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Use Amazon Pay Extension for Magento 2 PWA theme

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If your eCommerce website is using the advanced mobile-first approach such as Magento 2 PWA, then you are moving on the right track. But one more aspect which is compulsory in any business is its flow of payment. For any successful eCommerce website, the flow of payment is extremely necessary. Therefore you must ensure options that customers find convenient and also enjoy wide-scale acceptance. Apparently, Amazon Pay is one of these rare payment solutions that clicks all the right columns for eCommerce.

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You never know the preferred mode of payment. While it is important to provide safe and certified payment gateways, but you should also remember to include a few of the popular online wallets for payments. Wallets such as Amazon Pay have grown an unbelievably high number of users. So it is obvious to have them in your options. There here we are with Amazon Pay extension for your Magento 2 PWA theme. It certainly scales up the potential to do business transactions with a broader audience.

All you need to know about Amazon Pay Integration

This extension for Amazon Pay provides an official integration of your Magento 2 store with Amazon Pay and allows login with Amazon services. The extension adds a new checkout and payment solution that does not share any product information or prices etc with Amazon. The extension integrates Amazon Pay seamlessly into the Magento 2 and now also compatible with your Cenia PWA theme based on Magento 2 PWA.

Amazon Pay extension will ensure quick-easy payment processing and convenient checkouts. A shopping experience that helps your customers spend more time shopping and waste less time to check out. Amazon Pay is used by large and small companies. Amazon Pay extension is one of the most reliable options you can get as Amazon has built its brand value from years of reliable shopping experiences it has given to its customers. 

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Magento 2 Amazon Pay for PWA offers a secure, convenient, and fluent medium to do online payment transactions. This Amazon Pay extension is easily added to your Magento 2 PWA to help your customers by minimizing the unnecessary hiccups of filling up the entire details of the card during the checkout. This module will allow your customers to make easy payment with all the different options available on amazon pay while making a transaction onto your PWA website. Moreover, Amazon Pay is now compatible with Magento PWA Studio and Cenia PWA themes.

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Secure Shopping

Being such a massive global brand, Amazon has not obtained this much success by fluke. Amazon provides a complete A-Z Guarantee for the transaction done through its platform which is a reflection of the confidence the company has on the security of its servers.

Fast Payment

When a customer uses Amazon Pay as the mode of payment, the process of checkout becomes much easier and faster by a significant difference. During checkout, shipping, as well as payment information, is read directly from the customer’s Amazon Payments account.

Increase conversions

Adding Amazon Pay as a checkout option can increase conversions and lowers cart abandonment too. There are many cases where using Amazon Pay extension has proven mighty successful after adopting Amazon Pay extension for their eCommerce website. 

Amazon Pay for Magento 2 PWA

Amazon Pay Extension has a reputation as one of the most popular payment solutions out there. It is used by people all over the world and across the majority of countries. This essentially helps to scale the acceptability and compatibility of selling and receiving payments worldwide without any worries.

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Merchant Benefits

  • Customer Information: Whenever a shopper chooses Amazon Pay to make the payment, Amazon pay will provide you with all the basic information which is available to Amazon Pay, which includes the first name, last name, email address, shipping address and contact number in most cases.
  • Increases Sales: Once a customer sees the option of payment through Amazon Pay, it becomes a lot easier to capture sales from buyers who may be hesitant to share their payment details otherwise. This certainly adds to the conversions and increases sales.
  • Nurture credibility and improve retention: Repeat purchases play a huge role in the success of any established business. Amazon Pay extension brings credibility and builds trust in the buyers. This certainly goes a long way in establishing loyal customers.

Customer Benefits

  • A trusted payment solution: Amazon Pay extension brings familiarity and convenience in the customer’s purchase. This also develops more credibility to the buying experience which can be a decisive factor in sales conversions.
  • Quick Payment & effortless billing: Customers save time and hassle using their existing Amazon credentials for an uncluttered payment process. Adding further to the leverage, the buyers also don’t need to worry about the status of the transaction as Amazon will confirm the same as soon as the transaction is over.
  • Swift checkout: A clumsy and complicated check out process can be a huge turn off for many customers. With the Amazon Pay extension, check out is more straight forward without any hurdles as such. This means your buyers will not get many reasons to refrain from purchasing the product.

Amazon Pay for Magento 2 PWA will enable your customers to make online transactions by selecting the Amazon Pay payment option during the checkout.

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The add-on brings out the best of Amazon Pay features on all screen types while offering a smooth payment process for your customers. It works smoothly on most browsers whether you use Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, users will get the same experience. Thus the users will enjoy a seamless online payment process irrespective of the device or browser.

Concluding remarks

One can’t undermine the power of Amazon Pay as an online payment option. Amazon has an extensive outreach and spread across all five continents. So it would be unwise to think that Amazon is just another payment solution, it is indeed much more than that. 

Amazon Pay supports a multitude of payment options with safe and secure servers for online transactions. No wonder Amazon Pay extension for Magento 2 is one of the more popular extensions for eCommerce stores. So it was only obvious for CedCommerce to ensure the Amazon Pay extension for the Cenia PWA theme.

Digital payment is getting more and more prominent for eCommerce websites. No matter which platform your website is built upon, there is no way around it.

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