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How to manage orders seamlessly across online stores and Facebook surfaces?

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You do not set-up your shop to sell a single product on Facebook Marketplace or Instagram Shopping. Do you?

Selling on social platforms not only have incredible perks, but it also entails a web of gruesome tasks to manage. One of the tedious tasks you often get stuck is managing the orders coming on Marketplace, Instagram Shopping, and your own store.

If you are not aware, now you can sell directly from your eCommerce store to Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping through the Facebook listing partners. The marketplace solutions are topped with additional features that let you sell and manage your online selling with the utmost ease. Dropdown further to know more about the feature of the app and how you can manage your orders on Facebook and Instagram in the simplest way.

Facebook Marketplace is a place for people to discover, buy and sell items. By listing on Marketplace, you can reach buyers where they already are. Whereas getting your business on Instagram Shopping makes it easier for people to shop when you tag your products in posts, stories, shopping reels, and much more.

You can manage your orders directly from Facebook Marketplace or Instagram. But in case you already sell on platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, or Magento; the preferred option for you is to connect with listing partners of Facebook. The listing partners provide top-notch solutions to ease out your way of expandable customer reach and customized selling experience.

What do you get in Facebook and Instagram Connector Solutions?

The apps like Facebook & Instagram Shopping and Social Commerce are exclusively designed, keeping the requirements of eCommerce retailers in mind. The remarkable features like automated listing uploads, real-time synchronization of orders and inventory, and many more ensure a trouble-free selling experience across the Facebook network.

Let’s explore the features one by one.

Feature of Facebook and Instagram connector solution

Facile Set-up and Control

The integration helps you seamlessly link your accounts and set up the business policies. You can easily manage and control your store through a central dashboard.

Centralized Order Management

Leverage the automated order management throughout your Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Shopping, and eCommerce store. Through this feature, you can retrieve, track and fulfil your orders from a single order management dashboard.

Seamless Product Uploads

Now you can list all your products across Facebook apps with a single click. This saves your time by uploading the listings in bulk from your online store to Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping.

High end-to-end Synchronization

Maintaining consistency across both the platforms: that is; your online store and Facebook Marketplace, you can relish the total synchronization of your inventory and orders so that you don’t ponder between empty carts and stock-outs.

Automated Product Creations and Updates

The solution also comes with automatic product details updates on your online store, Instagram Shopping, and Facebook Marketplace. When you upload a new product on your online store or change any product data, the same will start reflecting across Marketplace and Instagram Shopping.

Enhancing your catalogue

Enhance your product catalogue by providing significant product details like size, colour, age group, material, etc. It makes it easy for your buyers to find products through search, filters, and recommendations.

Order Management Overview

The sole purpose of buyers making a purchase is to get that product possession as soon as possible. As a seller, your primary objective is to deliver and fulfil the items to the buyer’s doorstep as soon as you can.

This common link gives birth to the concept that as soon as the order is placed, you need to ensure that it reaches the end customer. This process is known as the Order Management Flow, where the order is fetched at your system, you take note of it, process it, and send it to the fulfilling service to deliver the order. Through Order Management, you can easily keep track of sales, orders, and inventory, along with maintaining the data about customers and fulfillments.

Why do you need Order Management?

When you sell at different platforms, be it your eCommerce store, Marketplace, or on Instagram, it becomes challenging to keep a count of all the orders rolling in from each place. To mitigate this challenge, the idea of Order Management comes into play.

These are some of the major reason why you need an automated system to manage your orders:

Why do you need order management

  • Manual Work Pressure: To keep track of all the orders pertaining from buyers is a tedious task. This increases manual work and also takes a lot of your crucial time. Thus, to reduce this work-load, you need an automated system that would help you manage your orders from a single location.
  • Tracking and Inventory Issues: Getting frequent orders often creates problems related to managing inventory on the Shopify store and tracking its status on Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping.
  • Order Acknowledgments and Fulfillment: Selling through different platforms, you may miss to acknowledge the orders and may fail to fulfil that on time.

To combat these problems and other things associated with the orders, the apps like Social Commerce and Facebook & Instagram Shopping come to the rescue. Continue further to know more about it.

Order Management Flow in Facebook Marketing Solution

The Facebook marketing solution comes with the centralized order management on your eCommerce store and Facebook networks. Through this feature, you can automate and manage all your orders, cancellations, and other updates received on Marketplace and Instagram Shopping from a single dashboard.

Let us take a quick view of Order Management Flow in the apps for all the Shopify and WooCommerce merchants.

