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Learn the best practices to sell on Bol.com

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What are the best practices to sell on Bol.com. The biggest Dutch e-commerce platform, bol marketplace’s best practices help bol sellers perform well on the platform. The bol sellers need to understand the best practices for bol marketplace to make better sales. Moving further, we shall discuss how bol.com repricer, bol affiliate marketingadvertising on bol.com tech magazine, bol.com ebooks, bol books, bol offers and discounts and other factors can affect selling on the bol marketplace for good. We will also assess how third party integration services providers can assist you in selling better on bol.com.


From the seller perspective, you need to understand a few basics that are not only the bol marketplace’s best practices but advisable for other marketplaces too.

best practice bol 1

Additional Conditions for bol marketplace sellers

Research thoroughly about the kind of product you plan to sell for permissions on the bol marketplace. The bol.com marketplace does not allow several items on its site. Correctly understand the restrictions and requirements that you must fulfil to sell them. It is better if you research this before setting up a business account on bol.com as a seller.

Fast delivery, Free shipping

Fast delivery and free shipping is always an added plus point for the sellers and buyers both. Buyers love the free shipping and quick delivery, and they prefer sellers offering both over the sellers that do not provide these services.

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The bol Repricer Tool

Use the bol.com repricer tool to keep the prices under control. The bol repricer tool helps you to offer competitive pricing according to the marketplace trends. This tool (The bol repricer) automates price adjustments, thus removing the load off your shoulders. The bol repricer tool helps you to attain a buy box.

Product Information (Description and Images)

You must focus on providing some best images of your products. Attractive and clear photos are a sure shot to success as a bol.com seller. Image dimension of minimum 1200*1200 pixels and a maximum of 6000*6000 pixels are acceptable on bol.com. The product description should be short, crisp, and bright. The product description should be optimized with relevant keywords to make your listing more findable.

Assist your buyers with product usage

Be available to your buyers for assistance in case they find any difficulty using the product. This creates an impression of trust in the buyer, and the buyer tends to buy from you again.


Advertise more and more. This tends to make buyers remember you. Bol.com has several magazines with a vast reader base. Advertising on those magazines can find benefits for you. You can also get your products promoted through the bol affiliate marketing plan to improve business. Several websites are working in affiliation with bol.com to promote its products. They get some commission in return for sale.

Gain buyers’ trust

Provide the best quality products, exemplary after-sale service, or whatever suits best for your products. Remember that people will choose you over others only if you are their trusted seller and they feel secure purchasing from you.

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Old books on bol

Books and ideas never get old. But used books are sold at cheaper rates. This factor of bol.com offering used books makes it a popular choice of several passionate book readers. This factor acts as an added value to the bol.com marketplace’s already feature-rich site.


Seller API best practices to sell on bol.com include the following.

best practice bol 2

Start updating from Offers & Orders section

The offers and orders sections of the seller API are the simplest to understand. As a best practice to sell on bol.com, it is advisable to begin making changes from these sections. Editing the product content is comparatively much tricky. Starting with Offers and orders helps you in the following ways.

  • Getting familiar with the bol.com API
  • Getting a smooth authentication process
  • Covers some most important sales processes

Track Process Status Updates

The bol marketplace always recommends keeping track of the process status for a bunch of important updates. These could be as follows.

  • Price Update
  • Stock Update
  • Tracking and shipping of the bol.com order

Security Token

During authentication, you receive a security token. You can use it for creating requests on the API. Remember that you cannot request a new token until the previous token expires. If you try to make illegal use of the security token, bol.com marketplace will ban you from its platform for a particular time.

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UID for offer updates

While creating a bol offer, you get a unique offer ID. You can use the process status to find the UID. This UID is essential to update bol discount offers, price, stock and other product details.

Postman Suite

The bol marketplace postman suite helps you to get familiar with the formats and endpoints. The postman library also describes the responses for different kinds of requests. The library contains endpoints in both JSON and XML format. You can find the postman suite in the bol developer resources page.

Pause your shop

You can pause your bol.com shop temporarily before going live. This helps you to test the bol API connection. Your account will be visible and active on the marketplace, but the buyers will not be able to make a purchase. While you have paused your shop, the API requests will be treated on low priority and take more time.

Order details list

You can find a quick list for your product details on the API. This list also tells about the orders that are active and have to be handled. Order details like OrderID and Order Item ID are present in this list. This endpoint gives you a clear view of the active orders. This list gives you an insight into the essential details relating to order without the need to import large amounts of data.

Use the details (once) only to ship

In the API, ‘Get an open order by order id’ endpoint helps you to fetch the order details using Order ID. This Order ID is required when you are ready to ship the product. The order details help in gathering the customer details like contact and postal address. As a best practice to sell on bol.com, it is recommended to open the details only once and not again and again.

Separate confirmation/cancellation of order items

An order can have multiple numbers of items. You can make your job easier by shipping all of them at once. Though it is not compulsory to ship them together, it cuts the costs of shipping and packaging. You can also send the items separately. The order remains open till all the items are shipped. Remember that the API needs separate confirmation/cancellation of each item.

Shipment Status

You are responsible for order shipments. You should track the shipments using the process status endpoint. Please remember that you must check the status of shipments. Notify the bol marketplace if your order is not successfully processed. Not getting the status cleared can result in problems in payments. If your customer receives your product, but the shipment is not confirmed, you will not receive any refund. It is essential to check the process status.

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Track and Trace code

With the help of Transport endpoint, you can ship an order item before even receiving the Track and Trace code. Though it is essential to have the Track and Trace code, it is possible to update it by the end of the day. You can pack and process a shipment and confirm it on the bol marketplace API and later on, you can update the Track and Trace code within the same day.

Order and Shipment Details

Order and shipment details on bol.com servers are available only for a limited time. The information is not saved on bol servers indefinitely because of load managing, privacy and legal issues. You can import the details to your systems to keep it safe for a longer time.

Process Status Updates

Always implement the process status for the most important updates as follows.

  • Ship an item with Track and trace
  • Stock Update
  • Price Update

Why selling on Bol.com with CedCommerce is beneficial?

CedCommercea third-party integration services solution provider will help you with all the best practices to sell on bol.com. We can help you to begin your business as an e-commerce retailer on bol.com and other markets. Besides, our 24*7 assistance is an added advantage. Furthermore, we are up with all the help and support for our clients via messengers(Skype and Whatsapp). Also, you can begin selling on bol.com marketplace through various platforms like PrestashopWooCommerceMagento and Magento 2.

We provide multi-channel selling and many more exciting features right from onboarding to sale. Get the best selling experience on bol.com by onboarding with us. 

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