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The Perfect Chance to Onboard Walmart With “New Referral Fees” and more…

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Bringing an exciting opportunity for the sellers, recently there has been an update in the Walmart Referral Fees. Effective as of March 24, 2021, this Walmart marketplace referral fees update is applicable across selected categories based on their prices. But, before diving into the changes, let’s have a brief look at What is Walmart marketplace referral fees?

About Walmart Referral Fees →

While selling on Walmart, the primary question arises about the charges one would have to pay to be a seller. Well! Sellers have an advantage here over other marketplaces. Walmart does not charge any annual fee or product listing fee from the sellers. All they have to pay for is the Walmart Referral Fee on the sale of every product. Walmart marketplace referral fees are the percentage of the amount charged, determined by various product categories. It is different from annual or listing fees as it is charged only when an item is sold; this makes it worth the sellers’ investment.

The previous referral fee for daily essentials like baby, personal care, and other such products was as follows. 

Old Walmart Referral Fees as per product categories

For some products, the referral fee was as high as 15%

Old Walmart Referral Fees as per product categories

While for others, it was as low as 8%. 

Old Walmart Referral Fees as per product categories

Now effective as of March 24, 2021, below mentioned are the New Walmart referral fees that the sellers have to pay for their selected product category.

New Walmart Referral Fees for selected product categories

Walmart’s aforementioned new changes provide the opportunity for the existing sellers to list more items and stay competitive with a more extensive assortment and attractive prices.

It also brings the new sellers an opportunity to onboard Walmart for the fee advantage they have over other Online marketplaces.

An Exciting Opportunity For New Sellers!

Clubbed with the new referral fees, Walmarts also provides the perfect opportunity for new sellers to onboard with its “New Sellers Saving Campaign.” With Walmart’s New Sellers Saving Campaign, new sellers can sell commission-free on Walmart for 30 days.

Adding to this golden opportunity, CedCommerce Being one of Walmart’s prime Integration Partners, parallelly brings an additional advantage for the new sellers. So, onboard Walmart with CedCommerce and avail 30 days of their free integration services. Grab these offers simultaneously and Sell on Walmart with CedCommerce Walmart Integration to get the best of both worlds.

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