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Sell on Facebook surfaces with WooCommerce. Learn more

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Are you planning to extend your WooCommerce business to increase your product reach?

If yes, you are at the right place. Experience the joy of selling with Facebook and gain maximum visibility for your WooCommerce store through social commerce. Facebook allows you to engage with connections and makes the selling process more seamless. Explore: why Facebook and Instagram is an appropriate choice for your business and how you can connect WooCommerce store to Facebook commerce.

Why should WooCommerce merchants expand their Shops to Facebook?

On average, there are over 2.7 billion monthly active users of Facebook as per Q2, 2020. Thus, making Facebook one of the most popular platforms amongst the masses. Connecting your WooCommerce store to Facebook can help you gain access to a new audience. Some of the proven benefits of business expansion are:Connect WooCommerce to Facebook

  • Build customer relations: Convert your social media connections into potential customers through Facebook and Instagram.
  • Merchandise your WooCommerce products: Get bigger exposure of your WooCommerce collections on Marketplace and connect with your customers through messages.
  • In-app checkout: Allow your shoppers to browse collections and place an order without leaving the app. (US merchants)
  • Track your customer’s engagement: View insights from your Shop to see your performance and keep track of how people engage with your brand.
  • Experience frictionless selling on Facebook: Create a digital presence for your business. Provide a personalized shopping experience and get your products find its desired audience.
  • Customize your Shop: Design your Facebook storefront to attract the audience attention. Use visuals, and custom colours to bring your brand to life.

How can you sell on Facebook with WooCommerce right away?

You can integrate your WooCommerce store to Facebook surfaces:

Let’s explore the possibility of connecting WooCommerce with Facebook and marketing partners; one by one:

Setting up your Shop through Facebook

You can sell on Marketplace and Instagram Shopping by creating a Shop through Commerce Manager. The primary criteria for creating your Shop is to have a Facebook business page. You can connect your WooCommerce store to Facebook surfaces in the following steps:

  • Create a Facebook Business Page.
  • Go to the Page Setting tab and select the Templates and Tabs button.Facebook page template
  • Change the current template to Shopping.Facebook page shopping template
  • Locate the shop header within the Template and Tab button and click the switch to enable the Shop Tab.
  • Navigate to your Facebook page and click on the Shop button. Click on Go to Commerce Manager to begin the process of configuring your store.
  • Follow the Facebook merchant’s terms and conditions.
  • There’s a three-step process to set up your shop on Facebook and Instagram facilitating checkout options.Facebook Commerce Manager
    • The first step is to Link your Business account. Add your business information and link your preferred Facebook page with the account.
    • Next, you have to set your inventories and preferences. Create a catalog and add shipping information.
    • The last option is to set Payment details like bank address, tax identification number, etc., to allow checkout within the app.

After filling up all the details, you can send your Facebook Shop for the approval. It takes two weeks for the Shop to appear in the Commerce Manager.

What can you do with Facebook Shops?

Once your Shop is published, you are free to sell across Marketplace and Instagram Shopping. Besides, you can:

  • Curate products into collections. Add six to 30 products to a collection, and use cover images to inspire people to see what you hold.
  • Customize the theme of Facebook Shop. Change your shop layout according to the festive mood or occasions to increase engagements.
  • Display your listings on Facebook Marketplace and increase its discoverability by surfacing your products through Shop tab, Page Shop and Marketplace.
  • Exposure through Instagram shopping. Use the features of live shopping, Instagram stories, Shoppable posts, etc., to widen your business horizon.
  • Drive consideration and sales through conversation. Get in touch with your customers through Messenger, Instagram Direct or WhatsApp.

Creating Shop through Facebook marketing partners

Grow your business proficiently through Facebook marketing partners. The marketing partners ease your selling journey by helping you right from the account creation to complete onboarding. Thus, assisting you at each step and enabling seamless selling experience.. Besides, you can also maximize your online sales by embedding Facebook eCommerce catalog and get regular assistance. So, let’s explore how to integrate WooCommerce store to Facebook surfaces through the marketing partners.

If you are new on Facebook

If you are new Facebook, you can:

  • Create a Facebook Page through your Facebook account.
  • Register your account with Social Commerce.
  • Click on ‘Connect’ to add your Facebook account with the app.
  • Authenticate your Facebook Page and add products to the app.

Already have a Facebook Page.

In case you already have a Facebook page; you have to:

  • Connect your preferred Facebook page with the app.
  • After connecting your Facebook page; Go to the Mapping tab to map the existing products with the app

WooCommerce merchants can now list their products across Facebook surfaces through Social Commerce.

How to ease your selling through WooCommerce and Facebook surfaces?

Creating your Shop through Facebook can sometimes be hectic as you have to manage your stores separately. In comparison, Social Commerce leverages you with the additional features to power seamless selling.

  • Uploading products manually can be stressful. Through social commerce, you can reduce your workload by uploading your WooCommerce products in bulk on Marketplace, shops, and Instagram Shopping.
  • Selling at two platforms can create problems in keeping an inventory check. By integrating your platform, you can ease your selling by automatically synchronizing your products across the WooCommerce and Facebook surfaces.
  • Make it easy for your buyers to browse a broad range of products; by adding attributes like age, gender, colour, material etc., and let them find the exact product by enabling discovery through search, filters and recommendations.
  • Managing your orders on two different platforms can create a hassle for the merchants. Connect with the app and get a chance to manage your orders from a centralized location.

Wrapping it up

Social Commerce is evolving with new features and updates; thus making it easier for brands to integrate their eCommerce store to larger platforms. With Facebook, you can now promote your products globally and scale your brand.

So what are you waiting for?

Seize the most awaited opportunity to excel your WooCommerce business to the Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping. Check now!

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