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Magento PWA Extension to provide customer mobile login for eCommerce

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Security is one of the primary concerns of online shoppers. People tend to avoid creating user accounts on eCommerce websites if they are skeptical about the account breach. So, it’s necessary to lay emphasis on the safety of customer information. In the bid to safeguard the privacy of users, a new Magento PWA extension is being added to the Cenia PWA theme. Customer Mobile Login is one of the most demanded features and it is only obvious to provide it sooner rather than later.

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As an eCommerce website, one should always understand and deliver the interest of its users upfront. Certain types of eCommerce websites need product-specific features. So it is always handy to provide extensions for Magento PWA to enhance or add new features to your eCommerce site.

New Magento PWA Extension for Customer Mobile Login

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Magento commerce uses the generic log-in module for its eCommerce marketplace and stores which uses the email ID and password. This is why it was essential to provide Magento PWA extension for adding the option to log in with the help of a mobile number. The Mobile Login addon feature is always an easy-going and more secure choice for managing customer accounts as it ensures better privacy. It is an inarguable necessity and Customer mobile login gets it done working as Magento PWA extension.

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Customer Mobile Login allows the customers to create accounts using their mobile number. Customers can use a one time password for verification of their account login which eliminates the chances of any invasion or data breach. This module upgrades the login process providing customers with the option to use the verified mobile login to manage their accounts.

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Key functions of Mobile Login Extension for Magento PWA

Mobile Login with OTP verification –

Customer Mobile Login feature

Once added to the Magento PWA theme, this Magento PWA extension will enable secured OTP verification using the mobile number of customers. This feature is applicable to both the registration and login process of the customers. The Customer Mobile Login addon also comes handy in retrieving account access by working out an alternative for logins.

Specify OTP length and OTP type –

One Time Password should always follow a pattern and their length must be defined. Mobile Login Add-on allows the admin to choose the different variables of OTP using numeric values, alphabets, alphanumerics, and special characters respectively.

Custom message –

This Magento PWA extension gives admin the option to set up custom messages that are to be sent to the user. Admin can set different messages for registration, password renewal, and one-time Password ‘OTP’ respectively.

How is the OTP verification code sent?

Mobile Login extension

The messages carrying the OTP verification code requires a third-party integration for availing SMS gateways. CedCommerce has created the Customer Mobile Login module in integration with several messaging services that vendors can choose from based on serviceability. Currently, the mobile login module is compatible with a few popular messaging service providers such as Msg91, Twilio, and Springedge SMS gateways.

Features for the Admin

It is very important for eCommerce websites that customers don’t find any compromise with the privacy of their accounts. The Customer Mobile Login is an extension which facilitates the use of mobile numbers for access to accounts. This eliminates the chances of any distrust or breach of privacy between the eCommerce website and account holders. This goes a long way in convincing users to create their personal accounts on an eCommerce website.

  1. This module can be enabled or disabled by the Admin.
  2. Using the OTP for login also gives the Admin options to Enable or Disable.
  3. The type of OTP can be set by the Admin from the provided options.
  4. There are various options available for the Admin for setting up the length of the verification code, type of characters used, and the sequence in which they are aligned.
  5. Admin has to set up separate text messages for sending OTP verification code for registration, account logins, password resets, and to update a new mobile number.
  6. Security is strengthened for the customer accounts as it is compulsory for the users to provide the OTP verification code from any device. An SMS is sent to the designated mobile number using a third-party integration service for enabling SMS gateways.

Features for Customers

Customer experience should always be an elementary priority for every eCommerce website. It is one of the key aspects which decides the ultimate fate of an eCommerce website At the end of the day, it is customers who bring revenue to a business. Keeping customers at the front is a precursor for sales. Therefore eCommerce websites should try to integrate features which serve customer’s interest.

  1. New users will be able to register their customer account using their mobile numbers. User’s accounts are created after the user verifies the mobile number by providing the verification code sent on the given mobile number.
  2. This new Magento PWA extension will give the customers an alternative login method. They can choose between the two options, use password or OTP for logging in.
  3. Once this module is activated, account holders will be able to reset their passwords using their verified mobile number or mail ID.
  4. It will only ask for the mobile number of the buyer while entering billing information during checkout.
  5. This extension for Magento PWA will ensure that vendors will be able to view the mail ID of buyers and the product on which the buyer’s query is being raised.

Concluding remarks

Once you add this Magento PWA extension to your Cenia Pro themeyour customers will be able to access their accounts with the help of mobile number and password or using OTP verification SMS. So considering the fact that the core studio theme still lacks the mobile login, the Customer Mobile Login Addon for Magento PWAis an incremental upgrade to eCommerce websites.

With the great benefits of the Magento PWA themeit is but obvious to eliminate minor hurdles to achieve better results. Providing alternative mobile login methods for the Magento PWA theme is a great way to win the trust of your customers. This is one feature that will enable eCommerce websites to assure the users that their data will be safe and secure. Thereby, it can truly enable you to convince more people to connect through customer accounts. As an eCommerce website, anything that helps to develop a connective medium with the customers should always be among the top priorities.

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