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How is Magento 2 PWA reviving eCommerce websites?

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Progressive web apps are the representative of a decisive change in eCommerce. You can already see its impact on eCommerce. You have many examples too who are oblivious to the preposterous effect that eCommerce PWA is creating for businesses. It is an ostentatious opportunity and nobody in his right mind should overlook it. In this post, we will look into the Magento PWA theme and how it leapfrogs the ordinary eCommerce websites and explores the new territory of the mobile landscape.

Magento PWA theme is a newly-born technology. Yet, performance and results have convinced experts to show equivocal trust in progressive web apps. Most of them even suggest it is likely to happen sooner rather than later. Gartner researchers speculated in a research done in 2017 that PWA would replace 49% of eCommerce native apps by the end of 2021.

Needless to say, these are signs of an impending change in the online market. On a positive note, each change brings an opportunity along with it. In Magento PWA, Small businesses should view a similar opportunity. It is a perfect solution that delivers spectacular results which eventually empowers businesses. So herein, we will try to dig deeper and discuss PWA as a solution for the small-medium businesses which can empower their business calibre and take them towards a prosperous future.

How Magento PWA theme helps eCommerce websites?

Magento PWA theme is a blessing in disguise for budding eCommerce websites.

The success of eCommerce PWA is nevertheless scintillating. There are a plethora of eCommerce websites that grew their business manifolds after adopting progressive web apps. Stats speak for themselves. Progressive web apps are driving many eCommerce websites towards success. Magento PWA theme is just meant to serve the same.

Magento PWA’s theme is resolving many of the hurdles which lead to poor mobile conversions. It is giving eCommerce websites a level playing field to compete and fight back native apps. Progressive web apps are designed to give an impression of a native app in the guise of a website. This certainly fills the engagement gap which exists between eCommerce websites and the native apps.

Magento PWA’s theme is empowering eCommerce websites to leap beyond the constraints of a website and operate as a native app. Here are 3 important factors which make Magento PWA theme a more competent choice for eCommerce websites –

  1. Enhances business outreach
  2. Improves user engagement
  3. Boosts website conversion rates

Enhances outreach

As if poor web experience of mobile users was already not enough, elites came up with an idea to promote native apps vehemently. Who doesn’t want to accept a jaw-dropping discount for the sake of an app download? 

This is a very critical problem that eCommerce websites face since the advent of native apps. With the number of website visitors gradually tilting towards mobiles, eCommerce websites need a more competent approach to reach mobile users and impress them without running out of budget. 

PWA comes off as a decent answer to this problem as it takes the massive leverage which native apps are enjoying right now. In fact, progressive web apps make it even better for users. Users are running out of patience and forceful app downloads do not work nowadays. eCommerce PWA has to get that slight edge in this regard.

eCommerce PWA can set up direct outreach on user devices the same as native apps but users will not need to waste data for it. Additionally, you can expect users across different geographic localities and the internet is not equally sharp at many of these places. PWA cleverly manages to outperform native apps in this department too. Users don’t need to have superfast internet connectivity to access eCommerce PWA but the same can’t be said about native apps. 

Omni platform solution – Runs on desktop and mobile, or anywhere you find a browser.

SEO friendly – Easily discoverable through a simple web search since the mobile-first indexing by search engines.

Minimum Internet dependency – Work offline and perform well on low-quality network connectivity.

Installs without downloading – Allows users to keep app icons they find useful on their home screen.

Improves user engagement

Headless PWA is one of the fastest and most fluent website development technology. They not only create a sleeker and stylish website but also entail a bunch of features that you can only find in native apps. These attributes of performance are the most important for eCommerce. It gives users a more appealing and performance-driven interaction which usually helps to create a positive perception of users.

Fast and Steady – Speed matters on the internet. The loading time of PWA is at least 2-3x faster compared to ordinary websites.

Interactive interface – Immersive app experience with full access to native features.

Responsive design – Serves web experience as per the compatibility of the user’s device and the features available.

Progressive features – Keeps the content fresh and updated saving every progress to the back end.

Boosts website conversions

The app-like layout of PWAs minimizes the purchase journey by easing product searches and providing for faster checkouts. Small businesses often undermine the role of the path to purchase. With PWA, they can make the buying experience flawless and without any underlying distractions. This perpetually helps SMEs to develop an easy and uncomplicated path for shoppers. At the end of the day, it is eventually addressing the factors which hinder mobile conversions in general. Here are 4 positive signs that prove PWA boosts website conversions for eCommerce PWA.

Reduces cart abandonment – Shorter route to purchase means fewer chances of pulling out.

Upscales user retention – Keep users under the scanner by placing your app on the home screen.

Brings recurring traffic – Pull back the interested users luring them with fresh updates.

