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eBay Thanksgiving sale 2020 is nearing, plan your campaigns now

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Thanksgiving fest is almost here. It is a time of festivities for the people across the globe, specifically in the US and Canada. People cook turkey, bake pumpkin pies, watch football, and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. So much is the fervor that the 23-year-old marketplace, eBay, does not remain untouched from the festivities. Since Thanksgiving is a national holiday in the US and Canada, and people are mostly indoors, eBay Thanksgiving sale gains momentum among westerners. The Thanksgiving Day sale of eBay offers a lot many attractive offers attracting a massive footfall of buyers. A considerable number of buyers means lots of sales. Lots of sales mean gala time for the eBay sellers.

Thanksgiving day is one of the best days in terms of sales on eBay. Listings perform much better. Creating or adjusting the listings according to the holiday season can enhance the performance of sellers on eBay during the festive days. In this blog, we shall further discuss how Thanksgiving Day Holiday can be a massive boon for eBay sellers. And, what all can the eBay sellers plan for the eBay Thanksgiving sale.

When is Thanksgiving 2020? Why is it celebrated?

Falling on November 26th, Thursday, Thanksgiving Day is originally a harvest festival in the US and Canada. The fest is believed to have emerged in the early 17th century with historical relations in the colonial era. Nowadays, Thanksgiving day happens on the last Thursday of November each year. But how is that relevant to the eBay sellers? Well, a national holiday in the US is a chance to boost sales for sellers. Modifying the product range and adding offers according to the holiday season can help attract sales during eBay’s online shopping extravaganza.

What are the previous years’ trends of eBay Thanksgiving?

eBay’s SMB’s plan out extensive research on the customers’ buying trends and relative promotions. Activity on the eBay marketplace increases during the festivities. It is a good chance for Small and Medium businesses to establish their brand value by providing excellent products, efficient delivery, and post-sale services. As observed during the previous years, the trends tell a story of marketing budget expansion of the SMB’s not only for Thanksgiving but the entire week of the festive season. It is noted that Small and Medium businesses reach out to most of their target audience during the festive season.

According to Jennifer Werner, an executive of the eBay marketplace, “Already considered one of the platform’s most active segments year-round, SMB sellers typically make 540% more transactions than the average eBay buyer, shopping 2.8x more than other users in the Business & Industrial category and 1.2x more in eBay Motors.”
Flash sales (Both Pre and Post Thanksgiving) are also a trend from the previous years of the eBay Thanksgiving sale. Several coupons are sold that allow discounts in varied ranges with some maximum value limitation. This factor helps increase sales and create a good brand value as a new SMB on the eBay marketplace.

Advertising for the eBay Thanksgiving sale

Like any other selling platform, you can advertise for eBay too. Advertising is a method of increasing sales. Most of the time, advertisements for the festive season are created to spread sales and fervor excitement together. How to do that is a matter of research based on the kind of business you deal with. The most common advertising methods can be text messages, e-mails, affiliates and partnerships, Banners, and social media ads. Let’s discuss how each of them shall benefit the sellers.

  1. Text ads- Text advertisements can help enhance business by sharing details like discounts and sales. The language in these ads can be modified to suit the specific holiday mood. Such promotions include words and phrases like “hurry”, “buy now”, or “act now” to strategically bring in prospective buyers. Apart from the terms inside the body, catchy headlines and CTA’s are present in these ads.
  2. E-mail campaigns- Promotional e-mail campaigns targeted at your prospective buyers can help in your product listings’ aggressive marketing. Exclusive deals, special sales, and discount offers will aid in boosting sales. Sending holiday theme welcome e-mails and coupons for both first time and existing customers is another effective trick to hike your sales graph during the eBay Thanksgiving sale.
  3. Partnering with affiliates- Affiliate marketing is another method of gaining prospective buyers. Partnering with companions who can fetch you, buyers, by recommending you through blogs or platforms like quora is also prevalent among sellers these days. Include rewards and points for the buyers coming through affiliates to make them feel special.
  4. Social Media ads- Advertising through social media sites like Facebook and Instagram can be of immense help. Sellers create pages of their business and run paid advertising campaigns on social media. Attractive photos and videos play a decisive role in bringing prospects through social media. The festive season brings everyone into the comfort of homes. This can be a wonderful time to bring in buyers for the eBay Thanksgiving sale.

What are the eBay Thanksgiving sale’s hottest items

Big shopping days are soon to come. The eBay Thanksgiving sale envelops seasons hottest trends in electronics, fashion, and many more things. The transactional data from the previous years’ festive season sales highlights that gift cards, items related to Star Wars, and toys are on the buyers’ minds for the Thanksgiving sales.

  • Electronics and Gaming- iPhones, Tablets, Xbox, PlayStation, Remote control games, and other electronics and gaming options sell quite well.
  • Men’s and Women’s Fashion- Shoes, cologne, Aviators, Wrist Watches, bracelets and accessories, bags, boots, and other fancy items sell well on the eBay marketplace.

Final Thoughts

Before we wind up with our eBay Thanksgiving sale blog, we shall discuss our blog’s highlights. Firstly, the festive season has all the buyers inside their homes, having perfect family times. This time can be utilized by sellers to attract more and more sales. Planning for the festive season sale can help sellers improve their sales graph. Modifying and changing the product range according to the festive season requirements can help gain more buyers. At this time, small and Medium Businesses can focus on establishing their brand value by various means. Pre and post-Thanksgiving flash sales have been a trend in the previous years, and the sellers can plan accordingly. Gift Cards, Electronics, Gaming, and Men’s and Women’s fashion are some of the best-selling items during the holiday season.

Planning to sell on eBay? Let us guide you. Contact us (Skype and Whatsapp). You can begin selling on eBay with the help of various integration options available in the market, like WooCommercePrestashopMagento and Magento 2. You can also discover us on the Shopify app store. Till then Happy Selling.

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