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Updates & fixes to Cenia Pro 1.0.5 PWA theme for Magento

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Nothing is perfect in this world. It is a universal truth but nobody is stopping us to eradicate the imperfections that we can find and keep getting better. One should always look for mistakes to make improvements. The day you believe you are perfect, is the day you stop growing. Team CedCommerce is motivated to move ahead on the path of growth no matter how difficult the challenges ahead of us. So after a few incremental enhancements in the last 2-3 weeks, we are back again to update you about the latest releaseCenia Pro 1.0.5 PWA theme for Magento.

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With this upgrade, we wanted to build eCommerce PWA theme for Magento more intuitive and gave it a fresher combination to make a better appeal right from the beginning when user lands on the web app.

Update release – PWA Cenia Pro 1.0.5

Here are the major changes. You can check out the Demo of Cenia Pro 1.0.5 here.

Refreshing themes and in theme combinations added

  1. Now enjoy revitalized colour schemes with new colour-combination available on the Magento PWA theme.
  2. Theme loader is updated to produce better transitions and effects for colour palettes across the pages giving a more refreshing appeal to the theme for users.
  3. Structural changes have been made to optimize the images for a more suitable appearance.

Updates in the User Interface

There are three incremental additions and updates in the user interface of the web application which includes

  1. Now you can find the customer reviews at the bottom of the product page itself. This helps to establish a sense of confidence and trust on the buyers. This eventually guides and convinces user about the ingenuity of their purchase.
  2. An all new content portion has been introduced to showcase the latest products added to the catalogue along with section of trending products right at the home pages.
  3. Now you can get to see the pop-up message for the products not available in the stock when you want to enter their product page from your home page.

Bug Fixes in category section

A few small improvements were needed upon testing the category pages which were not on par with our parameters. These bugs have been resolved to provide the user with a glitch free and engagement friendly experience for Magento PWA Studio .

  1. On visiting the page gallery, there was an issue with product cards which has been fixed.
  2. There was minor issue with the colour filter and search bar that is now resolved.
  3. Hover interaction is added to the buttons of the theme which were lacking previously.

Enhancements and technical developments

  1. Category pages are optimized now to produce a more faster and reliable performance with consistency.
  2. There are new enhancements added to the functioning of category filters for the desktop users making it easier to use and select filters.
  3. Shipping method is mandatory to be filled by user for progress to the next page in the new version of Cenia Pro PWA theme for Magento.

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We at CedCommerce are constantly putting up a lot of hard work to ensure the Cenia Pro PWA theme for Magento provides the better user experience to your visitors from our every update. We will keep posting more insightful content, stay tuned.

You can also check out our previous releases here –

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