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Migrate PrestaShop 1.6 to 1.7 – A Guide to Upgrade PrestaShop To Latest Version

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Are you planning for PrestaShop 1.6 to PrestaShop 1.7 migration?

Well, I must say that you are on the right track!!

The release of the PrestaShop 1.7 version resulted in a huge transition of online merchants using PrestaShop 1.6 or below version to the newer (1.7) version. The reason why PrestaShop 1.7 is turning out to be the first choice for sellers is that this version is designed by the best minds in the eCommerce development industry considering all the latest innovations and features required for selling online.

So, if you are still intending to continue with the old 1.6 version, you really need to start reconsidering before it’s too late and you start losing actual business.

Here’s what’ll help you decide better.



7 Reasons why PrestaShop migration is the need of the hour?

PrestaShop eCommerce platform has always been a helping hand for small-medium businesses and until now has supported more than 300,000 businesses worldwide.

Here are 7 reasons Why Should you Upgrade PrestaShop 1.6 to 1.7 now:

PrestaShop 1.6 will soon be outdated:

As a seller, you must understand that the advanced functionalities & features of version 1.7 have already overshadowed the previous versions. It’s just a matter of time till the PrestaShop 1.6 and below versions will become outdated. Version 1.6 will no longer be maintained or secured and eventually you will have to move from outdated to the updated version. The question is why wait when you can migrate now?

Rising Costs in Development:

Continuing with PrestaShop 1.6 or below version will require you to keep modifying your store every now and then to stay in competition with others. Regular shop upgrades & development will become a necessity for you and you’ll be more focused on making things right rather than selling. You can save yourself from such trouble by simply migrating to PrestaShop 1.7 and getting hold of all the features at once.

Improved Visibility & Search Engine Performance:

Reaching out to a wide range of potential customers is more important than just selling products. By migrating from PrestaShop 1.6 to PrestaShop 1.7 you can easily improve your visibility on search engines. Unlike the previous versions, 1.7 allows complete SEO of your store, product & the CMS pages. This simply means that by upgrading to PrestaShop 1.7 will result in an increased Conversion rate and will eventually generate more traffic & sales.

Faster & Simpler Product Management:

PrestaShop 1.7 is a real time-savor as the process of product creation is almost twice as fast as the previous versions. This inch-perfect version is designed to make the product management process much simpler with quick actions, refreshed interface, user-friendly shortcuts, and much more.

Highly Stable and Improved Security:

With the everchanging landscape of eCommerce the PrestaShop version 1.6 no longer fulfills security requirements and is no longer realistic in terms of technical efficiency. The advanced 1.7 version is designed after passing it with hundreds of security checks and its stable architecture is capable of withstanding all sorts of security concerns (internal as well as external).

Faster checkout & Improved website performance:

Improve your overall user experience with the enhanced UI/UX experience of PrestaShop 1.7. With highly advanced Back Office Navigation, moving through various pages on your website becomes smooth and fast. Make your website user friendly with one-page checkout, better results, improved site performance, and drive differentiated multi-channel eCommerce experience.

Need any more reasons? Start your way towards excellence by migrating to PrestaShop 1.7 today.

Now since we have understood Why is it important for you to Upgrade to PrestaShop 1.7 now let’s discuss the features of PrestaShop 1.7.

What's New in PrestaShop 1.7 ?

What’s New in PrestaShop 1.7?

Let’s discuss the improvement in one category at a time:

Product Improvement:

  • Quick Product creation
  • Customizable goods selling available
  • Create digital products
  • Create information-rich product pages with additional information

Admin improvements:

  • Symfony has been used to make the code more robust, modular and fully testable
  • Advanced admin interface menu making the tasks faster
  • Better back office interface and grid actions.
  • Enhanced way to create new responsive and professional themes

User Experience Improvements:

  • Improved back Office Navigation(UI/UX) for easier browsing.
  • One Page Checkout
  • Quick customer account creation
  • Create customer groups

SEO and promotions improvement:

  • An improved SEO feature for improving the conversion rate
  • Advertise on your store by use images or banner
  • Connect your store to social networks

After discussing the features of PrestaShop 1.7let’s understand the steps involved in a successful PrestaShop Migration.

