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Growing Importance Of Mobile App Development in 2021

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In the last few years, with the rapid advancement in technology, mobile phones have taken an essential role in human’s life. Despite the fact that mobile phones’ were basically developed for telecommunication purposes. But now with the evolution in mobile phones transformed this communicating device to a smart device. Mobile phones are now used for communication purposes and also useful in other daily tasks in human life.

Gone are the days when the whole family shares a single mobile phone. Now things have changed. Each person, from a student to a businessman, owns their personal mobile phone. The most significant advantage of smartphones is its portability. You can carry them in your pockets, make transactions, and do shopping no matter where you are. Also it gave a new direction to the business sector with the invention of mobile apps.

Advantages Of Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are applications intended to perform a particular task. These mobile applications are user friendly and time efficient, thus can offer a good shopping experience to its users. Mobile apps are applications that can be downloaded and stored on your mobile devices.

These applications typically provide specific functions that cannot be performed on web browsers. They are often integrated with common mobile phone features like camera , emails etc. There are so many features in the app that can directly benefit your business. So here are some advantages of mobile apps are discussed below:

1- Ease of purchase:

You can make purchases easily by making use of mobile apps. Each purchase and transaction is a few clicks away from you. You just need to install it on your mobile phone. And all the notifications and updates will be available to you even when you are offline. Easy navigation, checkout options give users everything required for an easy and wonderful shopping experience.

2-Timely notifications via push notifications:

Push notifications are a way to reach out to the customers who have installed your app on their device.You can send them promotional messages or updates via push notifications even when they are offline. Push notifications are a great way for driving user engagement. Generally a customer downloads your application with the intention of using it. But sometimes he may not remember about the app, or may rarely access the app.

This is the reason you need push notifications to connect with your app users. Low app engagement doesn’t really imply that your app is not good. But it simply implies that you need to connect with your clients. With push notifications, it’s getting your application front of mind, helping clients to remember the utility that your application brings. So this could be the most effective feature in mobile app development.

Build your mobile apps now with personalised and unlimited push notifications.

3- Build customer loyalty through loyalty programs

Loyalty programs offer discounts, rewards and other special offers to attract customers. They are designed as a reward for brand loyalty. Customer loyalty programs are the most effective way to build client retention. These programs motivate customers to make repetitive purchases. Thus can increase the number of customers using your app. Also can help in building brand loyalty.

4- Simplified checkout options

Simplified checkout on your app could allow customers to purchase products in just a few clicks. To most apps and website owners conversion rate drops at checkout page and cart abandonment seems to be an awful experience of E commerce life.

To numerous site proprietors, cart abandonment and conversion rate drops on a checkout page may appear to be an unpleasant reality of online business life. Yet, it doesn’t need to be that way. Indeed, you can drop shopping cart abandonment on your checkout page by assisting with giving your customer all they require to make confident, informed decisions. So this could be the most helpful feature of mobile app development. And the main reason behind the growing importance of mobile app development in 2021 and beyond.

5- Augmented reality

Augmented reality is when digital information is overlaid on to the actual physical world. Your mobile camera detects a target image and configures how close and far, or at what angle the target image is from the camera using sensors. It then projects digital information on to that target image.Commonly used example of Augmented reality is snapchat, snapchat has filters that can change images to different forms. So nowadays most apps are coming with inbuilt AR features. And that makes it easy for you to get a realistic view of products.


Now every business is going online and the need for mobile apps is increasing each day. We can see that app development is becoming a crucial part of almost every business. Features like push notifications , Augmented reality etc. offers enhanced user experience. These features give users a good shopping experience. Thus helps in increasing engagement levels and sales. So connect with us for cost efficient , fast and digitally optimised native mobile applications.
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