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Product Boost Feature now on Wish Marketplace Integration App

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Portland, Oregon (21-04-2020): The Wish Marketplace Integration App by CedCommerce is now compatible with the Product Boost feature of the Wish. This means that Shopify merchants using the app to sell on Wish can now create and view campaigns on the app. Thus, eliminating the tedious task of visiting your Wish panel over and again while you manage products, orders, etc. from the app.

Product Boost & Its relevance-

Product Boost Feature by Wish allows you to create campaigns to increase the visibility of your products among millions of Wish merchants. This makes use of the Wish’s back end algorithm to run through merchant’s product data to grow traffic on products.

We believe that statistics are the key factors in determining the relevance of any feature of a solution or a complete solution. Thereby we bring you the following statistics to uncover the importance of Product Boost feature (As of 2020):

  1. On an average, Product Boost brought 39%more sales to the Shopify merchants.
  2. Wish merchants noticed an increase in sales by $7.50 for every $1 they spent.
  3. Within a few weeks, the sales increased upto $11.

Thought process behind making the Wish Marketplace Integration App compatible with the Product Boost feature:

CedCommerce has been working towards designing complete solutions for the Shopify sellers so that they can easily sell their store’s products on various marketplaces such as Wish. Thus, recognizing the importance of increased product visibility, CedCommerce planned to amalgamate the Wish Marketplace App with Wish’s Product Boost feature so that the sellers can create their campaigns from the platform that they have been using for other tasks such as Product Management, Inventory Management, etc. Therefore, centralizing their efforts.

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How to use the Product Boost feature in the Wish Marketplace Integration App?

The feature can be accessed from the Product Boost Menu available in the Top Bar of the app’s dashboard.

Wish Marketplace Integration

One can create campaigns by filling in details such as campaign’s name, start date, end date and budget. The sellers can also select whether or not they want to renew the campaign.


  1. The budget set may depend on the upcoming holidays, duration of the campaigns or approaching events.
  2. A seller can place maximum 200 products in a campaign.

create campaigns

The app can also be used to edit the campaigns and perform various actions on it such as Update Campaign, Stop Campaign, Cancel Campaign and Sync Campaign State.

Additionally, the app also helps you to keep a track of impressions and GMV received on a campaign.
Product Boost

If you haven’t installed the app yet, you can “Click Here” and enjoy the perks of the Wish’s Product Boost Feature.

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Your Key Takeaways:

  1. Product Boost feature is now available in the Wish Integration App.
  2. The feature in the app is to simplify the task of increasing visibility easily by creating new campaigns, editing the older ones, if required and having a track of all the campaigns.
  3. Exploring feature in the app is easy with CedCommerce’s 24*7 support.

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