How to successfully migrate from PrestaShop 1.6 to 1.7 ?

How to successfully migrate from PrestaShop 1.6 to 1.7?

PrestaShop 1.6 to PrestaShop 1.7 migration could prove to be a strenuous job, especially for merchants with limited coding and development knowledge.

But no problem! We will help you in making this process as easy as possible.

A successful PrestaShop migration can be done in just a few simple steps.

7 steps of prestashop 1.7 migration

The 7-Steps of PrestaShop Migration Process:

As per the migration experts, the process of PrestaShop 1.6 to 1.7 migration is bifurcated in 7 different stages:

  • Check for Software and Hardware Requirements
  • Stock installation
  • Data migration
  • Theme migration
  • Migrating extensions
  • Synchronization & Testing
  • Making website Live

You can get this all done with CedCommerce’s PrestaShop migration services at the most affordable pricing. Learn How.

Note: Before commencing with the entire PrestaShop migration process, make sure to consider these factors.

Factors To Consider Before Migrating To PrestaShop 1.7

Important Factors To Consider Before Migrating To PrestaShop 1.7

Here are some key points to go through before commencing with the PrestaShop migration process:

  • Store survey – eliminate all the unnecessary data
  • Make a full backup of the PrestaShop store including all files, folders, and the database.
  • Avoid using the live store for migration so create a clone of your PrestaShop store – Store cloning
  • Check for the compatibility of current theme(s), extensions and custom codes with PrestaShop version 1.7

Often the sellers fail to look at the entire picture and end up having complications while migrating to PrestaShop 1.7.

Speaking of complications, if you are facing any sort of trouble in manually migrating your PrestaShop, you can seek for a suitable development team for the job.

How to look for the Right Developer(Service) for PrestaShop Update?

If you would like an experienced developer to make sure your migration goes smoothly, then you may find out more about our professional service here.

Why upgrade prestashop 1.6 to 1.7 with CedCommerce

Why Migrate PrestaShop Version With CedCommerce?

Here are the reasons why CedCommerce is the best option for PrestaShop 1.6 to PrestaShop 1.7 migration:

Start Migrating your PrestaShop version Today with CedCommerce

Still not convinced?

If you are still not convinced and are having second thoughts on Migrating to PrestaShop 1.7, you need to ask yourself the following questions.

  • What will be the impact on my ROI?
  • What will be the impact on my brand’s reputation & marketing by easily managing products?
  • Is PrestaShop 1.7 secure and compliant?
  • What changes will be there in my sales and selling process?
  • How will it impact support and maintenance?
  • Does version 1.7 include all the functionalities that I need?
  • Do I have the Budget & Time for development?
  • Is this the right time to migrate?
  • Is Staying on an outdated version a risk worth taking?

As a seller you must be aware that eventually, you’ll have to make a move to PrestaShop 1.7 – If Not today then tomorrow.

So Why Not Today?

Why now is the best time to migrate to PrestaShop 1.7

Why Now is the Best Time to migrate to PrestaShop 1.7?

With the covid-19 crisis around us, the world of eCommerce has taken a brief pause. Since the sales are down, now is a perfect time for a seller like you to work on measures that’ll improve the way of selling. The eCommerce landscape will be more competitive after this pandemic is over and you need to be ready with all means necessary.

Let’s go through the benefits once again:

Benefits of Migrating PrestaShop 1.6 to 1.7:

Benefits of Migrating Prestashop 1.6 to Prestashop 1.7

Stop looking for reasons and start migrating today.


Migrating to PrestaShop 1.7 poses a good opportunity for brands to reset their expectations from their eCommerce platform. PrestaShop migration is not so easy task, but with enough planning and attention to detail, you can pull it off with little-to-no downtime. I would recommend store owners to hire a PrestaShop professional for the job that’ll guide you through the entire process and successfully migrate your website from PrestaShop 1.6 to PrestaShop 1.7.

In case, you face difficulty in understanding the migration process, leave your questions in the comments section.

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