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Understanding Magento 2 headless PWA and its implications on eCommerce

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eCommerce is on a course of transition thanks to the invention of smartphones. Headless  commerce is one of the most popular solutions developed amid the ever-expanding landscape of mobile internet. Magento is the biggest open-source eCommerce platforms and no wonder leading this innovative solution. Everyone is going after the omnichannel eCommerce websites and Magento 2 headless PWA theme is one of the best ones you will find out there.

But I must make this very clear upfront, this is a post meant for our business mates. So don’t expect technical depth in this post. There is definitely a big ground to cover on the technical aspects of Magento 2 headless PWA but I will try to address its implications from the business perspective of all things. Do you need to adopt the Magento 2 Headless PWA for your eCommerce website? We hope you get all your answers in this post.

What is Magento 2 Headless?

Headless Magento commerce is apparently a new web technology which decouples front end from the back end. It is fairly new concept but outshining its predecessor technologies with its flexible, fast, intuitive and progressive features. It is producing overpowering results and therefore catching the attention of eCommerce left, right and centre.

There is no doubt eCommerce platforms were struggling to retain the interest of mobile audiences. Stats speak for themselves, Magento headless is a solution which aims to resolve all these issues which did not exist earlier.

Headless commerce architecture a more wide perspective to online business allowing websites to serve at each and every channel of engagement.

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How headless commerce works?

Headless eCommerce works as a unit of two distinctive parts of a website connected by a bridge. The API works as the messenger of information between the actual visual interface and the way the application is presented in coordination with the service worker at the back end.

The back-end of the Magento 2 headless eCommerce system sends the response to the requests forwarded by the front end. API layer works as the messenger for these inter-connected tasks being done by the back end and the front end.

A headless commerce architecture delivers a platform that comprises a back-end data model and a cloud-based infrastructure. Since the platform is not a single structural entity, it breaks the website into 2 separate levels connected by an information bridge. eCommerce websites can use Magento 2 headless PWA theme and ensure that they are providing every essential elements of business. This avails the most benefit for your business out of your Magento 2 PWA theme.

In a nutshell, the front-end and the back end are operating separately and respond to their specific tasks based on the information transmitted by the API.

How is Magento 2 headless going to affect eCommerce?

Amazon is one of the pioneers of headless eCommerce that brought popularity to headless commerce architecture. Amazon is a prime example that reflects the immense potential of headless commerce applications. Incorporating a headless commerce platform helps eCommerce platforms from elevating beyond the old-school frameworks to a more inclusive and user friendly solutions.

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There are hundreds of examples where adopting headless PWA became shows inevitable growth in the eCommerce performance. While the impact may not be equal in every case, but it would not be wrong to adjudge a clear advantages. A few of these positive impacts are –

Enhanced Speed and Flexibility

Headless Magento platform is able to deliver websites with impeccable speed and agility. Being separated into back-end and front-end distinctively operating on their own, therefore the superior flexibility in headless commerce.

Better Customizations

When a front-end system is not knitted to the back-end as a single structure, there is no need to keep the entire website hostage for the sake of customizations. Magento 2 Headless PWA is offering a well designed web architecture. It makes sure that your webpage is optimized to provide an intuitively customized content to the visitors.

Timely Updates

A headless commerce platform enables you to implement rapid and timely updates without impacting the back-end. You can easily make any changes to your front-end in conjunction with the speed of the connection you use. It allows a very articulate and updated content for the user upon every visit ensuring a fresh content experience.

Personalized User experience

Delivering a consistent user experience across all devices and channels is very important today. People prefer buying from eCommerce brands which understand their needs. But often this personalized experience is not translated effectively across all platforms. Magento 2 headless theme allows the web framework to use the data collected from users effectively to empower consistent personalization throughout all channels.

Seamless integration

API is one of the basic constituents of eCommerce. This makes integration much easier. No wonder, Magento 2 Headless provides an impeccable and seamless integration with the help of APIs. This helps eCommerce in expanding  opportunities as well as outreach to more customers at once. One of the best aspects of Magento 2 Headless is undoubtedly the ability to apply those integrations in matter of days and even hours depending upon the type of it. 

Improved conversion rates

By implementing progressive web app to your magento 2 store, you can increase your engagement and conversion rates with minimal effort. You can also experiment with a different back-end search solution whilst running the same front-end search. As a result, Magento 2 headless PWA theme allows you to get a better optimization for your visitors. This will help you get a better catch over your visitor. You will therefore enable a more efficient conversion strategy to get more visitor to sales ratio.

Wider Outreach

If you do manage to build a multi-channel or omnichannel eCommerce platform, your reach will play a key role in scaling your website. Magento headless will not ensure a better user experiences but also ensure it is served to wider scale through all the available mediums. The content and products of the application is stored at the back end and delivered using API whenever prompted for. 

Why headless Magento PWA is the future of eCommerce?

The idea of “omnichannel retail” means that a shopper can use the same online platforms to shop both online and offline, on any device, at any time. Since the primary objective of headless commerce platforms is to offer a seamless user experience across channels, these platforms are an essential component of the omnichannel retail mission.

You can also develop your eCommerce solution using the Cenia PWA theme by Cedcommerce. Cenia theme is built on Magento PWA Studio based on a react.js framework and enhanced by graphQL queries. It gives you the ideal mobile-first eCommerce website without ignoring the interest of your computer audiences.

Try the Cenia theme on Magento PWA Studio and get the glimpse of the future of web right now with the demo web experience.

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