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Inbound 2020 Highlights

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As September ends it’s a wrap for Inbound 2020.

In the year of massive changes, how could inbound stay unaffected? The event went all virtual for the first time in its history of over 9 glorious years. The digital marketing conference has always been a much talked about event hosted by Hubspot in Boston. And so it was this year as well. Inbound intends to bring together the business community and put forward the most engaging, power-packed and immersive experience year on year.

This year Inbound was conducted on September 22-23. The 2 day-long digital marketing conference was conducted online this year.


Inbound has always managed to stand out, credits to the experiences it delivers. With the event going virtual, the expectations were set really high and we can say that they’ve been met and how!

CedCommerce was a proud attendee of the incredible experience that Inbound 2020 was. Here’s sharing highlights from the event.

What was Inbound 2020 all about?

INBOUND 2020 majorly revolved around extending the scope of knowledge and inspiration by advocating for out of the box methods of learning and development in order that scaling and progress become a seamless part of the process. According to the INBOUND community, All attendees can vouch for the amazingly immersive experiences at INBOUND 2020. No stone was left unturned in committing to the promises delivered, be it in terms of knowledge shared, connections built, the positive sentiment, energy, it was in no means less than an in-person account.

Events like education sessions, spotlight, ask me anything, audio-only content and meet up sessions engaged attendees at every single step and made sure the enthusiasm stays put.

Inbound 2020 witnessed the coming together of hundreds of industry experts as speakers, thousands of attendees and last but not the least the blend of amazing ideas that could help businesses stand out in the fiercely competitive virtual world.

Days at Inbound

There were numerous sessions that were a part of the Agenda, we’re here taking up a few and sharing some valuable takeaways from them.

The sessions at Inbound focussed on multiple categories, widely ranging from building and nurturing the human connect to efforts towards brand building, from the future of web apps to the changing marketing trends and CRM practices. End of the day stress was on the immense value human connect holds irrespective of the medium or the nature of the process. The human element is equally crucial for sales processes as much as it is for content curation and other targeted marketing workflows.

  • Matthew Howells-Barby (Ask me anything-SEO and Acquisition Marketing) – Matthew talks about how it’s more important to focus on creating content that is of benefit to the reader rather than stressing over building domain authority and creating traction through backlinks. The idea for sure resonates when it’s all about the customer and customer experiences. A solution-oriented approach will only be a hit.
  • Tyrona Heath (Session Dynamic Duo: B2B Trends for the contrarian Marketer- Why to bet your business on marketing trends that don’t change) – Heath talked about how brand building goes beyond a few well-placed advertisements and aesthetic creatives. Investment in this direction with a future centric approach can earn both long term and short term benefits. 

Inbound2020-marketing trendsThe co-founders of Hubspot Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah along with Chief Product Officer Christopher O’Donnel, in their keynote, spoke about the future of Hubspot. They emphasised on how it’s almost always about personalizing customer’s experience for all aspects of customer service, marketing and sales.

  • Will Spiro (Blurring the Lines between websites and web apps with CMS hub enterprise)- Will shared his insights on creating interactive web-app experiences. He enlightened the audience on how curating personalized experiences for customers on websites has become all the more important now, given the current times and ever-increasing dependency on online operations.
  •  Tim Hayden Rich MinerJohn Puterbaugh (Relevancy in the context of Mobile)-Mobile phones are probably the only gadget that gets the maximum screen time from consumers. It’s essential to keep changing marketing strategies basis the device and its capabilities. This panel deliberated in detail on the myriad aspects of mobiles and shared insights on the importance of how a business chooses to market to its customers. 
  • Kyle Jepson (Puppies, Drones and House Calls: How to store anything in Hubspot)-Kyle threw light on how custom objects are the new game-changer and discussed the 5 keys to creating one, and we couldn’t agree more. 

The event started with a bang and ended with an equally powerful impact. Inbound 2020 managed to create all the right noises despite the challenge of conducting it online.

We were overwhelmed with the rich experience and takeaways. Almost keen on incorporating some valuable ones to our processes. 

With Inbound 2020 wrapping up and greatly so, the bar for the upcoming events has been set really high.

Did you attend Inbound 2020? If yes share your experiences with us.

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