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Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips for Etsy sellers: Top trends 2021

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Valentine’s Day spending in 2021 is expected to be $21.8 billion. While the numbers are low compared to previous years, we are witnessing a change in plans on how consumers plan to spend the day of love! Irrespective of the changing trends, these valentine’s day marketing tips will make sure you are not losing sales on one of the biggest selling opportunities of the year.

The pandemic has disrupted many areas of human life, which is why it has become more important than ever before to find occasions worth celebrating, especially when we are celebrating human connections and relationships. According to the National Retail Federationthe following major changes will be seen in shopping behaviors around Valentine’s Day.

Major shopping destinations: Most shoppers had plans to shop online, making it the most popular shopping destination this year, followed by department stores, discount stores, and local/small businesses. The stats were as follows:

  • Online- 38%
  • Department stores- 29%
  • Discount stores- 28%
  • Speciality store- 17%
  • Local/small business- 17%

How are people celebrating: The majority (73%) of people who responded to the survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, feel that it is important to celebrate valentine’s day this year given the current state of the pandemic. There is a significant decrease in the number of people planning to go out to celebrate Valentine’s day. While 41% say that they will plan intimate dinners in the comfort of their homes.

What Products would sell: Even though most Valentine’s day buyers are interested in candies, flowers, there is a huge opportunity for sellers with products that fall out of this category. All that is required for you to make to most of this gift-giving holiday, is a good marketing strategy and the right messaging.

Etsy sellers have an edge here because of Etsy’s solid image as a gifting platform. Although, the marketing strategy would differ for sellers, depending upon the products they are selling. The Valentine’s day marketing tips shared in this blog can help you curate valentine’s day strategy for your Etsy shop.

Valentine’s Day marketing tips for Etsy sellers

Social Media

Start with planning a social media campaign for pre, during, and post Valentine’s day. This is an amazing opportunity to use social media as your display stores. The only difference is that here, you can reach millions of people, potential buyers, with the right strategy
Social media tips for Etsy sellers:

  • Focus on relevant platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach your target audience.
  • Pinterest is a great source to attract traffic to your shop.
  • Promote your valentine’s day specific posts through paid advertising.
  • Use sweet and convincing copy in your captions and posts to enhance your conversion rate.

Find detailed social media tips and tricks for your Etsy business.

Refresh your SEO

It’s simple, the higher your product ranks the more are your chances of making a sale on Etsy. It becomes more important to work on your product’s ranking and visibility around gift-giving occasions, such as Valentine’s day to make sure when the demands are high.

To improve your listing SEO:

  • Review your listings that qualify as a valentine’s gift (which is no longer just candies and flowers). Remember, you can sell anything during valentine’s day with the right messaging and strategy.
  • It’s time to edit tags, change descriptions, titles, and the overall listing details according to the current trends. On Etsy, top valentine searches in the past include, gifts, cards, for him, for boyfriend, etc.
  • Update your listing photos- high-quality photos have a better chance of gaining clicks.
  • Even though customer reviews are external factors, put efforts into gaining good customer reviews and ratings.

Read more to find top SEO practices on Etsy.

Think out of the box

Valentine’s day gifts can be love-themed or non-love-themed. Figure out how your products fall into one of these categories. Even if your product lies in the latter category, try to tell your customers how it shows their care, love, and appreciation to their partners or family members.

For example, group your products together to make it look like a good couple purchase. Another great way to grab sales on Etsy is to offer personalization. Remember ‘personalized gifts, were the most searched term on Etsy last year?

Have a look at the top-selling products on Etsy.

Take Advertising seriously

Advertise your products through Etsy Ads and Offsite Ads to increase your visibility and reach. To get your ads placed over the internet through Offsite Ads write your titles and descriptions in such a way that they are relevant to the audience searching for Valentine’s day gifts.

Give discounts and take part in sales

A percentage of online shoppers are always looking for occasional sales. You can try putting up some items from your listings on sale. Valentine’s day is also a great time to sell out leftover products from the holiday season sales. Remember to keep promotions going until the last minute. Drive urgency by using taglines such as, last chance to grab yours! and don’t miss it!

Top trends this Valentine’s day on Etsy

Over the years Valentine’s Day has become a major gift-giving occasion. From exquisite jewelry to handmade cards, shoppers look towards Etsy to find that perfect gift. Top Valentine’s Day searches include “gifts”, “cards”, “for him”, and “for boyfriend”. Etsy suggests its sellers consider the following trends and themes this Valentine’s:

Love all around:

Shoppers want to show how special each and every one of their relationships is, and to spread love to all, especially those they miss or want to show appreciation for, like essential workers. It’s a day to celebrate the ties that bind friend to friend, parent to child, pet to owner, neighbor to neighbor – and let’s not forget self-gifting!


Help buyers make an impression on their loved ones with truly unique gifts like personalized necklaces, stamped accessories, small leather goods, kitchen tools (cutting boards, aprons), and one-of-a-kind art or even books. Other popular custom decor includes cushions (in a pet’s likeness, for example), wall decor, candles, mugs, and coasters.

DIY gifts and decor:

Buyers got crafty in 2020, using the homebound time to dive into DIY. Help them apply those newly-honed skills by offering DIY projects and gift-making kits for Valentine’s Day, including ones the whole family can enjoy.

Celebrating at home:

Since we know people are looking forward to celebrating at homes, instead of going out. You can attract shoppers by offering products that elevate home dining. Think cocktail sets for the grown-ups or baking kits that offer an engaging activity for the kids. Food gift boxes are an item to watch.

Sustainability and affordability:

Shoppers are looking for affordable yet useful products to gift. Keep the following in mind: stylish water bottles, handmade soaps, and home accents like candles, mugs, and coasters. Also consider cold-weather staples such as scarves, hats, and mittens, or necessities like face masks with a heart-themed twist. Etsy’s Valentine’s marketing will highlight gift ideas under US$30.

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