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Why should Shopify merchants shift their focus to Facebook Marketplace?

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“You can’t wait for customers to come to you. You have to be available where they are.”- With Marketplace, Facebook offers brands and businesses to meet their customers where they already are. Additionally, Marketplace is a platform to surface your products amongst the targeted audience; which, in turn, empowers you to increase your brand reach through evolving social commerce.

You might be having your Shopify store already in operation, and must be looking for ways to enhance your brand’s presence through multi-channel selling and social media platforms. Meanwhile, How about bringing your Shopify store amidst the wider audience base and increase your product visibility; all with no extra cost or promotions.

Read further to know why you should shift your business to Facebook Marketplace and sell effortlessly on the platform.

Why should Shopify merchants extend their shops to Facebook Marketplace?

Currently, people are living in an era where online shopping has become a necessity. As a result, merchants are looking for an alternative that supports their business. Through all these years, Facebook has made several innovations as Shops and Marketplace for the SMBs and brands to increase their product reach and enhance their presence among the right audience.

With Shopify Connector, you can showcase your Shopify products on Facebook Marketplace without much of a hassle; and can sell effortlessly among the connections already made on Facebook. Besides, it enables you to leverage the Checkout on Facebook, easy account set-up, seamless onboarding, secure communication, robust order management tools, and seller resources to support you in and out.

Facebook Shops for business

Facebook has recently launched Facebook Shops; making it easier for you to list your products and manage inventories. People can now navigate to your shop and buy products.

Your shop allows you to customize your product inventory, communicate with buyers through messenger, showcases reviews and ratings from customers, and help view insights about your listings on Facebook.

Order management tools

Facebook Marketplace provides you with the additional facility of order management tools to enhance your selling experience. If you sell on Marketplace through Facebook listing partners; you can leverage the features of order management tools. Some of the tools offered are-

  • Onsite checkout: You can purchase products from Facebook Marketplace without having to leave the App.
  • Sales tax management: Through Facebook tools, you can calculate the sales tax on your product category and delivery addresses of the customers.
  • Regular updates: Shoppers get notified at regular intervals, making it easy for them to track their orders.

Checkout on Facebook is currently limited to US merchants and is rolling out to more regions.

A personalized shopping experience

Facebook Marketplace helps customers connect to the product of their choice by tracking the user’s activity. It provides specific results to the customers by showing relevant content based on variables such as products of their interest and clicks.

Low selling fees

On Facebook Marketplace, you can sell in a minimal amount as setting up your shop on Facebook is free of cost and requires no listing fees. Thus, providing you with an opportunity to list unlimited inventories on the platform. While selling your products, you have to pay a transaction fee of 5% for a product of more than $8; or $0.40 for the transaction for the products under $8.

Facebook Marketplace offers you a variety of opportunities

Connecting with Facebook Marketplace opens the door for you to sell across various platforms like Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Shops. Now you can explore your business and increase your product reach through Live sessions, Stories, or Ads.

The Facebook network also allows customers to connect with you through Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram Direct, and live chat interaction. Thus,  creating a positive buying experience and allows a seamless shopping to the shoppers.

What can you do with Facebook Marketplace?

Today more than 1 in 3 people on Facebook in the US use Marketplace each month to buy and sell products. Now, you can boost your product sales, drive more revenue, and checkout from within the app through Facebook Marketplace. It helps you-

Facebook Marketplace features

  • Connect products to people- Facebook Marketplace is working to provide its customers with a better shopping experience by surfacing relevant products and helping businesses reach the right customers.
  • Engage shoppers through visual merchandising- You can connect with your customers by displaying your products on your Shops; increasing your product sales and growing your business.
  • Various payment methods- You can initiate payment through multiple modes like credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal account. Facebook has also launched Facebook Pay, allowing customers to pay through Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger.

Facebook Pay is currently available for US merchants if they have enabled onsite checkout.

How to connect your Shopify store to Facebook Marketplace?

You can sell on Facebook Marketplace by either setting up your Shop via Facebook or with the listing partners. If you sell with the other platforms which aren’t yet partnered with Facebook; you can onboard through Marketplace connectors and get your products listed on behalf of platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and others.

Setting up a Shop with Facebook

You can experience effortless selling on Facebook Marketplace by establishing your Shop with the help of the Commerce Manager. To create a Shop on Facebook-

  • You must have a Facebook Business Account.
  • Create a Facebook Page with your business name.
  • Register your account with the Commerce Manager to set up a shop with Checkout.
  • Follow Facebook Merchant’s terms and conditions.
  • Select Shop Tab on your Facebook page.
  • Follow the instructions to add a shop to your Facebook Page and add your products.
  • You can add products manually or with the help of CSV files.
  • As soon as you add products, your shop will automatically be verified.

Link your Shopify products on Facebook Marketplace through Marketplace Connector

Working with Facebook Marketplace Connectors like CedCommerce, Feedonomics, etc.; can save your time and get your products listed on Marketplace through commerce tools. Thus helping your brands grow on different platforms.

Facebook Marketplace Connector provides checkout on Facebook; and helps you with simplified product listings on Marketplace, real-time inventory synchronization, and order management.

To list your Shopify products to Facebook Marketplace-

  • Download the Facebook Marketplace Connector from the Shopify App Store.
  • After installing the application, connect the app with Facebook Account.
  • Choose the Facebook Page on which you wish to set-up your Shop.
  • Configure Commerce Manager on your Facebook Shop.
  • Set-up Default Mapping and import your products on the App.
  • Upload products in bulk or create profiles to showcase the products on Facebook Marketplace.
  • After all the products start appearing on the Shop, you are ready to sell on Facebook Marketplace.

Perks of selling with Marketplace Connectors

Marketplace connectors assist you in establishing your business on Facebook Marketplace, reducing your workload and provide hassle-free selling on Facebook. It helps you-

  • Manage your orders from Facebook Marketplace through Shopify on a centralized dashboard.
  • Bulk Upload your product listings from the Shopify store to Facebook Marketplace in a single click.
  • Synchronize your inventory across both the platforms and keep your shop updated with the latest orders and sales.
  • Assist and help in getting Marketplace approvals, handle errors and simplify support from Facebook

Summing it up

The evolving Facebook Business with the brand new features and latest updates; setting up shops on Facebook Marketplace has become effortless. With the Facebook Marketplace; brands can quickly promote their products to a much broader audience, scale their commercial enterprise, and boost their social commerce.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab this opportunity to connect your Shopify store to Facebook Marketplace. In case you’ve got any questions; drop down your comment below.

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