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Part VI: How to get any Marketplace product feed on Google Shopping?

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Visibility of products yields Sales, Promotions, Awareness, and lots of Profits. Google Shopping Tab in the Google Search Engine serves you with the opportunity of free and effective Visibility of Google Feeds. Find out how to get your Amazon, Etsy, eBay or other Marketplace Product feeds on Google Shopping for Free. Also, find out about the best inline Free Google Shopping Feed generator.

Googleable is the key to increasing your chances of being discovered. Higher the chances of appearing at the top of the search engines, better the CTR.

Google Shopping Tab and now the main Google Search page offers a free platform to showcase your Shopping Feeds with Promotions, Cost Comparisons and local business-related data.

How to get Marketplace product feed on Google Shopping?

If you are a merchant who manages their own Website and Stores online, you don’t have to proceed further. You can get your Google Merchant Center Product Feeds created via automated and Free Google Shopping Feed Generators.

If you are a seller who is selling on a Marketplace and wishes to get the Marketplace product feed uploaded on Google Shopping, then understand these rules first.

  1. If you are a merchant selling on a Marketplace:
    As an individual seller, all you need to do is ask your Marketplace to verify and claim the URL for you. If the marketplace agrees to help you with the process, you can manage and submit the feed on Google Merchant Center by yourself.
  2. If you are a Marketplace owner and manage multiple sellers:
    To the Marketplace owners, Google advises submitting individual seller’s Google Merchant Center Product feeds via multi-client account. Google Shopping under this category will not accept individual GoogleMerchant Center Product Feeds from the sellers. The Marketplace must provide separate sub-accounts in the multi-client account.
    Whereas the responsibility to keep up with the updates, optimization of feeds, resolving seller’s issues or queries, follow through Shopping Ads and other Google Policies lies on the Marketplace. Additionally, Marketplace needs to make sure that no duplicate feeds are submitted from the same account.

How to set up a multi-client account for sellers to upload Marketplace Feeds?

A Google Merchant Center Multi-account has the accommodation for multiple sellers from one central company or individual account to upload free shopping feeds.

Please note that when you as a marketplace or a company handling multiple sellers apply for a multi-account, your existing account becomes a sub-account in the new Google Merchant Center multi-account.

Also, before you decide to handle a multi-account make sure you understand the policies from Google associated with this.
In order to manage multiple sellers or multi-country retailers, make a request to convert your account. You can also seek consultation with the experts.

Process of Verification for Multi-Account

The marketplace owning the multi-account needs to verify and claim the top-level domain through a parent account login email.

This claiming of the parent URL is then automatically inherited by the sub-accounts. They can further claim this as the website URL or a sublink to this URL in the Website URL section.

The possible methods of claiming URLs include:

  1. The Multi-account user claims and verifies URLs for all sub-accounts from the respective account settings.
  2. Each sub-account owner can claim and verify URLs from the respective Google Search Console accounts. They can then provide the status to the parent account in the Search Console itself.
  3. An agency working to help the sellers in managing the Shopping feeds can simply add the merchant as a user to the sub-account. This new user can then take it upon themselves to claim and verify the URL from the sub-account settings.

While Google has separate rules for different types of Account Managers, each marketplace has its own rules as well. Each one of them manages the feeds either by themselves or through the sellers and stand to have different guidelines.

How to get Amazon products on Google Shopping?

Amazon, the marvellous marketplace full of opportunities and all-round prospect for the sellers, comes with a healthy load of competition for the sellers. When every seller like you is trying to do something extra, doing extra in itself becomes a tough feat.

But Google Shopping with paid and unpaid Ad model now offers the extra you need for your business. Using Google Ads for Amazon Product Feed is a tried and tested method of improving traffic and sales.

There are two possible methods to get your Amazon feed on Google Shopping.

Amazon handling your feed for you

It is not possible for sellers to run Google Shopping Ads directly since they do not own This would make claiming and verification of the URL impossible. Amazon takes it upon itself to run Ads for a select few sellers.

