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Sale booster: Best online UK marketplaces for holiday season 2020

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The UK eCommerce is the third-largest market in the world, with online retail sales reaching $142 billion annually. The UK eCommerce market is also on the more developed side with online sales making up 19% of total UK retail sales. The holidays in the UK have been huge in the past years and as the customers staying indoors more this year, holiday eCommerce sales are going to be even bigger this year. At such a juncture, it’s best to opt for a marketplace that is well established, reputable and known to boost sales. But how do you make sure of that? How do you come to a conclusion about which marketplace to choose for this holiday season? This compilation of the best online UK marketplaces for holiday season 2020 will help you choose a marketplace which fits your needs and aligns well with your future business goals

A brief look at the 2020 predictions: 

  • Mcommerce will be on the rise: According to an eMarketer prediction, Mcommerce is set to dominate the retail sales this holiday season. For the year 2020, 62.5% of all retail sales will be through mobile devices.
  • Brick mortar stores now play different roles: A Google survey reveals that 39% of shoppers would use options to buy online, pickup in-store/curbside pickup, so expect BOPIS/Click-and-collect to grow this holiday season.
  • Personalization is very important: 10% of the retail sales and 5% revenue generated from it was recommended by AI (Artificial Intelligence), SalesForce report. Without personalized recommendations, you can potentially lose those profits.
  • The cyber week will be huge: In 2020, it is expected that shoppers will get their shopping done early as they want to budget properly and also, Amazon has pushed its Prime day sales close to the Black Friday; this will further encourage the shoppers to shop early.

Best online UK marketplaces for holiday season 2020


Being the 3rd largest eCommerce marketplace globally, and spreading in over 46 countries, Fruugo is a very well known eCommerce marketplace in the UK. Along with over 25 million active users base, Fruugo also supports 31 currencies and 28 languages.

Upon shining some light on the demographics, interestingly, Fruugo has an equal number of male and female customers. Moreover, the age of the customer’s ranges from 25 to 34.

Best online Uk marketplaces

The two-third sales on Fruugo are cross border and these international sales account for an order value of $50.00. From the conversation rate perspective, it is 2-3% of the visitors. In the past few years, Fruggo has raised its sales to 200% year on year.

Why choose Fruugo this holiday season?

  • Cross Border Reach: This holiday season, many customers will be shopping online and through Fruugo cross border you can tap into the audience you didn’t know existed.
  • Automatic Product Translation: You can translate product languages in 28 different languages. This feature immediately improves the experience of a shopper.
  • Currency conversion is effortless: Your payout received will be in your currency despite the product being sold in any other currency.
  • Payment protection: Fruugo also offers a payment method specific to the country, protecting its sellers. Also, fruugo protects its sellers from fraud.
  • Affordable: Fruugo won’t charge you fees until the sale is made.
  • No hidden charges: There are no extra fees or any hidden fee for the Fruugo sellers.

Check out this to know more on how to properly sell on Fruugo!

In essence: So if your goal this holiday season is to go global with ease, then a global marketplace like Fruugo makes it extremely easy to sell from any corner of the world with the utmost ease. Check out our Fruugo integration and sell more effortlessly.

Ebay UK

According to a Webretailer report, Ebay UK stands at the 2nd largest marketplace in the UK. Evident by the numbers of monthly visitors which is 245 million.

Ebay is the best online UK marketplaces for holiday season 2020.

Best online Uk marketplaces

Why choose eBay this holiday season?

  • With 23 global sites and a wider presence across 190 markets, the holiday season is the best time to start selling on eBay internationally. Moreover, ebay has programs like GSP(Global Shipping Programs) to help make your global shift as seamless as possible.
  • While selling on eBay, you get free listings and lower final value fees.
  • This holiday season, enjoy free listing on Ebay upto 200 items every month.
  • Ebay also provides exclusive and powerful tools which can help in optimizing your listings.
  • As a seller, you get full protection by eBay with a dedicated team, and proactive policies, eBay- now sell with confidence.
  • With the eBay app, you can sell right from your mobile device. Imagine being with your family during the holidays and still being able to keep an eye on your ebay store, all the while making profits!

In essence: So if you are someone who sells everything, all the while wants to go global then Ebay is a great choice with its amazing cross border shipping programs and more relaxed product categories. Try to our integration this holiday season to further enhance your chances to make more sales. Let’s connect today!

Amazon UK

Amazon is still the most preferred marketplace in the UK with over 417 million visitors per month.

Best online Uk marketplaces

Why choose Amazon this holiday season?