  • The primary step is to connect your eCommerce store to the app.
  • Then, connect your Facebook business page with the app.
  • Next, Go to the Mapping tab to map the existing products with the app.
  • Now buyers can place the orders on Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping.
  • After receiving the orders, the app will automatically identify the product through its Product ID and match it with your eCommerce store products.
  • When a valid Product ID is found, the App will acknowledge the order received on Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping.
  • Later, the order placed on Facebook or Instagram will be successfully created on your Store. And it will reflect on your Order section of the App so that you may fulfil the same.
  • Lastly, the order will then be shipped, and the tracking number or ID will start reflecting on the dashboard. You can communicate with the buyers in case of any queries.

Having said that, the feature of order management eases your selling process across the platform. Whenever a huge number of orders are placed on Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Shopping, and your eCommerce stores; the orders are automatically created on your online store. And from the app, you can manage all your orders effortlessly.

All orders received across Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping are synchronized in real-time so that no order goes unnoticed.

How to Manage Orders across Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping?

The app, like Facebook & Instagram Shopping for Shopify merchantshas a dedicated dashboard that has multiple tabs for each specific product, Profiles, Orders, Configurations, and others.

The order section of the App shows the list of all the orders that have been placed on the Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping with their status, error reporting, and fulfilment status.

Let’s see how order management works for Shopify store selling on Facebook Marketplace.

For the US seller

If you are a seller having your business set up in the US, you can manage your orders through the app. From the order section of the app, you can manage your orders’ status, acknowledgement, payment issues, etc., from a centralized location.

Order management for US sellers

Different order statuses reveal the actual condition of the orders, as:

  • Skipped: Your order is in the skipped stage.
  • Error: There is an error in the order creation.
  • Cancelled: The order is cancelled.
  • Pending: The order status is pending. It is yet to be accepted.
  • Shipment: The order is in shipment.

The other section reflects “View,” where you can get complete information about the order created. As soon as you click on the “View” button following every order. Another screen will open, which will show the order being “Acknowledged” and “Cancelled.

Order management for non us seller

  • Order Timeline: Displays the details about the placed order.
  • Listing Items: Displays the items in that particular order.
  • Account details: Displays the information about the Seller.
  • Pricing details: Displays the pricing details of that particular order.

You now can “Acknowledge” the order from the panel and prepare it for shipping; else, you can also “Cancel” the order from the app itself.

Acknowledge orders

For the Non-US seller

If you are a Non-US seller, you can sync your product catalog with Facebook and Instagram, bulk upload your products, enhance your catalog, get notifications for any errors, and much more.

Having an offsite Facebook Page Shop means you will have to manage your orders from your eCommerce website. In this case, the following screen will appear:

For Non US seller


The checkout is currently available for US merchants and would be rolling in other countries soon.

To manage your orders through the app, you need to have your business located in the US and then convert your Facebook Page Shop to Facebook Shop.

To convert to Facebook Shop, you have to:

  • Click on the “configure now” option in the order tab to convert your existing Facebook Page into Shop. OR
  • Click on ‘Connect new” to create a Facebook Shop from a new Facebook page.

Things to know | Not to Miss!

With the automated order management flow on Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping, it may happen that you can come across certain situations hard to manage. Below are some of the crucial points you need to keep in mind regarding orders onFacebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping.

Why am I unable to fetch my orders?

This condition may arise if Facebook does not acknowledge your order or your order is acknowledged by some other app. To sort this issue out, you must disconnect all the other apps used for managing your orders and synchronize your Shopify product inventories with the app.

Why is my order skipped on Facebook Marketplace or Instagram Shopping?

Sometimes, you might come across a situation where your order is skipped from the panel. This might happen when your order is placed on Facebook Marketplace, Shops, or Instagram Shopping; and the product is unavailable on your eCommerce store but has been directly created on Facebook or Instagram Shopping.

In this situation, you can accept the order directly from the Commerce Manager or map the products for which the order has been placed with the available product on the eCommerce store. To map your orders, you have to:

Order skipped

  • Click on the “View” option.
  • Next, click on the “Map it” button to map the product.

The order will be directly created on your eCommerce store. From thereon, you can manage your business across Facebook commerce surfaces and your Shopify store from a single location.

Why is my order available on the app but is not visible on my Shopify store?

Sometimes, you might come across a comment, “Unable to rescue inventory”. This type of situation arises when your inventory is ‘0’ on your eCommerce store. To fulfil your order in this situation, you need to add inventories to your products or else ‘Cancel’ that order.

Wrapping it up

As an eCommerce business, the major concern that you might have is how to manage my orders across Facebook commerce surfaces and your eCommerce store.’ Well, by connecting with Facebook listing partners, you can manage all your orders from a centralized panel without any hassle. If you haven’t done so yet. Explore now!

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