Creates impact CTA (call-to-action) – Drop eye-popping deals using push notifications, impactful, and well-targeted approach to conversion.

What makes Magento PWA theme a better choice for eCommerce?

Let us start with the basic aesthetics at work behind PWA for eCommerce. Mobile is becoming a huge challenge for online SMEs.Unsurprisingly, you can not say the same thing for a business with better financial infrastructures.

Some businesses often sleep on the issue of poor conversion rates of their websites even though they are bleeding due to it. If we take the bigger brands, for instance, the differential in the rate of conversion is gigantic, to say the least. The reason is pretty simple. It is a clash between mobile browsers and native apps and to be bluntly honest, mobile browsers don’t stand a chance against native apps.

Read More – Headless Magento- The next step in eCommerce

What does it suggest? It’s simple. Small business websites fell behind in the race against the more powerful and functional opponent, i.e. native apps. But today, they have an ally to level them of Progressive Web Apps, they don’t need to either.

Even if you have a native app, it can not guarantee success. Keep in mind, the native app is a heavy investment which consumes a lot of time and money. 

Some people often ask, what if you optimize the website for mobiles? Yeah! You can surely try. There are and will be, thousands of others who tested this approach but failed!

To sum it up, Magento PWA theme is a lot more than just a mobile-friendly website. No other technology of website development comes close to the native app experience.  Magento PWA theme has the charm of an exquisite user interface and swift page transitions to gel together an exciting user experience. So all you can draw from Magento PWA theme is engagement and conversions.

Reducing the mobile gap with Magento PWA theme

A major drawback of mobile browsers is its inability to strike user engagement. It is harsh but true. What you may call a good website on a computer can surprisingly perform very poorly on mobiles. So, websites are nothing short of a disaster on mobiles contrary to the vibrant and playful UI of native mobile apps.

Thus, it creates an exceptional contrast in the performance of the two which is often called  Mobile Gap. PWA diminishes this high bar set by native apps as it makes website experience equivalent to the one you get on the native apps. This will certainly give a level playing field to small-medium businesses to compete with native apps of brands. 

  • Caters mobile audience

With an increasing number of mobile users, it is certainly becoming difficult for small businesses to cater to them with ordinary websites. They need to do better to hook the mobile audience. Adopting PWA can make it much easier to engage mobile audiences. This advantage may not be as profitable as it is today after a certain time. when using PWA technology turns into the norm. So early adoption is certainly going to give your business a headstart beyond any doubt.

  • Smartly leverages technology

Fortunately for SMEs, PWA is still far from popularity in the mainstream’s approach to web development. It is certainly getting more traction with each passing day but it is still a long road to overcome the predicaments and get consensus from the mainstream of eCommerce. But despite all this, PWA is still a very safe bet for SMEs. It offers a lot of intuitive features at an amicable price point. Most importantly, it can be developed in quick turn-around time and immediate results.

  • Utilizes different channels of engagement

When the audience is spread into multiple channels, it becomes more challenging for small businesses to reach all. SMEs are forced to choose between the mediums giving up on others as they can not bear expenses of different kinds. 

Bigger brands with huge financial backup can deploy different strategies for different platforms and thereby gain a significant upper hand over the target audience. By choosing the Progressive web app before your peers, you can certainly gain an upper hand as you can target an Omni-platform approach with consistency which serves an essential role in creating a sales journey from visitor to customer.

  • Creates direct interactions with online audiences

PWA can not only be installed but it does not consume any data on downloading or covers storage memory in any way. This means small businesses can reach more users and develop direct mode to interact and convert them. This should be a huge leap for any small business. 

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Even those small businesses which make their native apps couldn’t convince users to download and the investment backfires. Magento PWA theme eradicates such petty tactics of downloading as users can simply install them without downloading anything in one touch. 

Concluding remarks

As wise men used to say “Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” For small businesses, nothing implies better. Every successful business starts its journey with small opportunities. You can always foment a way to use these pushes favourably and take your business to new highs. Wise businesses usually anticipate and prepare themselves to leverage such tides for pushing them ahead of their competitors.

What is the opportunity here? If you catch a flight before your competitors, you will reach your destination earlier, get a preferable suite at the hotel. In contrast, if you reach later, you will have to take whatever is available. So being early is always profitable, whether it is a hotel or a business idea. The one who reaches out to the user will always be in advantage.

Magento PWA theme is an opportunity up for grabs. eCommerce websites can attain much better results by adopting the Cenia PWA theme by Cedcommerce.  One can upscale the business and reap more revenues through and efficient operations.  Those who grab it early will be on the path to glory end. Those who don’t pay heed get swayed far away from their path. Anyone can know the huge benefits of PWA, but only those who take the action early can gain advantages. Take the Demo of the Cenia PWA theme and feel the future of websites unfold

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