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The wait is over: INBOUND 2020 is here!

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2020 is the year that brought uncountable changes to the world. These changes also taught us that one can get their work done on time with discipline even in the direst of situations. When remote work became the new normal, we learned how flexible humans are that they can adapt to almost any next change!

In that order, one of the most popular and interactive digital events of 2020 has also made its way online! We are talking about INBOUND 2020!

Keep scrolling and know what’s in there for you to discover and learn in INBOUND 2020 and why you shouldn’t miss INBOUND 2020 at any cost!

Inbound 2020 is here!

This year, a lot of major digital marketing conferences like WWDC20, IBM Think Digital, etc, occurred and many of them are still going to take place, but INBOUND 2020 is something that you just can not miss. Now, that virtual is the new normal, we must accept it! That is why the first time ever in the history of INBOUND, we will be experiencing the virtual digital marketing conference of Hubspot’s INBOUND 2020. Usually, INBOUND, which is a three-day marketing sales and marketing conference, used to be held in Boston at the Boston Convention Center.

INBOUND 2020 is not going to be your usual digital marketing conference but in fact, it is a power-packed, immersive, and interactive digital experience. INBOUND 2020 is going to be completely online and will take place between September 22 to September 23.

Since the event has gone digital, the tickets available are categorized into two ways: The first one is a free starter pass to INBOUND 2020 and the second one is a premium pass. As we said, INBOUND 2020 has now been strategized for the digital landscape, the event is going to be even more global than it has ever been. You can visit the homepage of INBOUND 2020 to book your tickets now!

Let’s have a look at what Kim Darling (Vice President of INBOUND) has to say about INBOUND 2020:

“Our belief at INBOUND is that an event must build a shared moment in time that integrates a community and as a result of it, must create a space for uplifting positivity and energy, open space for interactions, enabling everyone to experience how it feels to be a part of a global community, something that fills the participants with a sense of excitement and joy. Our belief is what makes INBOUND special and different from others. The only thought that’s in our mind is how are we going to deliver the same experience of INBOUND via this new online platform.”

So, what’s in there for you in INBOUND 2020?

Agenda of INBOUND 2020

The prime agenda of INBOUND 2020 mainly revolves around extending the scope of knowledge and inspiration by pushing the method of learning and development out of the box so that the path of progress becomes more clear to move ahead. According to the INBOUND community, INBOUND 2020 is all about driving the same amount of positive energy, excitement, connections, knowledge, and insights as it would have drawn in an in-person event.

As an attendee of INBOUND, you’ll be able to witness and be a part of a global community and events that have shaped 2020.

  • INBOUND 2020 will be starting with a short session of industry leaders where they’ll be sharing inspiring stories of adaptability, progress, stability, and change that played a major role in moulding the industry towards betterment.
  • Next, you’ll also be able to experience a variety of sessions starting from 6 a.m EST that will be continuing up to 9 p.m. EST.
  • In case, you miss the sessions, you’ll still be able to watch it even after the event via a Powerhouse pass. This way you’ll be able to watch the content as per your ease and comfort zone and you won’t be required to keep up with the pace.

In short, you’ll be able to access the content from INBOUND 2020 in the form of:

  • Education Sessions
  • Spotlight
  • Ask me Anything
  • Audio Only Content
  • Meet-up Session

The excitement is at its peak!

Ever since Hubspot announced that INBOUND 2020 is going to be a virtual event, there is lots of buzz around it. The anticipation has been building up as people are expecting a digitally immersive experience like never before. We’re yet to see how INBOUND2020 looks and feels virtually but hopes are high for this one.

CedCommerce is Going To Be A Part of INBOUND 2020! Are You?

INBOUND is an immersive event that is full of content, inspiration, opportunities, learning, and has the power to enable the transformation of marketers, sales professionals, learners, entrepreneurs, and business owners. We, at CedCommerce, can absolutely not miss one such experience where one can learn from the professionals and leaders! So, Yes! CedCommerce will be a part of the INBOUND 2020 digital event!

If you also want to learn out of the box, connect with leaders and professionals all over the world, gain knowledge about HubSpot and Inbound marketing, you must not miss INBOUND 2020!

How do we associate with Hubspot to empower your business?

Our association with Hubspot brings to eCommerce merchants integration solutions for syncing their Magento and BigCommerce stores to Hubspot. With the help of this solution, businesses can work towards recovering lost sales due to abandoned carts, improve engagement, and needless to say, boost sales.

The Hubspot eCommerce bridge enables merchants to run tailor-made marketing campaigns to target their customers in the best possible manner. Basis of the customers’ buyer persona marketing campaigns can be specifically curated to fit specific needs. Not just that, workflow automation, ROI calculation, customer nurturing all can seamlessly be achieved with the Hubspot integration extension.

We’re all set for Inbound 2020. Let’s get going

We at Cedcommerce are very excited to be a part of the hustle at Inbound 2020. The 2-day virtual event is going to be interactive, engaging, and full of meaningful takeaways. We can’t wait to dive right in and consume content delivered by world-class speakers in their keynotes and education sessions.

You might want to keep watching the space as we will keep you updated on what’s up and running at Inbound.

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