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How to hack Instagram marketing for your business [10 actionable tips]

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It’s been a decade since the launch of Instagram as a photo-sharing social app. And who knew that soon its usage would reach new heights – In recent years, Instagram has found its new heights of popularity with more content creators and businesses making a huge splash with Instagram marketing.

As the latest data reveals, 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile every day. And this is not it, the photo-sharing app sees one billion active users every month and an advertising audience of more than 849 million. Furthermore, more than 72% of users have purchased anything they have seen on their Instagram feed.

It makes it clear that Instagram is not limited to just personal use. It has essentially become a rewarding platform for businesses and brands whose marketing goal is to develop an active and younger set of the customer base.

So, let’s get started with the tactics around Instagram marketing for businesses & creators that you can bring into play right after you finish reading this blog post! 

Navigate through Insights

Instagram offers its own set of insights making it easier for you to gauge your content’s performance. Go to the insights icon on your profile and navigate through the content and activity tab. These are the tabs that give you an overall insight of your profile in the form of reach, impressions, and profile visits. You can even know how many websites clicks you garnered in the specified period.

Instagram insightsImage source: Instagram

The audience tab shows the kind of audience is resonating best with your content. You can also find the best time to post on Instagram by taking a look at the most active hours of your followers. Furthermore, you can take a look at the reach and impressions of individual posts and stories to do a more refined analysis. Remember, while impressions show the number of views on your post, reach determines the number of unique users who bumped into your post.

Through these insights, you get an idea of your audience’s choices and preferences so that you can come up with more targeted posts. However, you can leverage the Instagram insights only if you have a business account on Instagram or a creator’s profile.

Shoppable posts and stories

By introducing the feature of Shoppable Posts, the visuals-sharing app opened new avenues for online shopping. Through shoppable posts, the sellers can engage the users into buying their products/services right in the IG app. It covers all steps of buyers’ journeys ranging from browsing the products to check out. So, shoppable posts are something you must get a hold of if you are a seller. It helps you turn your followers into buyers without any barriers or hassle.

Instagram shoppable postImage source: Instagram

And this is why shopping on Instagram is now a worldwide trend. However, to make most out of your shoppable posts, ensure you use high-quality product pictures and well-framed copy in your posts. It enhances its visibility and eventually, your reach.

Tie up your profile to a theme

Instagram is a platform that is brimming with creators and brands. And to stand out of the crowd – establish your unique theme. The theme here covers – the presentation of your profile, pictures you use, the color theme, and a brand hashtag (discussed in detail below). The theme of your profiles defines your identity in the eyes of your audience. And once users start noticing your posts, they would start associating with your content.


Talk to your audience

Today’s marketing is all about reaching your audience right through their screens. Instagram Live is one such place where you can engage your audience in real-time. Plan live sessions where you can talk to your audience about your new products or the latest offers. You can even pick up a topic around the trending issues in your industry giving out an empathetic message.

Instagram LiveImage Source: Design Bolts

Live sessions work great if you have a SMART goal attached to it. You can even add a guest – an influencer, co-worker, or a partner to organize a live workshop. Or, you can carry a Q & A session through live video. These live sessions work wonders once your followers start engaging through it.

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Consistency is the key

Creating awesome content is not just enough. If you want to reap better results for your business through Instagram marketing, you need to have a plan – and follow it to the T. It is through consistent posts that you can catch more attention. Chalk out a plan for your social media strategy such that it ensures your Instagram posts are put up in the right frequency – not too much and neither scarce. Remember, you do not stay consistent in your postings, you may even lose the traction you’ve gained already.

Branded hashtags

Hashtags are important because it plants you (your posts) in the search pages for the hashtags you use. And for you must be including a bunch of them. However, you can take it a level up by crafting a unique hashtag that stands out exclusively as your brand’s representation – called ‘Branded Hashtag’. A branded hashtag adds up to your brand promotion activities under Instagram marketing.

Use of Branded Hashtag


To let your audience know about your brand hashtag, you must put it up in your bio, stories, and captions of your post. You can even promote your brand hashtag by running contests or offering giveaways where you can urge the audience to use your hashtag in their posts to win the prize. This will help you to popularize your brand hashtag.

Take a note – Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags on one post and 10 on a story. However, it is important to include the relevant hashtags only and not go over the top with its usage. It is suggested to use a maximum of 11 hashtags in one post and 1-3 as a minimum. Some popular daily hashtags you can include in your post or story: #mondaymotivation, #traveltuesday, #wednesdaywisdom, #Thursdaythrowback, #Fridayfeelings, #Saturdayvibes, #Sundayfunday… You can discover more such hashtags which suit you best.

Reach Instagram marketing goals with Ads

With a humongous number of active users, Instagram Ads is quite a precise way to connect with your audience. However, before moving to Instagram Ad Campaigns it is suggested that you define your goal in advance. For instance, if you want to have more impressions on your certain blog post, you should opt for swipe-up story Ads. Or if you want to promote multiple products in one, you should resort to carousel ads. In addition to that, you must take meticulous care of your ads’ content.

Instagram Ads ManagerImage source: Instagram

Some additional tips to improve your ads’ content:

  • Use high-quality pictures only.
  • Frame your Ad copy in a manner that instantly captures the user’s attention.
  • In the Ad caption, explain in brief what the ad/picture is about. Keep just the key details in the caption – in an attractive tone.
  • Add call-to-action.
  • Target brand-specific audience.

Use the appealing power of Instagram stories

For the fact that stories disappear (actually gets saved in archives) after 24 hours – Instagram stories have an appealing power of its own. According to Instagram, over 500 million accounts use Instagram Stories every day. Stories entice the users simply because they are more instant, natural, and bring people closer. You can enhance the look and feel of your stories by using the in-built effects, stickers, or gifs. And as users tend to check out stories more, they add up significantly to your brand awareness.

Instagram story

You can even add some behind the scene moments with your audience in an unfiltered manner on your story. For instance, you can run a video where you share some fun moments at your workplace. Or, you can even share the production process videos – highlighting the efforts which go into delivering a product or service. The idea is just to win the trust of the viewers through transparency in your approach.

Leverage Geotags

The ‘geo’ tags or the location sticker on Instagram and the location in your posts – is another option that brings you closer to your audience. Well, How? It is because the location in your story or Instagram post makes it appear in the explore section. This way, you can even reach the people who aren’t following you but are located in your location. This works for people who have a local store or creators serving the local audience.

Share with Instagram Reposting 

Just like sharing on Facebook and Retweet option on Twitter, Instagram gives you the option to ‘repost’ user-generated content. This content adds value to your overall engagement and also encourages the audience to tag you in their posts. In order to repost a content, you need to download the Instagram repost app. It is available for both Ios and Android platforms. However, before you repost any content, make sure you reach out to the use who has posted it originally. Furthermore, the repost options works on days when you are pressed on time for creating your own content – so you can repost a post with quality pictures and caption which relates to your business or brand. 

Instagram Repost


To conclude…

Instagram, as a social media platform, has an essence of its own. It has quite a fun and quirky nature and that’s what makes it widely loved social platform. This is why you must deploy Instagram marketing plan in your business marketing strategies.

The aforementioned tips are indeed some of the promising ones (and easy to use). So, let me know which of these work best for your business. Also, we have our team of social media mavericks who can help you set-up your Instagram business profile and empower it with the right marketing strategies.

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