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Launching the Add-ons for mobile login and hyperpay on Cenia PWA theme

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Portland, Oregon (USA) / 26 Aug 2020 –  CedCommerce recently added two exclusive add-ons for Magento based Cenia PWA theme. These extensions are a part of the company’s approach to provide an uncompromising service based on the demands and requirements of the eCommerce websites.

These updates are aime to enhance the overall security of the user accounts and follow a true mobile-first authentication for Logins. Now you have two more reasons to choose the Magento PWA for your website. ( Read – It is the best time to invest in the Magento PWA theme! Know why)

The requirements of an eCommerce websites are always at the helm of CedCommerce’s solutions. This will surely give the merchants an ability to scale up their user safety by using OTP authentication so that they can keep their account information secure. Hyperpay Add-on was always in our radar as there was a good demand for Middle East Asian clients.  – 

Mudit Shukla ( Managing Director, CedCommerce )

The two newly introduced add-ons are –

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Customer Mobile Login Add-on for Magento PWA

mobile login add-on

Cenia PWA theme now has the add-ons available for an all new Mobile Login feature.  This feature provides customers a secure way to log in through their mobile number authentication by OTP. This is an extension that enables the customers to log into their accounts through their mobile number and ever-so-safe OTP verification. 

  1. OTP authentication through the mobile number.
  2. Setup OTP length and OTP type of choice
  3. Send Customized messages for registrations, password reset and verification.

The length of the OTP and the use of characters, alphabets, numerics can be set by the Admin on their own. One can also customize the messages for various purposes such as registration, setting up new passwords, and log in. 

PWA for Magento 2 Hyperpay

Magento 2 Hyperpay Integration is a go-to solution for all those Magento 2 based business websites in the Middle East and North Asia. Hyperpay is a widespread network that provides a safe and secure environment for payment transactions.

It is one of the most preferred ways to make online payments in the Middle East Asia. HyperPay is a popular choice of making payments and it offers integration options to extend its services making it compatible with almost all e-commerce platforms.

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About CedCommerce

Started back in 2010, CedCommerce has been on a successful journey that is a fantasy for most. Thanks to the uncompromising teamwork and commitment to serve the best, Cedcommerce is now serving eCommerce websites across dozens of development platforms to the client’s satisfaction.

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These two add-ons are now realesed and available for the Cenia PWA theme based on Magento. This is a company that always stresses on developing solutions that are meticulously curated for the needs of their clients. These two extensions enhance Cenia, the Headless PWA theme by CedCommerce.

So try these two new features to facilitate your Cenia PWA theme with a secure and safe environment which serves better in the visitor’s interest.

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