that they can have a smooth app-like experience
  • Customers will receive notifications even when their browser isn’t open
  • Even if there’s no internet connection, the customers can experience the progressive web app

Wallet System 

Wallet system: It is one of the most important e-commerce marketing tools for startups since customers prefer efficiency. Apparently, by our Wallet system extension, you can offer your customers to pay via the most popular payment method. Some of the key features of this instrument of e-commerce are:

  • Both the customers and admin can credit into the wallet
  • Each customer’s ewallet transaction history can be accessed
  • Cashback feature 

Gift Card Extension: An exemplary instrument of e-commerce

Gift card extension: This extension allows your customers to buy gift cards and send it to their friends or family via email. Some exemplary features of this e-commerce marketing software includes: 

  • Discount coupons can be applied during the time of placing order
  • Gift cards can be sent with personalized messages
  • Admin can design various attractive and engaging gift card templates 

And guess what? This isn’t the end, we have more instrument of e-commerce to offer. Our marketplace extensions, e-commerce marketing software and tools of e-commerce do not just end here. You can get in touch with us to know more about these e-commerce marketing tools for startups and their functionalities. 

The Bottom Line

With these e-commerce marketing tools for startups and e-commerce marketing software in your bucket, you can surely ace the e-commerce industry and boost the revenue and sales of your online business. 

In case you’re looking forward to stepping into the e-commerce industry by creating an online business, we can be your guidance and support. CedCommerce is one of the leading e-commerce marketing software and solutions providers in the e-commerce industry and has helped in creating thousands of online stores. Get in touch with us by hitting the given button to know more about our services, solutions, and the instruments of e-commerce provided by us! 

solutions to create a website like flipkart

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