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Google will now allow any business to list products free on Google Shopping

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With the approaching end of April, Google has announced that sellers can now List products for free on Google Shopping. The products will be visible on the Google Shopping Tabs for free by next week. All the product search results will consist of the listings from the sellers, at zero cost, irrespective of whether or not they use Google Ads. 

This will help the sellers in better connecting with the customers, as has been claimed by Google. The changes will be visible in the US at first and then will expand Globally as the year unfolds. 

In the light of COVID-19 Pandemic, this update has come as a blessing for sellers and customers alike.

Further explaining how this translates for different segments:

 “For retailers, this change means free exposure to millions of people who come to Google every day for their shopping needs. Additionally for shoppers, it means more products from more stores, discoverable through the Google Shopping tab. For advertisers, this means paid campaigns can now be augmented with free listings.”

It’s now free to sell on Google, Bill Ready, President, Commerce

In another NEWS:

Google is also commencing a partnership with PayPal to benefit the merchants. They can now link their accounts with PayPal. The results will make sure a quicker and faster onboarding for the sellers because this will enable Google to verify and authenticate the sellers better and find them trustworthy. Google Aims to showcase the largest most top quality search results across the surface for sellers and shoppers. In addition, Google is working constantly with the existing partners that help merchants manage their products and inventory, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, to make the eCommerce experience one of a kind.

Here is how it will help you!

1. Shopping Ads: No longer a compulsion to serve your products in Google Shopping

This is a huge sigh of relief for merchants and businesses as Google has opened up its Google Shopping tab for an equal and fair playground for all businesses, big or small. Businesses don’t have to comply with the Shopping Ads program to surface their products in Google Shopping.

All you need to do is just create your merchant center account and get your feed uploaded there and sign up for the Surface Across Google platform to get your first free listing approved.

2. What does it mean for the advertisers?

Not much has changed for the advertisers as you can continue to serve your products in Google Shopping tab under sponsored slots. But yes, due to this changing dynamics of free listings, the world is yet to see how this unfolds other metrics of organic rankings within the shopping tab and how the augmentation between paid and organic listings will come out in the coming days ahead.

Meanwhile, Shopping Ads on Google Search index will continue to serve as it is.

It is now free to sell on Google
3. An easy process for Shopify merchants

Just in case you have a Shopify store, there is an easy go-to solution for you. The Google Shopping & Google Ads App on the Shopify store can do the job for you. All you need to do is install the app, and CedCommerce experts will help you with the complete onboarding process in no time.

Free Listing on Google Shopping info

How does Free Listing on Google Work?

From the customer’s end:

It is very easy when seen from the customer’s end. When they search for a keyword, they will continue to see the result for the Paid results as well as products that are now listed for free, under the Shopping Tab.

For existing sellers using Google Ads or Merchant Center:

These sellers have already chosen “Surface Across Google” benefits and hence, they do not need to take extra steps. They are already eligible for the showcasing of their products in the “Unpaid Experience” as Google likes to call it. The paid listings will continue to appear in the Ad slots and will act the same way they do now without interruption.

If they want to opt into Surface Across Google, they need to do the following:

In the left navigation window, on Google Merchant Center, select: “Growth”> “Manage Program”> “Surface Across Google”.

Another suggestion that Google drops is to add products to the Product feed for more discoverability.

For new users of Merchant Center who want to participate:

The program is open for the new sellers, and they do not need to tap into Google Ads in order to use this program. One can expect that Google is aggressively working towards the onboarding of sellers in the following months. Meanwhile, the new sellers can opt-in Surface Across Google during the Merchant Center Sign Up process and start creating product feed.


1. I already use Google Ads and Merchant Center. How am I going to be affected by this?

For the existing sellers, there is no extra call to action. They can opt-in to the “Surface Across Google” program if they aren’t already a part of it. This will ensure their eligibility. They can consider adding their Products to the Product Feed for easy discoverability.

2. What will happen to the Google Shopping Ads with Free listing products in town?

The Paid Ads will continue to be visible in their original positions (Top and Bottom of the Google Shopping page). Neither the Main search result page of Google will see any changes. Additionally, the Carousels of PLAs will appear as they always did.

3. Am I exempted from Commission Rates on Google Shopping Actions?

No, Google Shopping Actions will continue to work as it is. Sellers will have to pay a percentage of the sale to Google, as they do now.

4. I am new to this and do not have a Google Merchant Center Account. How can I start?

CedCommerce is an official channel partner of Google Shopping and has been working progressively towards onboarding sellers and helping them in the listing process on Google Shopping Actions Program.

Get in touch with the CedCommerce team for an automated and synchronized experience of selling with Google Shopping. 

Export your ShopifyBigCommerce or WooCommerce products to Google Merchant Center in one click, with the Google Shopping-Shopify App and enjoy an easy selling experience.

Now with Free Listing feature out for the takes, you have more of a reason to add your products to the Google Merchant Center Product Feeds.

Contact us for complete guidance at

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