  • Amazon is very popular across many countries, which directly means that selling on Amazonyou will increase your chances of making more sales.
  • You only need one account to sell across Europe.
  • FBA(Fulfilment By Amazon) further increases your ease as you don’t have to worry about the shipment or getting the items delivered on time, Amazon takes care of that.
  • You can now also advertise on Amazon to further enhance your sales.
  • With Amazon, you get to experience selling on verified and protected marketplaces.

Best online Uk marketplaces

In essence: If you are someone who doesn’t want to worry about the shipping, wants to sell a service or physical items, all the while making tons of profits on a well-trusted marketplace this holiday season, then Amazon is a great choice. Amazon lets you sell about anything you want. From physical items like flowers, storage items to online books and software. Check out our integrations available for Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Opencart, BigCommerce and Shopify sellers, that further eases your selling process with its amazing features and help you make tons of profits.


CDON is a Swedish e-commerce company, which has product categories like electronics, mobile phones, books, games, film, sports and leisure items, clothing, shoes, furnishings and toys. It also lest you sells/rents out digital products that can be seen, heard and played directly via the computer.

Why choose CDON for this holiday season?

  • It has 1.8 million customers
  • CDON gets over 100M visitors per year, which means your products will get more visibility.

Best online Uk marketplaces

  • It is a safe and reliable brand.
  • Your products get a new customer base.
  • With CDON you can now sell to the Nordic region in a whole new way.
  • It was granted as “Online store of the year 2018”

Best online Uk marketplaces In essence: If you want to sell to a new customer base this holiday season and want to get even more exposure, then CDON is certainly an untapped opportunity for you. With our amazing integrations, we can help you make the most out of your CDON efforts. Check out our integrations here!


Cdiscount is one of the most visited eCommerce sites in France. Each month Cdiscount gets around 11 million unique visitors and has over 7.7 million active customers. Cdiscount marketplace offers an array of products from cultural goods, IT, household and personal appliances to food items. It has a presence in more than 70 countries across the globe.

Why sell on Cdiscount this holiday season?

  • It has over 500,000 sqm of warehouses.
  • Cdiscount has about 10,000 professional sellers just like you.
  • The annual turnover is around €1.6 billion, imagine the profit you’ll make in a marketplace this huge.
  • 28.5% of the sale is from high tech electronics and IT.
  • It contains 40 million products in all categories and yours could be one of them.

In essence: If you are someone selling tech electronics and IT products or services that a buyer can rent out, then Cdiscount is the best marketplace for you. Try our integrations for Cdiscount that will maximize your profits without you putting extra efforts!

Etsy UK

Etsy is a popular platform where 44.20 million unique active visitors across the globe shop for unique artistic products.

In the year 2018 alone, its annual revenue accounted to about 603.7 million U.S. Dollars. In the last quarter of 2019, Etsy amounted to about 197.9 million of additional revenue with the y-o-y exceptional growth rate of 31%.

Why should you consider Etsy for this holiday season?

  • Etsy provides your brand and product exposure to the millions of customers that visit Etsy each day. And with its advertising tools, you can further your reach beyond the Etsy platform.
  • You are not required to pay any additional monthly fee apart from the listing fee which is €0.15.
  • You will receive your payouts on time and the whole process is automated.
  • Esty provides seller protection and protects you from frauds.
  • Etsy also provides you with detailed stats of how your products are performing, which will help you strategize better, as to which products to advertise.

Best online Uk marketplaces

In essence: If you are good art crafting, then Etsy is just the right place for you. As this holiday customers will be looking for unique and creative gifts, you can surely make a profit by selling on Etsy. So what’s the wait for? Try Etsy with our integration, that lets you sell with ease so that you only focus on making your favourite arts and crafts.

Mano Mano

Mano Mano specializes in DIY finds and planting devices. Its unique speciality draws thousands of buyers from the top European economies, like Germany, UK, France, Spain, and Italy. Mano mano is visited by over 95K sellers across France, Italy, UK, Spain, and Germany.

Why should you sell on Mano Mano this holiday season?- best online UK marketplaces for holiday season 2020 

  • ManoMano has dominance in the DIY and Developing category.
  • You are free to decide the shipment process according to your convenience
  • The Manomano community is specially designed to look after the issues of the sellers. Also, it addresses all kinds of needs of sellers.
  • It contains a location custom-made as per the necessities of the DIY and Developing community.
  • Mano mano goes through an extensive assessment before choosing a seller which immediately makes the platform competitive for sellers and trustworthy for its customers

In essence: If you are someone who sells products such as, Bathroom Flooring, Painting, and Decorating Tools, Heating and Plumbing, Construction, Garden and Outdoor, Mano mano is a sure shot success for your business. Want some more help? Mano mano CedCommerce integrations can really ease your selling process as it has features like bulk upload and an entire team of experts that can help manage the store for you. Let’s connect and discuss!


