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What is an SDK? Its importance for online marketers

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SDK or software development kit has much significance in the mobile app development process. Also it is helpful for app marketers by easing their app marketing tasks. Here in this blog we will learn about SDK, what are its types and what are the features that good SDK should incorporate.

What is an SDK?

SDK stands for Software Development Kit. Basically it’s a collection of software development tools also known as Devkit, in one installation bundle. It makes the path of creating applications smooth. And when it comes to building applications with advanced functionalities like push notifications and advertisements, most of the software developers prefer specific software development kits (SDKs). SDKs are strongly connected with NativeMobile applications.Platform specific applications require SDK’s. For eg:- Java development kit is required to develop android apps on the Java platform and IOS SDK is required to build IOS applications.

Companies like Google and Facebook create SDKs to provide analytics of application activity and options of monetization.

Characteristics of good SDK

  • In depth tutorials with samples and documentation
  • Adds value in the application
  • Convenient
  • Proper tracking and reporting of errors
  • Updates without ending the backward compatibility
  • Better customer support service

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Now let’s read about, what actually the SDK is?

What is a Mobile SDK?

Mobile SDK assists in building high quality mobile apps promptly and efficiently. The mobile SDK includes libraries, code samples, documentation for android/ios apps. So you can create an application that provides tremendous user experience.

Benefits of software development KIt

  • Quick integration of functions and shorten the sales cycle
  • Back support– makes the process smooth
  • Reduces risk that allows better control of brand
  • Create great user experience by building customized apps
  • Efficient maintenance 
  • Advance ad quality and control

Do you know?
On an average, an android app uses 15.6 different SDKs, and an iOS app uses at least seven separate SDKs

Mobile SDK categories

There are numerous categories of Mobile SDKs that are helpful in different purposes including Mobile Marketing

A/b Testing

A/b testing is a testing phase in which a user performs a test to identify the better solution. Like in case of online marketing marketers perform A/b testing on campaign copy , content or landing pages etc.

In- app analytics

This type of SDK is helpful in analysing the behavior of a user, i.e. how many visitors are visiting your app? What is their location? Bounce rate etc. This could be very helpful for the marketer to plan an effective marketing strategy.


Attribution is helpful to the marketers to track the result of their campaign i.e. number of app downloads, user acquisition sources etc.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation helps in the identification of potential customers and then performing promotional activities effectively on those customers. Different promotional activities may incorporate emails, promotional messages , push notifications etc. It also helps to enhance the overall user experience of an app.


Feedbacks are a very important part of every business that builds the reliability of the product among its users. Role of Feedback Sdk is to gather feedback from the happy customers in the form ratings , reviews and surveys.

Location intelligence

Location Intelligence SDKs use the location of the user to send notifications.

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How to choose the right SDK?

Choosing the best mobile software development kit requires a careful evaluation of the functions and features an SDK offers. If app creators and developers do not have the tools needed to succeed, it is impossible to compete in the vast mobile app landscape. There are millions of apps populating the Google Play and App Store markets, making it essential that developers find an SDK equipped with the features needed to make a robust mobile app.

  • Security
  • Data processing and use of memory
  • Size
  • Name and Popularity
  • Has a niche
  • Solves a BIG problem in that niche
  • Stable
  • Secure
  • Is lightweight and does not impact app performance

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What is the difference between SDK and API?

SDk stands for software development kit as the name suggests it is a devkit that provides a set of tools, documents, libraries, code samples and guides that helps the developers to create an application for a specific platform. While an API is an application program interface , it is an interface that enables a software to interact with the other software.

What are the best software development kit for mobile app platforms?

Some most popularly used SDKs include iOS, Android and Java development kits.

What is the difference between a toolkit, library and SDK?

A toolkit is a set of libraries or tools that are helpful in developing a particular type of application.

A library is a collection of prewritten code or functionality that can be called whenever required, it saves time and effort of a programmer to write the full code again.

SDk stands for software development kit as the name suggests it is a devkit that provides a set of tools, documents, libraries, code samples and guides that helps the developers to create an application for a specific platform.


There are different types software development kits , and most of them are helpful in mobile marketing efforts. It can help marketers to monitor the visitors and help them prepare an effective marketing strategy. So choosing the right software development kit for your app store can help you boost your sales within a short period of time.

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