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Online Stores During Festive Season Reap Great Results!

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Coronavirus and festival season are together this year! It’s probably the best time to set-up your online store during the festive season. We’ll be talking about recent eCommerce trends and a range of CedCommerce services for online stores that can give you the right exposure, sales, and attention of online shoppers. Online shopping during the festivals has been huge and with pandemic times, shopping trends are changing.

We are just a month away from celebrating 2020s most awaited festivals. But this time, coronavirus and festival season 2020 together decide the course of eCommerce for the rest of the year. But one thing that’s unbeatable is online shopping during the festive season.

While some people comment that because of coronavirus, festive season 2020 has got nothing left, experts strongly believe that for small businesses it’s the best time to set up an online store during festive season 2020!

If you’re planning to launch an online store during the festive season, then you’re in the right place!

But first things first – let’s have a look at recent trends – the impact of coronavirus on the eCommerce ecosystem and why festive season 2020 is the right time to set up your online store.

eCommerce During the Festive Season –

During the festive season, there’s no limit to online shopping! Here’s a quick recap of last year’s online shopping during festival season –

Online stores during festivals

Just imagine the potential of an online store during the festival season! Ignoring coronavirus, festival season 2020 is definitely the year of online retailers!

Frankly speaking, any day is the best day when you decide to set up an online store. The world is on the internet and searching for everything that can be sold online. The holiday season just adds zeal and excitement to online shopping!

Considering the present situation, it’s not wrong to say that due to coronavirus, the festival season’s crowd this year is more likely to hesitate to go to shopping malls. They are most likely to contribute towards online shopping during the festive season.

Upcoming months are jam-packed and the potential of online shopping during festivals is much more than traditional retails can think of.

CedCommerce Services for Online Stores – One for All, All for One!

eCommerce during the festival season is a jam-packed phase! There’s going to be huge traffic. With CedCommerce services for online stores, you can make sure that you’re all ready to ride the wave of online shopping during the festive season!

To bridge the gap between online shoppers and eCommerce stores, we have our marketplace integration program where you can list your products on 60+ global marketplaces!

We’ve turned 10 this year and throughout our journey, we have seen local stores like

Shopify store – Vorratu

Freshmo going global!

Cashmere – A Cotton store migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 with a record-breaking time!

Moda Boutique’s journey to Walmart with our WooCommerce ~ Walmart Integration!

From the initial days of your online store during the festive season till brand building time, we have got it all covered! While you can take care of your budget, together we’ll take care fo your online store and carve it into a global brand!

Setting up Your Online Store during Festive Season – The Mandatory Part –

If you think that starting an online store during the festive season is a big deal then it’s just a misconception. From open source eCommerce platforms like Magento to SaaS platforms like Shopify are there through which you can set up your online store.

We are there from your first step onwards – the store setup. Irrespective of which platform you choose, CedCommerce services for online stores include store set-up, theme customization, page setup, adding products, and much more!

After the initial setup, you need to expand and expose your store to a wider array of customers to be a part of online shopping during the festival season! Below is a small timeline to manage your online store during the festive season. online stores during festive season

Plan –

  1. Decide which Holidays You Want to Participate in – Don’t pick up all the holidays. Rather, pick up a couple of holidays and start working towards them. You should see to it that the festivals you’ve selected, syncs with the products you’re offering. online shopping during festivals
  2. Create Promotional Calendar – Promotional calendars are of utmost importance for your online store during the festive season. You might be casual during other days, but during the festive time, you cannot skip a day! Here’s what you need to do with your promotional calendar –
    2.1 – Mention the date and time when you’ll be uploading graphics and banners on your site.
    2.2 – Mention the date and time of your promotional email campaigns.
    2.3 – Mention dates of advertisement – when you’re going to start and end.
    It’s the right time for video marketing and great graphics! Below are 2 kinds of social media posts. It’s easy to spot which one is more appealing.

    CedCommerce services for online stores take care of all your video and graphic needs. Get in touch with our hard-working designers to come up with trending social media posts!

  3. Work on Your Return Policy & Additional Payment Options – When we combine coronavirus with the festive season, then as an online store owner you need to have an up-to-date return policy and a range of payment options!
    That’s where your online store during the festive season can be competitive and attract online shoppers during the festive season. Get in touch with us to explore an array of payment options available for your online store.
  4. Determine Ad Channels – Next step towards planning for your online store during the festive season is to determine ad channels. That’s how you’re going to promote your online on the internet.
    CedCommerce services for online stores include an optimal selection of ad channels and creating hype for your store. Be it an email, a compelling ad copy, landing page, blog content, or graphics, you’ll always be a step ahead in grabbing all the likes and attention of online shoppers!

Track –

Be it a store on Shopify, or crafted on Magento, if you’re not tracking your online store you’re doing a blunder! Marketing and promotion is just a part of planning for your online store during the festive season. Regular tracking of all of your activities is the 2nd half of it.

HubSpot Integration comes as a part of CedCommerce services for your online store!

Execute, Adapt & Modify –

This part will reap the benefits only if you’re tracking activities of your online store during the festive season.

Once you’re confident enough, you can integrate your store to other marketplaces to get hold of another wave of online shoppers! Integration is a vital part of CedCommerce services for online stores where we take of category mapping, real-time syncing, and order tracking to effectively set up your store to a marketplace.

Pandemic Time & Consumer Buying Behaviour –

Here’s what you need to know about consumer behavior during the pandemic time.coronavirus and festival season
online stores during festival time

The above graph shows the spending on online shoppers during the lockdown. Nobody thought that essentials would turn out to be one of the most selling categories this year!

It’s clearly visible that the entire world was shopping online and due to ongoing fears of coronavirus, people will continue to shop online.

We strongly suggest that medium and small businesses should extend their visibility by having an online store during the festival season 2020. It’s not just about coronavirus and festival season, it’s also about humongous online shopping during the festival time.

What’s the Future Most Likely To be for Brick-and-Mortar Stores?

Although brick-and-mortar stores were operational during lockdown times, shoppers were reluctant to personally visit the store. Thus, most of the stores were shut down and many were closed permanently.
coronavirus and festival season

When we talk about the festive season, most brick-and-mortar stores are not operational during that time of the year. This is the reason why every year eCommerce witnesses huge online shopping during festivals.

With all his happening, brick-and-mortar stores call for digitization! As a retailer, you always have a choice to go for omnichannel selling – Retailing practice which integrates different methods of shopping available to consumers.

73% of the millennials agree that online shops combined with a physical store is the ideal combination!

To stay ahead of the competition and to be able to rightly touch the consumer’s psyche, there is a range of CedCommerce services for online stores!

Summing Up –

When millennials have decided to shop online, why should you be restricted to offline channels? With ongoing coronavirus and festival season approaching, it’s high time for retailers to have an online store during the festival season!

While the present may not be in favor, CedCommerce services for online stores will always be there small-and-medium businesses who are willing to establish their online store during the festive season!

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