Spartoo is a very well known marketplace in Europe that specializes in shoes and fashion. It is operating in 30 European countries and providing customer service in 12 country languages.

Spartoo has more than 450 million registered users and has 10 million unique visitors, visiting Spartoo every week.

Why should you sell on Spartoo this holiday season?

  • Your brand and products get enhanced visibility.
  • It is known to be one of the best platforms with a variety of brands
  • Spartoo has a very high authentication process for its sellers.
  • A prerequisite you should be aware of is that you must have a minimum of 250 SKUs.

In essence: If you want to expand your business in Europe in the fashion and footwear product category, then Spartoo is one of the best platforms to choose this holiday season. Also, it has a huge customer base and provides effortless shipping overseas. Try out our integrations for Spartoowhich further eases your selling process!

Not On The High Street

Notonthehighstreet(NOTHS) is known for well-sourced, imaginative items that are often hard to find on your own. From more than unique picture outlines and boho clothing, Notonthehighstreet is quite unique in its own sense. With 39 million one of kind guests yearly, customers usually are amazed by the quality, by the ‘extraordinary, shocking products’.

Why should you consider NOTHS marketplace for this holiday season?

  • It is an official number one uniquely curated eCommerce platform of the UK.
  • NOTHS has 39 million interesting visitors annually.
  • As it works with the most excellent sellers only, it has a very fine competition.

In essence: At you are enabled to offer everything from gems and clothing to homeware, involvement days and more. It is open to new ideas for items and is continually looking to further its item blend, working with free designer-makers, designer-manufacturers and little boutique retailers. If this excites you, then you should give NOTHS a try. We can help! Try out our amazing integrations that can help you sell on NOTHS the right way!

On Buy

OnBuy is a well-trusted marketplace that aims to provide online sellers, anywhere in the world, a platform where they can excel. It is considered one of the most transparent yet flexible eCommerce marketplaces for both- a seller and a customer. OnBuy’s core value is not to compete with its sellers, rather support them in growing their businesses. OnBuy allows sellers to sell a wide range of products with its 17 departments covering thousands of categories. Now sell pet supplies, technology, housewares, beauty products, and much more.

Why should you consider OnBuy for this Holiday season?

  • If for some reason, you only end up making less than £500 in sales in a month, you’ll get waived off the next month’s Standard subscription fee.
  • All payments are processed through PayPal (an official partner) and you get paid immediately on item dispatch.
  • OnBuy provides UK based customer support to help with customer issues.
  • Competitive fees let you set a lower price, which in turn attracts more buyers without eating into your margins.
  • Moreover, OnBuy has very low sales commissions.
  • OnBuy has the potential to offer you expansion to 140 European countries.

In essence: OnBuy lets you sell with utmost ease all the while providing you with a platform where your brand can grow. With the option to expand globally, it is more than you can ever ask for. So this holiday season, sell on the biggest marketplace in the UK with the official partners- CedCommerce. Our integrations can help you boost sales this holiday season. Let’s connect!


Fnac witnesses 20 million unique visitors a month and 36 million active users. With Fnac Darty, you get to experience more than able eCommerce objectives together. In the present time, Fnac is the 2nd french eCommerce destination in France, with product categories like bookstore, music, and ticketing.

Best online Uk marketplaces

Why should you consider Fnac Darty Marketplace for this holiday season?

  • Fnac and Darty are two remarkable retailers which bring together commercial offers, geographic scope, mastery and much more.
  • Fnac Darty helps you expand to channels overseas. Other than, Fnac Darty is the third ‘most gone to’ eCommerce area in
  • France because it was after Amazon and Cdiscount.
  • A group of specialists will assist you to identify your development drivers on Fnac Darty and maximize your dealership’s potential.

In essence: Joining Fnac Darty can be the key to your eCommerce victory this holiday season. Try out our integrations to help you ease with the onboarding process. Let’s connect!

Conclusion: Best online UK marketplaces for holiday season 2020 

There you have it! The best online UK marketplaces for holiday season 2020. But why choose only one, when you can get the profits from all the different marketplaces at once? Yes, you read it right! WIth multichannel, you can expand your business on several different channels with the same efforts. Want to experience a multichannel bliss this holiday season? Visit this website to know more!

Want to add anything? Or have any doubts? Leave them in the comment section below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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