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Magenative app integration with the most accurate apparel sizing chart and recommender.

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What is Kiwisizing and what does it do?

KiwiSizing is an apparel sizing chart and recommender plugin on the Shopify platform. Most retailers face product return problems, due to poor fits, kiwi sizing helps them to resolve this problem.

KiwiSizing improves customers’ shopping experience by offering them a customizable sizing chart, fit recommender, and lots more. It supports all e-commerce platforms including Magento, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce, Shopify, 3Dcart , Volusion and other e-commerce platforms.

Get a professional size chart and perfect size recommendation for your buyers.

How can kiwizing help, for Sizing an apparel ?

Smart Features

Kiwisizing comes up with features, that lets you pick size as per your body structure. Enables you to import size charts from CSV, web page and image. It can help your shopper by offering size recommendations and professional size charts. Following are the Recommenders by Kiwisizing that can help reduce returns rate and increase conversion rates.


1- Sizing fit Recommenders

Smart, Machine learning based recommenders , capable of anticipating a person’s body size, just by asking simple questions like Gender and age. Based on this, it will recommend the best size to the user.

2- Generic Table Recommender

Can give recommendations for the products , whose body size cant be predicted yet (e.g. Pets, children etc.)

3- Custom size Recommender

Create suggestions completely based on inputs and logics. This can resolve all customers issues regarding the clothing size.

Offers Flexible and effective size chart

Adaptable size charts

Allows you to add numerous images, videos, tabs, tables and lots more to give the client an elevated user experience.

Match size charts and products

Allows you to create size charts and match items in different ways like matching with a single product, product vendors, product tags or collections. Allows users to Match items in multiple ways.

Layout Templates

Enables the user to create generic templates that can be applied to different size charts. Also makes it easy to keep things in a proper flow.

Sizing Table With advanced features

Size chart

Automated unit conversions

Plugin enables you to convert in the unit you want, this saves you from unnecessary calculations .

User friendly chart editor

Enables you to make any sort of sizing table you need. You can merge table cells, make weight or stature cross tables, set various units, and so on

Auto unit recognition from purchaser’s geo location:

The app can default the sizings in the US (for example inches) .


All that is introduced to the customer can be customised, including how/where the size chart is shown, the styles, the content so that everything can fit normally with your store.

Why do you need to integrate Magenative mobile app and Kiwisizing?

Magenative Provides a complete M-commerce solution including app building and promotion. It helps businesses to build exquisitely crafted Android and iOS apps on different platforms including shopify , magento , woocommerce etc. Magenative delivered numerous applications for different E-commerce businesses. And integration with kiwisizing with Magenative can give shoppers a unique shopping experience.

With this integration, you can give your users a better shopping experience by allowing them to shop as per their requirement. It enables them to create size charts and match items in different ways they want. Allows them to create templates that can be applied to different size charts and lots more.

Get a professional size chart and perfect size recommendation for your buyers.

What does this integration do?

Sometimes there is a need for some additional features for a better and complete shopping experience. With this integration, once you set up a size chart in Kiwi Sizing and have a Magenative powered mobile app. By doing so, all size charts will automatically pop-up on the product page. Shows up the similar matching conditions with the layout on the website.


By using Magenative mobile app in coordination with kiwizing, you can provide a more seamless mobile shopping experience to the app users. With the help of this plugin, the buyer need not to worry about sizing and measurement of apparels as everything is automated.

So better the mobile experience, the higher your conversions rate.

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