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Want A Thriving Business? Focus On Advantages Of Multi-Channel Selling!

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Each seller begins his journey by selling on a single platform and then their goal is to make their business grow; multi-channel eCommerce platform hence helps sellers in achieving this goal.

Although 73 percent of retailers find selling across multiple channels to be significant; meanwhile only 38 percent of them consider selling on a single platform.

If you’re still in a confusion about opting for a multi-channel eCommerce platform; here are some key advantages of using one.

Advantages of Multichannel selling:

  • Improved Customer perception
  • Improves Conversion Rate
  • Boosts Customer Loyalty
  • Diversifies Risk
  • Grows Presence
  • Improves inventory transparency
  • Gather Insightful Data
  • Focus on Target Markets

Improved Customer Perception:

improved customer perception

Brands delivering a seamless shopping experience achieve significant consumer loyalty. However, They are viewed as being attentive to the needs of customers, shopping habits, and digital savvy. Brands can also distinguish themselves with multichannel delivery not through lower prices but by convenience.

Improves conversion rate

improved customer perception

A multi-channel eCommerce network gives you more selling outlets; which ensures that along with the potential of targeting a broad variety of market areas, awareness of your brand is greatly increased. It will help draw more prospective buyers and increase profits as a result. It also gives you various incentives for upselling – from regular transactions to incentive transactions to personalized reviews – all of which will contribute to the bottom line.

Boosts customer loyalty

boosts customer loyalty

Consumers want to be able to make purchases in today’s hectic life while engaged in other tasks and on the go. Multi-channel selling software helps you to deliver a more streamlined; seamless consumer experience through various channels of selling. This also enables you to deliver diverse customer service platforms – from social media, and live chat to email and telephone – all of which would reward you with improved consumer satisfaction in terms of better feedback and further procurement.

Diversifies risk

diversifies risk

A multi-channel eCommerce network undoubtedly saves you from the danger of relying on a system of solitary sales. In the event that one of your accounts being suspended or one selling route losing traction; a multi-channel product listing program helps you maintain by diversification of the risk on the other networks.

Grows Presence

grows presence

By increasing your market presence through a multichannel order management system; the consumer scope is even broader. Thus helping you boost the mass market penetration. Even if you’re a tiny retailer, you can bring your product and/or service in front of a much wider range of prospective buyers, by taking advantage of the vast scope of giants like Amazon. With simple processes of fulfillment and checkout provided by multi-channel sales software, the increased exposure will eventually lead to more revenue.

Improves inventory transparency

improves transperancy

The data of all the networks, processes, and divisions can be consolidated using a multichannel inventory management program. It ensures that you can track a specific product’s inventory in all its storage locations. It brings two main advantages. Firstly, if you see, for example, that a default shipping position isn’t ideal, you can decide the next cheapest position from which to ship, to save on shipping costs. Additionally, if you place an order for an out-of-stock product, you can check with each distributor to see if it can be shipped from an alternate venue, saving the sale that would otherwise be missed.

Gather Insightful Data

gather insightful data

They help you collect a wide variety of data about your customers. As you have many selling channels, from which you can build a comprehensive profile of your target market as a whole. Factors like their purchasing background, demographics, time zone, place, devices they use to shop, preferences, etc. are valuable insights that a multichannel listing app helps you to gather and evaluate. All this knowledge will greatly assist in designing your sales plan and marketing strategies correctly to improve your conversion rate.

Focus on target markets

focus on target markets

Merchants can create personalized deals based on the platform their B2B customers are using for shopping. Selling across various channels of sales gives retailers more information about their customers; and enables them to use that information to improve sales. Tracking consumer transactions often provides the ability for retailers to incorporate targeted ads and thereby raise brand recognition.

What are the best Multi-Channel eCommerce Platforms?

We at CedCommerce have eased the process of multi-channel selling by developing various integrations for different marketplaces.
So are you ready to grow your business on different platforms? Why let your rivals sprint ahead; when all you need to do is take advantage of the multichannel eCommerce platform. Connect with us to know about the right channel for your marketplace in your region.

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