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Mother’s May 2021: 7 Ways to Optimize your Walmart Store!

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We often hear that it’s never late to start something. However, that’s not true- when the “Something” is optimizing your Walmart store for Mother’s Day 2021! With Mother’s Day right around the corner, this blog will address quick marketing strategies and optimization ideas that can help you boost your sales at Walmart.

Walmart Mother’s MAY Campaign

The last year has been an arduous one for all of us and especially so for mothers around the world. That’s why Walmart has come up with an extraordinary campaign- extending Mother’s Day into Mother’s May! A celebration of mothers and their endless patience. The campaign aims to help people go the extra mile by showing appreciation for their moms through gift-giving.

Mother’s May Market

Walmart will be setting up Mother’s May Markets from May 6 through May 9 across 32 Walmart Supercenters in selected cities. Walmart will create outdoor markets where families can gather, create handicrafts, get a complimentary photo as a takeaway, and packed goody bags to extend the fun. Doesn’t that sound cool?!

Mother's May


What’s in it for you?

Along with a pop-up style fiesta, Walmart is also dedicating a Mother’s Day Gift-guide section on Here, buyers can find and buy Mother’s Day gifts according to Price, Category, Shipping Speed, Budget, and even curated guides. As a Walmart seller, you can leverage this excellent opportunity and take advantage of the spotlight that’ll be shining on Walmart this Mother’s May. With all the brand campaigns and ads run by Walmart, the marketplace is bound to get excellent buyer traffic.

Marketing Ideas to boost your online business this Mother’s Day

Marketing Ideas to boost your walmart store

Although the Mother’s May campaign is already running, you can still create and package moments of happiness for your customers by doing the small things- offering customization of products, creating product bundles for hampers, and giving the buyer an option to add a special note for mom.

However, if you’re willing to go the extra mile, here’s what you can still do.

Prepare a Mother’s Day Specific Gift Guide

Millions of gift buyers out there don’t know what to purchase for Mother’s Day. Preparing a gift guide is a great way to help them find unique gifts for their moms. It can be a resourceful guide that focuses on certain types of moms. This will help you land on’s curated gift section.

For example, if a mom loves exercising, she’ll love your gym-related products. If one loves cookies- she’ll love your beautiful cookie jars and select a DIY cookie baking kit.

Offer Shipping Promotions

Mother's May


Offer free 2-day, 3-day shipping. If you have enough resources, offer exclusive overnight shipping a day or two before Mother’s Day to attract last-minute shoppers. Shipping promotions should be prominently displayed across all channels since these will help your products land on the SERP when buyers filter products by Shipping Speed.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Utilizing social media allows you to sell products directly and can help boost your product’s exposure and sales. The report says that 71% of shoppers are under stay-at-home mandates, so they will probably be spending time online. You can display your product, shipping and discount offers on Social Media and directly attract buyers to your Walmart store.

Add a FREE Gift for Mother’s

Online shoppers love giveaways! Additionally, it is a great way to promote and showcase your Mother’s Day products. It’s an easy way to retain your customers for future email marketing. Add a small giveaway option to your product bundles. For example- A free custom Mother’s Day card on shopping for $40 or more. A free dried flower bouquet or maybe a custom mug print just for mom- on shopping for $80 or more. Share the giveaway on your social media handles and email your subscribers—the better your store’s presence, the better chance of winning sales.

Exclusive Mother’s Day Price-Slashes!

Mother's May


Online shoppers will love an exclusive coupon. Get creative and offer selective price-cut for specially curated Mother’s Day gifts or some percentage off on selected products. You can even create budget-friendly hampers or market products as “Gifts under a Budget”, as these will help your products land on SERP when buyers search for pocket-friendly gifts. You can strategically land under the specially designed ‘$15 & Under, ‘$25 & Under, ‘$50 & Under’, and ‘$100 & Under’ categories for the Mother’s May Campaign.

Personalization is Key

It is essential to be mindful that your products can be aimed at all of those celebrated on Mother’s Day and that those buying your products could be brothers, husbands, in-laws, etc.

Personalization in products will prove quite helpful, whether it be a message handwritten to go with gift wrap or an option for a nickname to your products for that extra sentimental touch. You can also create personalized product bundles as gift hampers.

An Emotional Bond

Mother’s Day is a day to appreciate the mother figures in our lives. A day to strengthen our bond and shower all our love on them. Most buyers are looking for ways to express gratitude towards their mothers- a useful yet emotional gift. You can offer a free handwritten or customized wish card that says the above for your customer. After all, Mother’s Day is all about love.

Promote Love Not Products

Optimizing your store for mother’s day can drive more sales to your business and make you a memorable brand for the new shoppers visiting your store. Remember, we celebrate this day for the women who deeply impact our lives and make our lives easier with their boundless love. So make sure your customers don’t feel like you’re pushing your products on them, instead get a sense of your understanding for the love and bond they share.

If you need the help of experts in your inventory management, shipping, or any other aspect of the process, you can always reach out to a third-party solution provider like CedCommerce. Someone who can set up your campaign in an instant and help you with the promotions as well.

Happy Selling and Happy Mother’s Day!

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