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How to Add a Video to Your Etsy Listing: Easy Tips Followed by Professionals

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Are you more likely to buy a product that you have seen in motion, in an apt setting, or a product you have only seen still in pictures? Of course, you’ll opt for the video one. So will I. And so will your buyers. To add a video in your product listing will not only help buyers get closer to making a purchase decision but will also give you an edge over sellers who are ignoring it.

Product videos on Etsy

(Source: Etsy)

Etsy, which is blooming now like never before, has recently informed its sellers about the listing video feature, asking them to participate in the prototype by making videos for their listings. The product videos made by sellers who participated are only visible to other participant sellers and 50% of buyers in order to understand the impact of videos on the Etsy marketplace.

The feature is still in its beta phase. But the response received by sellers engaged in the testing period has been positive so far. You can read more about seller experiences on Reddit and various Etsy groups and Etsy communities.

Etsy listing video


Some sellers have shown excitement over the possibility of Etsy launching the listing video feature soon. While some are worried that this feature might be a paid one.

The chances are high that we might get an update of Etsy launching the listing video feature to all its sellers and buyers anytime soon.

Shop Videos and Listing Videos

If you already sell on Etsy, you must be aware of what shop videos are. These videos are supposed to show your shop and the creative process behind your product. Since its launch in 2015, sellers have taken advantage of the feature to illustrate their stories and build unique relationships with the buyers.

Here’s what Etsy had to say about shop videos-

“People come to Etsy to shop from other creative people. Shop video can help you share the story of your business with others in the Etsy community.”

Etsy recommends that a shop video should

    • Introduce you
    • Demo your process
    • Show your items
    • Not be longer than two minutes

With the listing video feature coming up(hopefully soon), Etsy seems to be taking a step forward. Through this, sellers will be able to add a 5 to 15 seconds long video to each of their listings.

Here are some points why listing videos will be a boon

Build trust

Watching a video of a product makes your brand look more reliable and trustworthy. Stats show that 73% of buyers purchase a product after watching the product in a video.

Share utility ideas

Product videos will allow you to tell your buyers the different ways to use your product. For instance, if you are someone selling handmade neck pieces, you can easily display various outfits that the buyer can flaunt it with. Similarly, a home décor seller can show multiple settings in which the product can be used.

Flash the details

Because, why not! Creativity and Etsy go hand in hand. And every creative, handcrafted product has unique detaIls that sellers want to bring to notice. Videos are the perfect opportunity to show those aspects of your product that plain images fail to explore.

Here’s what an Etsy seller had to say about this- “With jewellery, much detail is lost in still photos. Different stones display different levels of sparkle or shine, while metalwork displays the same variation that could greatly benefit from videos.”

Up your social media marketing game

You must be promoting your products over social media. Adding videos on your page will attract more eyeballs. Easy sharing and a detailed product view will convince more and more buyers to land over your shop in search of more.

Find some fantastic tips on social media marketing for your shop.

Answer FAQs

So many Frequently Asked Questions revolve around product details. For example, it’s structure, texture, colour, etc. With a video, you can try answering these questions and satisfy your buyers’ queries beforehand. Videos can answer questions that images can’t. According to a survey, as high as 96% of all consumers find videos helpful when making a purchase decision online.

Showcase the story behind your product

People tend to buy stories too. Tell your customers what your story is and display the vision behind your product. Spread a good word about your brand. And, do not forget to try triggering a positive emotion in your buyer through your video.

Tips on making a good product video

Etsy in the testing period has recommended making a short, 5 to 15-second soundless videos for each listing. If you do not have the proper equipment for video making, it’s okay. In fact, your smartphone will do the job perfectly for you. But there are a few things you must keep in mind while shooting your product videos


Lighting is, without a doubt, the most significant thing to take care of while shooting a product video. Try shooting in a brightly lit space to display the product better. For the best result, try the three-point lighting technique.

3 point lighting technique

Here, we use three types of light sources. Key light, fill light and the backlight. Key lighting is the main and the brightest source. The fill light is less intense and helps soften the shadows. And the backlight, this brightens the product and separates it from the background.

Using this technique will make sure your video looks professional, and the product appears the best. Keep moving the product and the light sources until you are satisfied with the setup.

You can easily reveal minute details of your product by moving a source of light closer to your product. In case you are out of all the options, simply shoot in bright daylight, and that will do too!

Camera movement

Not having a video is better than having an unstable one. To make the video look less messy and more professional, you can fix your device at a place, and then record the video. In case you want to move the camera around the product, you can either use a slider designed for that purpose or move the camera over a stable but soft surface. This will absorb the shocks to some extent, and give our video the stability it should have.


Preferably, the background should be blank to highlight the product as much as possible.

Add product video on Etsy

In case you want to have other things in the frame for aesthetic requirements, make sure everything is organised and is blending with the product well. For example, use contrasting colours in the frame, but refrain from using a brighter colour object at the back. This will make your product appear dull.
Etsy in its seller handbook has recommended shooting on an uncluttered background to make your items pop.

And that’s it. With this much information you can easily unfurl an excellent strategy for your product video.

With the high possibility of the listing video feature coming up, be ready to prepare and optimise your listing for the new update. If you struggle with ranking your products higher on search results, you must be missing out on a lot of traffic and hence, sales.

To improve your products’ rankings and the overall performance of your shop, we will be happy to help you. Reach us today!

In conclusion, the listing video feature will bring a proven advantage to the Etsy sellers in attracting more buyers. Etsy this year has seen tremendous growth in its sales. The recently published 2020 Q2 results show a high 41% Y/Y increase in the number of its active buyers, making it 60.3 million now. Similarly, the revenue generated by the marketplace was $429M in the second quarter. No wonder sellers are rushing towards the marketplace to make the most of the opportunity.

Etsy stats

(Source: Etsy)

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In case you get stuck at any step, we are always here to help! Drop-in your queries in the comments below.

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