This happens autonomously and sellers cannot control when, why and how Amazon selects these products for Google Shopping.

Understand that if Amazon chooses your products for showcasing them on Google Shopping then you won’t be able to advertise the same Merchant Center Product feed from your store. This revokes the unfair advantage policy.

Thus, you can rely on this method only if you don’t intend to advertise those products on your own.

You handle your own feed through your store

If you want to handle your own feed and create Google Merchant Center Account to advertise the products, you cannot do it for the products you have listed on Amazon.

The solution for this is to contact Amazon and request them to not advertise on your behalf. Once they agree to this, you can upload your free Google Merchant Center product feed and run paid as well as unpaid Ads safely.

Understand that the landing page for these Ads will be your own website and not Amazon. You cannot redirect the customers to Amazon from your website through the cast. Google will crawl and recognize this practice and this will result in your domain being suspended.

Remember, once suspended due to any reason or violation, your account will remain suspended no matter what. There is one solution to this. You can request a manual review from Google and if no issues are found, your account will be reinstated. And in case they find a violation then there are chances of permanent suspension.

Learn more about how to handle Google Merchant Center Feeds by yourself or through a free Google Shopping feed generator:

How to get ebay products on Google Shopping?

eBay being the marketplace, again makes it impossible for individual sellers to claim the URL. Sellers cannot upload their eBay feeds on Google Shopping by themselves. Like Amazon, eBay also controls the advertisement on Google Surfaces on its own.

eBay offers a disclaimer, that the moment you upload your products on eBay, you must understand that, eBay will provide these feeds to Google for them to appear on Google Surfaces.

They also claim that high ranking is not the factor solely responsible for the selection of sellers and their listings.

Now, unlike Amazon, they do provide some insight into the best practices that can result in your selection:

  1. High-quality Product images that meet Google and eBay’s Product image policies properly.
  2. Correct Product Identifiers are a must. Sellers must use Does not apply if the identifier does not exist for their products.
  3. Sellers need to offer the correct and complete product descriptions including Brand, Size, Colour, etc. These are essential because, if you do not offer proper details, your products will be excluded from the results once a customer applies filters.

Sellers do not need to pay anything to either Google or eBay for these advertisements. They just need to work on their feeds and wait to be recognized by eBay.

How to get Etsy products on Google Shopping?

Etsy is comparatively most active when it comes to Advertising through Google Shopping. One of the Etsy Ads methods is running Google Shopping Ads through Etsy. This year, Etsy introduced offsite Ads focusing on promoting products on different platforms including Surfaces Across Google.

They have set a very flexible payment method for this process. If a customer clicks on the Ad for your product and buys it within 30 days of the click, you will be liable to pay the CPC incurred.

Etsy also enrols all the sellers for offsite Ads automatically, depending upon your earnings in the past year.

For sellers with an earning of $10,000 and more, the participation is automatic and mandatory, whereas, for an earning of a lesser amount than this, the participation is recommended.

Sellers are required to pay 12% Advertising fees if they make a sale of more than $10,000 and 15% for earnings lesser than that.

Why you must consider advertising on Google Shopping as a must?

Whether you do it for your marketplace feed or for your own online store, consider Google Shopping as a strong tool for maximum profits and visibility. Here are the top reasons why:

  1. It is absolutely free to create a good Google Merchant Center feed for free and use it for more than one program from Google. With just one feed you can leverage Google Shopping organic listings, Google search organic listings, Surfaces Across Google, Local Surfaces Across Google, Google Shopping Actions, Local Inventory Ads, Google My Business, and so on.
  2. There are free Google Merchant Center Feed generators available for your benefit. Use them to create highly optimized well synchronized feeds with one click. Get help from Technical and Marketing Feed Experts now!

For more on what is available for you to explore in Free Google Shopping Feed listings check out these resources:

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