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Part V- Free Listing expands from Google Shopping to Google Search

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Taking an already great feature and converting it to something massive, Google has expanded free listings to the main Google Search engine for mobile users in the US.

Google announced back in the month of April, that a major part of the Google Shopping Tab will be enriched with Free Listings from merchants of all sizes. This feature rolled out successfully in the US over mobile and desktops in the subsequent months.

It has been a major hit among the merchants and now the game has changed once again.

This summer, Free Listings will now appear in main Google search results on the Product Knowledge Panels in Mobile devices across the US. This news is another attempt to help medium and small businesses during the slow economy as a consequence of Covid-19 pandemic.

You get Free visibility for all your products with comparison and local business information, promotional tags, promotional pin, and so much more all at one platform for each one of your listings. Customers get a complete picture of your products in comparison to your competitors right there in one spot which helps them make the best judgement.

Showcasing a product at the best price and with best features is something Google intends to do. More and more customers are crowding towards Google Shopping to purchase products either through online delivery or for curbside pickups.

The number of people who look for a product in the Main Search engine from Google is much higher than those who click on Google Shopping Tab. Thus, this news opens up new gates for the merchants when it comes to visibility.

Merchants have reported a tremendous increase in their traffic and sales since April. Now bringing the Free organic Listings to the Main Search page in response to products searches will break new limits.

What about the paid Google Ads?

Paid Google Ads will continue to run and merchants looking for exclusively high visibility should go for Google Ads. This requires careful planning and product classification at the seller’s end based on the performance analysis of each category. To understand how to better spend with Google Ads, get in touch with the experts now!

What do you need to be eligible for the Free Listings on Main Google Search page?

All you need is a Google Merchant Center Account with highly optimized feeds. In addition to this, you need Surfaces Across Google and Local Surfaces Across Google programs activated.

These are meant for global and local appearances on different Google Surfaces such as Google Shopping, Google Images, Google Assistant, Google Lens, Google Search, etc. For more on how to be eligible to sell on Google Shopping and Google Search for free:

What is New with Google Shopping as Free Listing Rolls out?

Free Listing on Google Shopping Updates: Local Surfaces Across Google

Free Google Shopping Feed Updates: “Shop Sales by Store”

What about Google Shopping Actions?

While getting your organic listings on Google Shopping requires you to have an online store as the supportive Landing page, the same is not true with Google Shopping Actions. Google Shopping Actions is the marketplace from Google on which, you enrol yourself as the sellers.

Listing on this platform is free just like organic listings on Google Shopping and now search engine and unlike Google Ads. The major difference here is that you pay a small commission on the sales made through Shopping Actions while you pay for clicks with Google Ads.

With Google Shopping Actions you do not need a separate website. But, having an online store and then expanding to Google Shopping Actions is a smart business strategy.

What does Google Free Listing Mean for Opencart Store Owners?

Boost sales with Google Shopping feed: WooCommerce integration

For more facts associated with Google Shopping Actions and the effect of the free listings on these merchants:

Google Free Listing Means No Shopping Actions Commissions?| FAQs

How can CedCommerce help you?

CedCommerce is well equipped to help you with uploading the Shopping Feeds on Google Merchant Center following the appropriate Surfaces Across Google and Local Surfaces Across Google guidelines.

The dedicated Digital Marketing Team can help you with showcasing your products on Google Shopping and Google Search along with Google Maps and Google My Business. You can also benefit from the all-new Curbside Pickup feature from Gooogle with CedCommerce.

This is done at two ends. CedCommerce can help you create a landing page making sure that it matches with the corresponding product page on Google Shopping.

Get Digital Transformation of Physical Stores and strategies which will help you in getting a boost with online as well as offline strategies. CedCommerce is available 24×7, especially during these challenging times.

If you have any questions or something add, please let us know via the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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