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Top 3 mistakes online sellers do!

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Everyone on this planet is a buyer. We need resources, every one of us needs! This is the customer base of E-commerce! All you need to do is start selling what you got and allure your customers. But this isn’t as easy as read! There are others who compete in the race to triumph. But the winner is the one who doesn’t make mistakes and time-wasting errors while selling a product online. Yes, there are many common but critical mistakes online sellers do when they sell a product online!

But, need not worry about it.

You have landed on the right page. Here we will be discussing the top 3 mistakes online sellers make which should be avoided and added with some of the most common mistakes which are crucial in e-commerce!

So, let’s get into it:-

Top 3 mistakes online sellers do:-

Poor Customer Service

We all have heard the saying, “ The Customer Is A God.”

This should be exactly like it is said. We should be quick and focused on customer service.

Customer service has long roots.

It covers:-

  • How you treat your customer over the message on the website
  • How you acknowledge your customers on the comments, statements, and questions asked on social media accounts.
  • Addressing customers’ complaints on the phone call or via email.
  • Any of the conversation with the customer via any platform.
  • Converting the lead to customers with a greet.
  • Providing after-sales service to the customers in the same fashion as you did before the sales happen

Poor customer service

So, if you do not deal with these issues quickly, on-time response, patiently, and happy then you cannot achieve success.

Reason being that these types of behaviors will make you lose all your existing customers and will choke up the passage for the new customers.

Well, all you need to do is

  • Be kind to customers when they have any issues or complaints. Reply to them humbly!
  • Each of the customers should respond as quickly as possible. No one loves late replies (even with friends and family on usual talks and they aren’t paying you)
  • Supporting the customers with enthusiasm in the after-sales service.

The whole journey of your customer should be greeted with great customer service. This will also help you in bringing new clients and help in customer retention!

So, customer service should be brilliant!

Improper content Marketing Strategy:-

Providing your customers and target audience with some valuable and relevant content according to a proper strategy in order to grab their attention, to build the authority of your brand, market your product and services, educate the audience, is the content marketing strategy!

So, to maximize your sales and revenue you need to reach as much as people you could!

So, a planned content marketing strategy comes into the role!

You can take the help of the orthodox types (print media) but moving up with the scenarios has turned everything digitally!

We have social media now, we have websites, we have SEO, we have blogged, and much more to go with.

And, and, and!

We have VIDEOS!

We are in 2020 now!

The most shared and loved form of content is videos! And in the E-commerce world videos are excelling business to new heights.

Marketing through videos would be very beneficial for you.

Some of the benefits of using video marketing for your E-commerce business are as follows:-

  • People love to watch Videos
  • Video Brings Higher Conversions
  • Google gives High Preference to Videos
  • Video Could Bring Your Brand in Limelight
  • They Build Credibility
  • The Videos Builds Brand Awareness
  • Videos Have a Huge Role to Play in M-Commerce

video marketing benefits

Videos are helping in building a perfect content strategy because they are targeted, influencing, engaging, and have much potential.

Video Marketing is boundless. It has many more benefits!

Video marketing is indispensable.

They are growing powerfully because they work! And they will keep working!

So, to be more appealing and transparent, start video marketing for your business now, and grow your sales and revenue!

A completely optimized website, Products, and marketing strategy

Digital marketing is now an essential requirement for marketers who want to be successful in online selling and take the business to new heights.

The website, product list, and description should be written in such a way that they are fully composed of keywords. So, the description of the website and the products should be written after finding out the ranking keywords and also the supporting keyphrases.

This will make your presence on the internet more visible to the customers and the chances of maximizing sales and growth increase.

This is one of the critical mistakes online sellers do and face uneven results.

Therefore, mark these steps when selling a product online:-

  • Choose a Suitable Ecommerce Platform
  • Design an Impressive Homepage
  • Address Pain Points
  • Clearly Display Prices
  • Adding A blog
  • Profit from Multichannel Selling Options
  • Consistent Off-Page SEO
  • Focus on On-Page SEO
  • Let Customers Add Reviews
  • The Thank You Page

Focusing on this, you will be surely successful as an E-commerce entrepreneur!

Apart from these top 3, there are some of the most common but critical mistakes that online sellers make while selling a product online. Find them also and avoid their existence and stop them from being a hurdle in your business journey!

Some other common mistakes that online customers make:-

Not focusing on the target audience

Yes, everyone on this Earth is a buyer. But this doesn’t mean that everyone will buy products from you.

If you are having a grocery store in Indonesia, then why would someone from China buy groceries from you.

So, it is necessary for you to find out who your target buyers are.

You need to know the buyer’s persona!

To find the target audience of your e-commerce website, you need to find the following:-

  • Demographics of the customers who are buying your products
  • The age group of customers.
  • Type of products sold.
  • Find out your competition
  • Feedback forms
  • Know your promoters

Make a detailed study of these points and find out your potential customers!

Therefore, before marketing your product find your audience and market your products to them. This would help you increase your sales!

No Strong Brand Identity

Question yourself and find the answers to the following:

  • USP of your business?
  • Aims and dreams of you with this business?
  • What makes you stand out from the competitors?

brand identity

Once you figure it out, surely you will get to know the importance of brand exposure.

People maintain their trust in brands now. They see brands as transparent and trustworthy. Therefore, they prefer to shop from those online stores they believe in.

So, in order to increase sales, you need to develop your store into a brand people rely on.

To create a thriving business, you need to focus on your strategies and build your brand awareness among the audience out there!

Not Going After Reviews

Reviews are very important critics as well as advocates for your business. You should listen to the saying of the customer reviews and build your future strategy accordingly!

This will help you in many ways

  1. Great customer Service
  2. Obliged customers
  3. Growth in sales
  4. Know your pain points
  5. Build huge transparency towards your customers.

Therefore, always go after the reviews!

Not having a Right Mentor

Not having the right mentor will always put you in doubt and in situations where you are unable to find the answers and the way out!

Therefore having the right mentor is like a gem.

A right mentor would help in:-

  1. Making the right decisions
  2. Provide proper guidance on professional growth
  3. Share experience and knowledge
  4. Increase customer retention

Right-mentor CEDCommerce

Therefore, it will help you out whenever you are in need!

So, research and analyze and pick your right mentor!


Mistakes happen!

But we should learn from them and be straight upright!

Those were the key points!

Here we came across the mistakes which online sellers make while selling the product online. Learn from them and include them in your marketing strategies and help yourself out with our fascinating services to your customers that will help you in your goal completion and will surely provide you growth hacking! For further assistance, come onto the comment section!

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