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How to make your product best seller? Complete guide

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Do you plan to sell on Thinking about what products could be best sellers of Here is your ultimate guide to finding the best sellers. The top sellers mostly include electronicsclothing and household items. Let’s move further discovering what products are likely to sell well on and how to decide the products to market. We will also discuss how demand, price, quality and other factors make products bol marketplace best sellers.

bol com best seller

To make better profits, sellers need to sell products that are either the best sellers or are providing the right margin. Bestsellers on are segregated based on various factors like the ratings and cost-effectivity. The bestsellers are the products that get four or more stars out of five in the bol marketplace ratings.

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What are the best sellers on

The bol marketplace is active in the Balkans in Europe. Being a technologically forward continent, electronics are a popular demand on most e-commerce platforms selling there. The marketplace, therefore, also is focused more on electronics. Electronics is followed by toys, clothing, books, household items and games. The complete list of categories based on the number of best sellers on is as follows.

  1. Electronics (213)
  2. Toys (176)
  3. Womenswear (137)
  4. Menswear (131)
  5. Books (95)
  6. Computer (90)
  7. Beauty (75)
  8. Baby (72)
  9. Household (63)
  10. Office & School (60)
  11. Games (58)
  12. Travel Luggage & Travel Accessories (47)
  13. DIY (42)
  14. Camping & Outdoor (37)
  15. Personal care (35)
  16. Health (34)
  17. Living (33)
  18. Movies & Series (30)
  19. Drinks & Delicacies (30)
  20. Sports (22)
  21. Music (20)
  22. Animals (19)
  23. Bicycles & Accessories (14)
  24. Cooking & Dining (13)
  25. Kids Fashion (9)
  26. Garden (4)
  27. Car & Motorcycle (1)

The Top Five Best Sellers

The following five categories have the maximum number of products under the bol best sellers.


Mostly domestic use related electronics like hair straighteners, blood sugar testing kits, power banks, bluetooth speakers, trimmers are the best sellers on

bol com best seller


Amature gaming toys, meant for domestic pastimes like dice games, card games, reaction games for small children, computer games are also’s top sellers.


The clothing range for men, women, and children are the best sellers.


Both books and ebooks are the best sellers of


Computer and its related accessories like mouse, printer, and other devices are the marketplace best sellers.

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bol com best seller

Apart from these top five best selling categories, it is an observation that mostly the articles of domestic use sell well on marketplace.

How to make your product a best-seller

Several factors are involved in making a product a best seller on But before all, you must remember that it is better to sell products that you are well versed with. Being aware of the product you are selling helps you to provide a better experience to your buyers in case a problem arises in your product. Other factors are as follows.

Attractive Listings

Convincing product descriptions that bind the customer to click on the buy box is the first step towards creating a best seller on A buyer will be compelled to buy a product that is clearing out all his queries before he puts them up. If you can do this, be ensured that the buyers will not think twice before buying your product.

Competitive Pricing

You need to ensure that the product you are selling is available at a lower price than your competitors selling similar products. Never set the rates higher than your competitors. Competitive pricing can be supported by several repricer tools designed by third party integration service providers. Repricer tools are designed to quickly and automatically adjust the prices according to the marketplace trends. Repricer tools relieve you of the stress of fixing the prices all the time. The repricer tool also helps you to get the buy box by giving competitive pricing on the bol marketplace.

Lesser Competition, Higher Demand items to get best sellers

If the product you are selling is sold by very few sellers and is on high demand, you are bound to make more sales. Before you begin trading, it is mandatory to do a thorough research of the bol marketplace on what products are on high demand. But ensure that you have a clear understanding of the product you plan to sell.

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bol com best seller

You can research the sales factor as follows.

  1. Select the product you want to sell
  2. Try adding a significant number of articles to your cart(say 400)
  3. If the number of items with the seller is less than 400, it will give an error message and tell that it has x number of articles at present
  4. Record the number of articles
  5. Next day try ordering x number of items, it will give an error message and tell how many pieces are remaining now
  6. Do this research for a few days for all the sellers providing similar products
  7. Record the results and decide if the product is selling well

Clear Images to get best sellers

You need to understand the importance of good quality images. You can attract more buyers with clear and descriptive images than with long product descriptions. A picture speaks 1000 words, and this stands cent per cent true in case of sales. Lighter and simple backgrounds and images of product usage are a few basic things to enhance your sales.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Buyers giving you good ratings and reviews do a big deal for you. Customer ratings and reviews not only increase your credibility for the new buyers but also helps you to understand the expectations of your buyers to perform better and maintain standards. Revert to your customers if possible and make sure you respond when they face issues using the product.

Product Quality maintenance to get best sellers

The quality of your product is the most basic requirement to make it a bol marketplace best seller. A right quality product has higher chances of becoming a best seller on than a product with average performance standards. Remember that a happy customer will promote your product to his friends and family. Word of mouth stands the most important when sales are concerned.

Product Content Optimization

The product content on the bol marketplace should be optimized according to the search intent of buyers. Your product should be easily findable. Optimization of the product content helps in improving the ranking of your product on the search engine result page. Thus, making your product, bol marketplace best seller. Product Content Optimization will also enhance your sales.

bol com best seller

We can help make your product the best seller

CedCommercea third-party integration services solution provider will help you in all the above-discussed aspects involved in selling better on the bol marketplace. We can help you to begin your business as an e-commerce retailer on and other markets. Besides, our 24*7 assistance is an added advantage. Furthermore, we are up with all the help and support for our clients via messengers(Skype and Whatsapp). Also, you can begin selling on marketplace through various platforms like PrestashopWooCommerceMagento and Magento 2.

Moreover, we can help you to begin your business as a seller and other marketplaces. Also, we are providing our clients with multi-channel selling and many more exciting features right from onboarding to sale. Get the best selling experience on by onboarding with our help. 

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