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Learn the truth about Sports4Sure success on eBay

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Sports4Sure is a London-based store that operates in the Sports industry, delivering Sportswear and accessories. The store came into existence when Michel Holmes decided to step into the online eCommerce journey in 2021. Sports4Sure soon expanded to eBay, searching for a way to amplify their sales and magnify the store’s outreach by increasing awareness about their brand.

sports4sure store

The store aims to provide high-end activewear and accessories that one needs for a perfect summer outing to a beach. The loyalty program offered by Sports4Sure incorporates various Gift Cards, Cash Vouchers, Birthday Recognition, Discounts, and Referral incentives.

The Problem

When Michael Holmes started selling on eBay with a vision to establish his brand in the marketplace, he believed the path ahead was simple. However, it turned out to be a different scenario altogether. Once they started selling on eBay, Sports4Sure faced hardships in listing products. They had to encounter numerous error messages when listing their Shopify products on eBay. It resulted in a large number of human resources getting wasted trying to manage the listings.

The Solution

Account Managers from CedCommerce contacted Michael Holmes upon finding the problems he had to go through while listing products on eBay. sports4Sure scheduled a demo. On the given day, Michael got to know how simple it was to create listings using the eBay Marketplace Integration App. Later, using the app panel, the account managers explained the template and profiling, and Michael Holmes completed the complete procedure of product upload for Sports4Sure.

The Outcome

The result of the assistance meant Sports4Sure efficiently managed their products, inventory, and orders through the eBay Marketplace Integration App after integrating their Shopify store with eBay.

sports4sure testimonial

Role of Cedcommerce

Since the day CedCommerce came in contact with Sports4Sure, various issues and troubles came to light, enlightening the account managers. It paved a path for Michael to understand how things could improve drastically through various simple tweaks and the eBay marketplace Integration. The team from CedCommerce helped through product listing. They taught the crew of Sports4Sure how to use the eBay Marketplace Integration to make the entire product upload a walk in the park. The assistance got Michael and his team through the various errors they had to face when listing their products on eBay. Also, the account managers chipped in multiple suggestions to improve the website, which resulted in increased traffic to their store.

“The people behind the app are very useful, very helpful, and they would bend over backward to support you. One of them even looked over my site for a little while and tidied some things so that the app would run smoothly.” – Michael Holmes (Owner, Sports4Sure)

App Features

How eBay Marketplace Integration transformed the time-consuming and tedious task of managing two different selling channels efficiently? Well, the app works on an API integration model and offers real-time synchronization to its users. It means that you get to import products from your store to the app, make the required changes per eBay’s policies and upload the same to eBay in bulk. The changes reflect on the marketplace, eBay, in real-time, making the process instantaneous.

The features that helped Michael and his team at Sports4Sure succeed at selling on eBay without breaking a sweat includes,

1. Manageable templates

Creating a template lets the seller create specific templates, saving them time when listing products through the app. One can create templates for pricing, inventory, category, and title. Sports4 Sure benefited a lot from the use of templates when handling products in bulk.

2. Business Policy

As we know, eBay asks its sellers to list their business policies for shipping, returns, and payment. So, Once you start using the app, it offers you an option to create new policies. Or update your pre-existing business policies that are available on your eBay seller account.

3. Inventory Management

The inventory management feature keeps you from overselling and takes away all the hard work related to manual inventory management. You get to set a threshold value for your inventory. It notifies you and puts the respective product out of stock once that value is reached on Shopify. The process gives you a heads up and keeps you from overselling. The real-time synchronization makes it even easier for you to track inventory as everything happens in real-time.

Connect with our experts on Skype, WhatsApp, or you can drop a mail to connect with our dedicated Account Managers. They will guide you through the process of seamless selling on eBay.

4. Price Management

You can adjust the prices for your products using the price management system. It lets you set the cost of the Shopify store’s imported products before uploading them on eBay. One can easily adjust the product prices using a fixed value or by a revised percent.

5. Order Management

Managing orders becomes easy as the app lets you fetch the orders created on eBay to Shopify. It also updates the status of the orders fulfilled through the Shopify store to the eBay marketplace automatically. The eBay integration app for Shopify also supports the Global Shipping Program that eBay has to offer.

“Strongly recommend it. Have a look at it, talk with the team and see where it can help your business, because it will.” – Michael Holmes (Owner, Sports4Sure)


Integrating the Shopify store with eBay is a recipe for massive success only if you have the right tools at your disposal. Apps like the eBay Marketplace Integration make it a reality with a hassle-free selling experience that they provide to the sellers automating the entire selling process.

In the case of Spots4Sure, within a span of 5 weeks, Michael Holmes acknowledged a 100% increase in their site traffic. His sales skyrocketed by 5x, presenting the entire Shopify eBay integration summary as simple and smooth. Michael and his team very efficiently resolved all the issues swiftly with the eBay Marketplace integration.

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